Natural foods for testosterone boost for men

16. Raw Chocolate

foods for testosterone

As one of the most respected superfoods and aphrodisiacs, raw chocolate has some great components that men need for their testosterone production such as mangesium, zinc, calsium, manganese, arginine, catechins and tryptophan. It’s also indicated that raw chocolate can help increase the blood flow as well as clear up the arteries. However, be aware that dark and white chocolate is far away from real chocolate. So, opt for raw chocolate and eat it as one of the best foods for your testosterone production.

17. Olive Oil

foods for testosterone

Researches and studies show that olive oil can help leydig cells absorb more amounts of cholesterol that then converts into the free testosterone. As a good house worker, you should opt for healthy oils like olive oil that can help boost testosterone levels in men naturally while improving your heart health and overall health everyday.

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18. Coconut Oil

foods for testosterone

Next to good oil for reproductive functioning in men, consider using coconut oil. This has testosterone boosting agents were tested in several studies. The researchers indicated that coconut oil can help increase testosterone levels better than olive oil does, but both coconut oil and olive oil work in the same mechanism. Coconut oil can offer the testosterone boosting effects that are caused by high amounts of complex fats and saturated fat (about 92%) that act wonders inside the men’s bodies. So, consume this oil regularly for your maximal hormonal production.

19. Celery

foods for testosterone

When it comes to foods for testosterone, try some vegetables like celery. This contains 2 very powerful androgens, including androstenol and androstenone. It has been shown that the natural smell of celery can help accelerate the testosterone production. Moreover, celery has flavonoid, called luteolin. This is a flavonoid and an anti-oestrogen, called apigening, which has been indicated to increase the testosterone levels naturally. Hence, if you love the natural smell of celery, add this vegetable to your daily diet to improve your testosterone hormone significantly.

20. Red Meat

foods for testosterone

Red meat is loaded with zinc, cholesterol and saturated fat. Those 3 are vital keys for higher testosterone levels, so consuming red meat twice or three times a week and your body can reward you with a healthy dose of your natural testosterone improvement.

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