24 tips on how to get rid of unwanted house guests – practical tips and tricks that work

Whether you are a hospitable and friendly person or not, sometimes you feel uncomfortable with unwanted house guests, don’t you? They will make you annoyed or even stressful. Therefore, how to get rid of unwanted house guests politely? In order to do this successfully, you need to gain some certain skills and tactics. This writing will show you the most fabulous tips that help you deal with this problem. Try to keep reading my writing to find out something helpful for you.

24 Fabulous Tactics On How To Get Rid Of Unwanted House Guests

1. Offer Them To Stay In A Nearby Hotel

What do you think about offering them to stay in a nearby hotel? It’s a good idea as you are not annoyed by an unwanted house guest. You can pay for their stay if you have some extra money. Tell them the reservations have been already made. Therefore your guests have no choice but to obey you. Make sure they accept your offer. Also, you should show the convenience and comfort when your guests stay in that hotel. Try to be subtle to persuade them.

2. Get Really Sick how to get rid of unwanted house guests and get really sick

If you completely do not want to stay with the houseguest, get sick. However, just pretend to get sick. It’s not difficult to do that, right? They definitely will not want to stay with a sick person because they have to take care of you. Besides, you can create a contagious ailment so that they feel afraid and threatened. Simply cough and sneeze. You know how to do that, don’t you? Tell them that you already have someone beside and will be best if they leave.

3. Make Them Pay

I have thought about annoying the guest by making them pay for their stay in my house. It may be a good idea. Let them buy the food by themselves if they eat a lot or contribute to your electricity bill. Try to convey that nothing is free and your kindness has limit. Don’t afraid to cost them a little of money. I think this way can work for you.

4. Assign Them Chores

Is that unwanted guest an untidy person? Just make them a list of specific chores. Make sure that the chores shouldn’t be too hard but they need to be constant. For example: changing the baby, vacuuming the house, walking the dog, mowing the lawn, etc. I’m sure nobody on vacation is interested in having their hands worked like that.

5. Tell Them Someone Else Is Going To Stay how to get rid of unwanted house guests

What about a little white lie? Let the unwanted houseguests know that you have already promised to share the beds with a group of freeloaders. Therefore, there is no empty room for them. However, be careful because your unwanted guests may know them.

6. Annoy Them

The useful way to get rid of the intention of unwelcome houseguests is annoying them. If they would like to go to bed early, make a lot of noise or play the music loud. Prepare some foods to which they are allergic. They will understand that it’s difficult for them to be in harmony. I am sure that they will be fed up with staying with you and want to leave immediately.

7. Just Tell Them To Leave

Not all people can get your subtle hints. Therefore, you should directly tell an over stayer that you have some private problems and you have to solve them immediately without the attendance of outside people. Nobody wants to do this but I will suggest you the best way to tackle with.

First, you should apologize and tell them that you do not want to be impolite. Try not to be rude. Then, convey your feelings so your guests understand that you have done hanging out.

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