19 Home Remedies For Colic In Babies And Adults Are Released!

home remedies for colic

Almost everyone has experienced this situation that after eating meals, there is a feeling of food remaining and stuck in one body inner area; the abdominal area feel heavy, sometimes even stretched with tingle ache… It is the colic symptom – or the indigestion disease. Distention, flatulence, and dyspepsia are the group of symptoms that usually appear after eating, during the motion sickness, prolonged vigil or other digestive disorders. Depending on the objects and the causes, the disease can be expressed with different severities.

Here are the top 19 Home Remedies For Colic In Adults And Babies – Best Home Treatments:

home remedies for colic

Normally, after eating each meal about 30 minutes, we will feel comfortable because the foods have been partly digested, and continue its work. However, for people with indigestion, bloating, colic, their feeling after eating is quite the opposite. Slow digesting foods will cause these uncomfortable feelings:

  • Loss of appetite easy and fast to feel full, afraid to eat
  • When eating, the throat is strangled
  • Belching, heartburn, nausea, and vomiting
  • Feel heavy in the upper abdomen, feeling like the stomach is filled with water with colic symptom
  • Hard to breathing, hard to travel
  • Abdominal pain
  • There may be diarrhea, constipation associated

This situation occurs after meals, and if the cause for this is foodborne, it will not affect health at all. If this situation occurs frequently and last for long, it will make the body feel tired, exhausted, leading to exhaustion. Sometimes, the symptoms I mentioned above are the signs of the condition. In this article, I will introduce some of the most efficient home remedies for colic that are proven effective and safe to use so that people should feel secure about them. The home remedies for colic include:

1. Asafetida

home remedies for colic - asafetida

Asafetida helps decrease flatulence, digestive disorders, and inhibits constipation. It is also an excellent laxative and is regarded as an anti-flatulent. Asafetida can help in alleviating gas and enhances digestion as well. Asafetida is considered as the amazing home remedies for colic pain in infants. You need to take one pinch of Asafetida and add it in a small bowl having 5-10ml water. Heat it slightly and allow it to cool. Then, rub your baby’s tummy using this solution. Follow this treatment a few times a day until it’s no longer needed. Add one pinch of asafetida in baby’s food prior to feeding them for babies who begin consuming solid foods. Nursing mothers can also add 1 pinch of asafetida to one glass of warm milk and later consume it warm.

2. Chamomile Tea

home remedies for colic - chamomile tea

Chamomile contains 19 different antispasmodic constituents and 5 sedatives properties that help to induce relaxation and alleviate intestinal cramping. All you have to do is take a tsp of chamomile flowers and later place them in one cup. After that, using boiling water, fill the cup and cover it. Leave it to sit for about 10 to 15 minutes and now strain the tea. You can give it to your little one by pouring this tea in one bottle unless and until it is at room temperature or warm. Alternatively, instead of using flowers you can use chamomile tea bags (pre-packed). A nursing mother can consume this tea if she isn’t allergic to pollens. Follow this one to two times a day till your baby get cure from colic problem.

3. Yogurt

home remedies for colic - yogurt

Dr. Flavia Indrio, a pediatric gastroenterologist at the University of Bari in Italy says: “We do find that the baby who took the probiotic since the first week of life, they develop less number of colic and constipation in the first month of life so they improve at least the symptoms”. Yogurt is a rich source of probiotics and aids in curing colic in babies caused by discomfort in their stomach. For this, feed your baby with 1 tsp of yogurt which aids in improving intestinal health, thus improving digestion and immunity as well. You switch to soy products like soymilk if the colic pain occurs by lactose intolerance.

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4. Home Remedies For Colic – Fennel Seeds

home remedies for colic - fennel seeds

Fennel is a great herb for children with digestive weakness and colic. It enhances digestion as well as assimilation of food. It is perhaps the safest and mildest drug to eliminate abdominal pain, flatulence and gas as well. Fennel seeds are regarded as one of the most effective home remedies for colic in babies. For treating colic, you need to take 1 tbsp of crushed fennel seeds. Later add them to one pan filled with 1 cup of water. Let it boil for some minutes and strain it. Leave it to cool and give ½ tbsp of this concoction to your baby three times a day. Nursing mothers can also drink this concoction two times a day.

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5. Peppermint

home remedies for colic - peppermint

Peppermint has an active ingredient named calcium channel blocker helping to relieve the intestinal distress, one common problem related to colic. Peppermint contains calming and antiseptic properties, which helps to decrease digestive conditions in infants. So, you should not ignore this treatment when seeking the best natural home remedies for colic. Follow these instructions below:

  • You can massage your baby’s abdominal area with peppermint oil. Firstly, take peppermint oil (2 drops) and any baby massage oil (1 tbsp) and mix them. Later do massage in circular motions with this oil.
  • Another option is to use dried peppermint leaves (one tablespoon) in boiling water (a cup). Leave it to cool for ten minutes. Also, breastfeeding mothers can consume this tea about two or three times per day. This will help in stopping crying babies.

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6. Home Remedies For Colic – Lemon And Ginger 

home remedies for colic

This is the very first yet also extremely important home remedies for colic in adults and in babies that I want to reveal in this entire writing and want my readers to apply for good!

What you need to do is just prepare 2 teaspoons of lemon juice, ginger, and honey. Mix all of the ingredients into a glass of warm water. Drink this solution after any heavy meal to support the digestive system!

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7. Apple Cider Vinegar 

home remedies for colic

Using apple cider vinegar is among simple, effective home remedies for colic and indigestion which is certificated. The way to implement and apply this method is very simple as you just need to use 2 to 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with 1 cup of warm water, then stir and drink.

8. Carrot Juice

home remedies for colic

This is also one of the simplest yet most efficient home remedies for colic in adults and babies that I want people not to look down but remember to apply. In fact, orange is famous for its numerous health benefits to human beings, including supporting the digestive system. Drinking a glass of carrot juice will help to make you feel more comfortable while you are facing the colic symptom.

9. Orange 

home remedies for colic

Eating an orange is another simple way to resolve the situation of indigestion after eating heavy meals. Experts said that orange is not only able to help to support the digestive system but also provides an adequate amount of nutrients for human beings. Therefore, you should consider this as one necessary and useful dessert dish. This is also one of the most effective home remedies for colic in adults and babies that I want my readers to read, remember, and apply for good!

10. Hot Lemonade 

home remedies for colic

If you have already known that you usually have to face the symptoms of indigestion, you can prepare this drink before eating any meal. Mix one tablespoon of lemon juice with a glass of warm water and drink before eating a meal. This will help to prevent bloating as it provides stomach with more healthy acid. Additionally, lemon can help to fight against and inhibit the growth of bacteria in food.

11. Home Remedies For Colic – Garlic Oil And Soybean Oil 

home remedies for colic

This is another out of the best home remedies for colic in babies and adults that I would like to introduce in this entire writing.
Whenever you get abdominal pain, mix garlic oil with soy oil and use this mixture to rub onto your stomach. Rub the oils combination carefully to let the skin absorb the mixture and so that the stomach will be able to benefit from it.

12. Home Remedies For Colic – Drink Milk And Tea 

home remedies for colic

Drinking skim milk after every meal is also an effective way to prevent indigestion problems because it can help the body digest food faster. Mint tea and raspberry tea can help to solve the problem of the stomach effectively without leaving any type of harmful or unwanted side effects so that people should not concern about the effectiveness of this remedy.

13. Cold Water 

home remedies for colic

Doctors recommend that you should compress an ice pack on your stomach at least half an hour after a meal to reduce the risk of colic and stomach pain. You can also relax with a cool bath or go to the bathroom for hot bath to let the stomach relax for a while.

14. Eat Grape 

home remedies for colic

Eating juicy grapes can also help to eliminate indigestion and provide the whole body adequate nutrients. Therefore, you can change your dessert from orange to grapes to also get the desired benefits from these amazingly healthy fruits for your stomach and digestive system. Besides, food is the main cause of this condition, so to avoid bloating and flatulence, the thing to keep in mind most is eating. This is also one of the best home remedies for colic in babies and adults that I want to introduce in this article and want my readers to learn and apply in a regular basis.

15. Pear 

home remedies for colic

If you have some digestive problems, then you should think about eating a pear. Pear is one type of fruit that is available almost all year round, with refreshing effects, and it is very rich in valuable fiber. On average, 100g pears contain 2,3g fiber. Pear contains slight cellulose and hemicellulo fibers. By absorbing a lot of water in our body, the fibers rise and promote the intestinal digestion. Do not peel pears for eating because the peel of pear contains even more fiber than the flesh inside. Choose the fresh pears to eat in a regular basis.

16. Home Remedies For Colic – Pineapple 

home remedies for colic

Sour pineapple is very good for digestion because it contains a lot of bromelin. This substance promotes the absorption of protein inside our bodies. Eating pineapple in the daily meals can allow the digestive system inside out body easy to digest foods such as meat and fish. Pineapple also contains a lot of fiber (cellulose and hemicellulo fibers). Averagely, 100g of this fruit contains 1.4 g fiber. This fiber can help to stimulate the digestive tract effectively and fast. It is best for you to eat fresh pineapple. Being very sensitive to heat, the bromelin substance contained in pineapple can be lost if you preserve pineapple or process the pineapple juice industrially.

17. Change The Eating Habit 

home remedies for colic

Eat on time following a concrete and proper schedule, eat slowly, chew carefully, and choose foods that are balanced in the components of protein, fat, and sugar. Limit fried foods, carbohydrates-rich foods and starch.

Do not use stimulants such as coffee, wine, beer, cigarettes, drinks high in gas, and hot spices, including mustard, chili, and pepper. This is also another thing you and my other readers who are looking for home remedies for colic and indigestion problems should remember and apply whenever facing the problems.

18. Proper Schedules 

home remedies for colic

Playing gentle sports, taking the time to rest, relaxing, listening to music, walking… can help to give your mentality the comfort it needs, relieve stress, and help the digestive system works more smoothly.

In addition to working in moderation, people with colic and indigestion problems should spend 6 to 8 hours a day sleeping. This is considered one of the best ways to relax and re-energize the body. This is also one of the most effective home remedies for colic that people should never look down just because it seems to be too simple. Remember, everything has its power and effects!

19. Limit The Use Of Medications 

home remedies for colic

This is the last but also very important to learn home remedies for colic in adults and babies that I would like to reveal in this entire writing.

Limit the use of drugs which can cause unwanted side effects, leading to the discomfort in the digestive system. In addition, if you are suffering from the gastrointestinal disease, you should have the strong, powerful treatment to stop it so as not to cause the symptoms for your stomach and digestive system as mentioned.

Home Remedies For Colic – Additional tips:

  1. Canola oil is also another effective treatment among home remedies for colic. You need to take a little canola oil and later heat up. Allow the oil to cool down and make your little one eat this prior to having a meal.
  2. Onion can help immediately get relief from colic and prevent its onset as well. You need to chop a few onions and later put it into water. To this add some honey and peppermint. Boil the mixture, wait for the water turns cool and then strain. Finally, take this concoction (1-2 teaspoons) for your little one to drink.
  3. Cumin seeds also help decrease the impact of colic. You just need to soak cumin seeds (1 teaspoon) in one glass of hot water. Then, keep soaking entire night for the best effect and strain at the following morning. After that, take this tea (some teaspoons) to feed your baby and feed him or her a few times a day to notice the result soon.
  4. Or you can take carom seeds (a teaspoon) and put it into one cup of water. Then, boil this and leave it to be cool down. Soak them overnight and after that, strain the water. Lastly, take a tsp of this water to feed your little one. Repeat the process a few times a day.

Another thing to remember to do after you read this home remedies for colic article is that you should take time to read another article named Home Remedies For Indigestion – a revolutionary article and also an entire collection of many effective natural treatments that can help to cure indigestion or colic within a very short period of time. This article introduces safe and useful ways for people at all cases and all ages to deal with the digestion problem without the need for using any type of drugs, pills, or medications. They are proven 100% safe and based on nature so that in the final part of this article, I recommend you and my other readers to read the writing I mentioned above to learn home remedies for colic and how you can stop indigestion and colic issue at home while still can remain your health and strength.

This is the list of the most effective home remedies for colic in babies and adults that might be very useful for readers of VKool.com and other people who are also concerning about the unwell working digestive system with the problem of indigestion should learn and apply right away to get rid of the issue as soon as possible.

If you think that the home remedies for colic in adults and babies that I revealed in this entire article are exactly what you want to learn and apply to improve the health of your digestive system and also stop the colic issue naturally, and if you really want to share this list with other people you know who also have to deal with this issue day by day, you can totally feel free to share this article with them to make use together. Remember to leave your comments and feedbacks below to show me your own opinions.

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