19 Tips On How To Soften Leather Boots And Gloves

how to soften leather

In the fashion world, types of leather which are often used include cowhide, buffalo leather (less durable than cowhide and cheaper), baby lamb leather (soft and thin, often used as a jacket), mature lamb leather (more durable and more expensive). In addition, many items are made from solid leather, python leather, ostrich leather, and crocodile leather. Leather goods are luxurious and elegant, and the users are required to know how to preserve the durability of the product.

I. Overview Of Leather And Leather Stuff:

how to soften leather

Leather is a durable and flexible material form which is processed through the tanning process of animal hides, such as the hides of cow, buffalo, goats, sheep, deer, crocodile, ostrich, etc… The most common used leather is cowhide. Leather can be produced by many different methods, in large or small, from primitive to sophisticated scales.

To create leather, people have to go through the pre-processing stage to clean, soften the hides, and make them easy to penetrate the natural or chemical substances which will be used to transform raw hides into leather for being used in fashion, apparel clothing, and other industries. First, hides will be carefully filtered from the flesh and fat, and are carefully classified according to the types and quality. Then, the hides will be soaked to wipe off the dirt. Next, a type of lime water will be used for waxing and removing some types of proteins, fibers in the hides and change the structure of the hides a little bit so that the hides will have better ability to penetrate the chemicals which will be used in the next section.

Depending on the production area, chemical substances or the ones which are naturally extracted will be used to make the hides softer, more durable, waterproof better, and not rot over time. Next, the hide is exposed to dry, lubricated, dry, knead until soft and oily, flatten, and stained according to the demands.

II. How To Soften Leather Gloves And Boots Effective Tips

Softening leather boots and gloves with the correct techniques can keep them in the best shape. While leather is durable, boots and gloves need to be softened in order to protect your items from weather damage. When natural oils in the leather dry out, it becomes cracked and brittle. Softening leather will protect your leather items, so you can go on wearing them as if they are good as new.

1. Use Natural Oil

how to soften leather - use natural oil

Firstly, you lay your leather boots or gloves outside on a sunny day. Let it rest for 10 minutes to open the pores while you prepare the necessary materials. Apart from coconut oil and olive oil, you can try avocado oil, jojoba oil or almond oil.

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Use any of the natural oils that you would use as a skin-soften. Leather is the treated and dried skin of a cow, so it basically made from the same thing as your skin. Besides, natural oils give added benefit of pleasant smelling, pick a natural oil that you want to smell. However, avoid choosing chemically hydrogenated oils such as commercial vegetable oils and corn oils.

Next, you rub your chosen oil into your boots and gloves. Simply, you can dip your fingers into the natural oil, then rub it over the surface of the leather items. Add some layers of oil to get the better softening effect. The more oil you take, the softer your leather will be.  You do not worry about taking too much oil. This is because most of the natural oils do not damage leather.

Let the oil dry into your leather items. Note that the oil can slightly darken the leather. However, it also makes your stiff leather smooth and wearable. In case your leather boots and gloves are not soft enough, repeat the oil treatment. You can also use the darkening effect to change your leather items’ look. Just ensure that you apply them evenly so there are no mismatching lighter splotches.

Using natural oil is a good way to soften leather boots and gloves, so try it out!

2. Add A Little Moisture

how to soften leather - add a little moisture

Although too much damp can be the enemy of leather items, a little moisture can help you stretch and even soften leather. Dampen your boots with a little clean water to soak through the material, but not make your boots wet. Stuff the boots with tightly packed newspaper and let them rest in a dry place. Let them dry slowly through indirect heat, avoid using a hair dryer as these methods will over-dry the leather, causing damage and cracks. Let it dry completely for at least a day

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