30 Tips On How To Get Clear Skin Fast And Naturally At Home

27. Reduce Your Alcohol And Dairy Intake

reduce your alcohol and dairy intakeMany experts show that for bad acne red marks, a simple tip can help you reduce or eliminate your discoloration of skin. If every month you have to struggle with hormonal breakouts, you only need to reduce your dairy intake and alcohol and you will see an improvement in your skin. You also need to avoid the biggest mistake almost women can make that is leaving your makeup on your face overnight. Experts promote that you should use natural herb masks overnight to avoid acne in the morning. In addition, smoking is a bad habit you need to eliminate because it not only causes blotchiness and dulls your skin, but it also gives you wrinkles. Furthermore, it is necessary to avoid skin care products that contain alcohol, because alcohol will only dry out skin even more. To know more about how to get clear skin, continue reading this report.

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28. Tone You Skin

tone you skinOne of other tips on how to get clear skin is toning your skin. Firstly, you cut ½ lemon and squeeze, and then, you collect about 15 to 20 drops of fresh lemon extract. Next, you dip your fingers into your freshly squeezed lemon juice, and then smear on your face. You can keep it on for roughly 10 seconds. If lemon juice causes you burning, you can keep it on skin only for 5 seconds. Do not forget to wash with the warm or hot water. Secondly, you use a squeezed lemon half and pour ½ teaspoon of honey into the cut side of this lemon. Next, you smear the lemon and honey onto your face, and massage with circular motions on your face for just 30 seconds. Then, you wash with warm or hot water.

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29. Exfoliate Your Skin

exfoliate your skin

Step by step instructions how to get clear skin:

  • Step 1 – Mix 2 tablespoons of water with 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Step 2 – Stir these 2 ingredients until you see that they become a thin paste
  • Step 3 – Add ½ tablespoon of sugar to the paste and stir
  • Step 4 – Wet you palms and then apply the paste into your face
  • Step 5 – Divide your face into 3 parts: the right side of your face, the left side, and your forehead
  • Step 6 – Use your wet hands, and massage the paste in the circular motions for about one minute on 3 parts of your face. Finally, you rinse with the warm water after exfoliating.

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30. Open Your Pores And Close The Pores

open your pores and close the pores

Another tip on how to get clear skin is to remove dirt under your pores. The procedure starts with opening all of your dirty pores with the purpose of cleaning them completely. You run a wash cloth under the hot water and you press it into your face. The water and steam can help open your pores and clean their dirt. You need to ensure that the water is not too hot. Secondly, you turn off the warm or hot water and turn on the cold water. You splash your face with the cold water, and you try not to touch your face totally. Next, you take an ice cube from the freezer and you rub it all over face and neck. This step will help close all your pores.

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To see all of our topics on how to get healthy skin and get rid of other skin problems at home , go to our main Beauty page. After reading my report of 30 tips and advice on how to get clear skin naturally and fast within a week, I hope that it helps you understand more about your skin health and get the best tips for taking care of your skin. I also show you some simple and safe recipes for skin care that you can use easily. This post is part of a series about tips on how to get clear skin and improve overall skin health. Got a question? Need answers? Leave a comment below. Now are you ready to try using some of these tips how to get clear skin fast?

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