18 Tips How to Stop Mouth Breathing While Sleeping at Night

It is totally natural to breathe through your mouth at certain times, such as when lifting a heavy load or exercising. Breathing through your mouth instead of your nose most of the time, however, can have detrimental health effects, particularly in children.

How To Stop Mouth Breathing While Sleeping At NightThe Best Home Treatments:

Regardless of the superficial causes and triggers, the main reason behind mouth breathing is usually a nasal obstruction. Most of us bring air into our body through our nose. The nose is designed to act as a natural humidifier and filtering system for the air we breathe. When we can’t get enough air through our nose, however, the mouth takes over.

Using mouth to breathe most of the time can affect your health negatively. And its common side effect is an excessively dry mouth. Under normal conditions, saliva continuously washes bacteria from the mouth. If your mouth is dry, however, that bacteria can more readily take hold and cause problems like cavities. Additionally, you have to face oxygen deprivation. When we take in air through the mouth, less oxygen is able to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This can cause high blood pressure, sleep difficulties such as sleep – loss, sleep apnea and increase inflammation and heart rate. In children, this can adversely affect growth and academic performance. Moreover, Believe it or not, breathing through your mouth can actually change the shape of your face and alter your appearance. Those are mouth breather may suffer from abnormal facial and dental development (long, narrow faces and mouths, less defined cheek bones, small lower jaws, gummy smiles, crooked teeth and “weak” chins).

Mouth breathing is come with a host of unpleasant problems. It is better to adjust to breathe through your nose as soon as possible. It's simple enough to say “just close your mouth” in order to fix this health problem.

You will know you are mouth breathing if you have to wake up during your night sleep breathing through the mouth or your mouth is dry in the next morning. If you tend to mouth breathe at night, it is important to make a check for the dryness every morning. While night sleeping, it is very important to breathe through your nose. In case you neglect your mouth breathing for 7-8 hours every night, it will be difficult for you to change your breathing on a permanent basis. Here are some suggestions that will help you stop mouth breathing while sleeping:

1. Understand How Severe Your Mouth Breathing

how to stop mouth breathing - understand how severe your mouth breathing

The natural body is disrupted by mouth breathing. Some bodily functions can be affected by mouth breathing and it can cause some certain symptoms such as:

  • — cold symptoms, sore throat
  • — headaches

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  • — gingivitis and gum diseases 
  • — bad breath and other greater risks for cavities
  • — digestive problems, acid reflux, stomach upset
  • — poor sleeping habits, which causes severe fatigue

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When you breathe through the mouth, a lesser oxygen amount will be absorbed into the blood stream. Oxygen deprivation will cause poor sleeping habits. Besides, low oxygen concentrations in the blood stream have been related to sleep apnea, high blood pressure, heart problems and some other health problems. Additionally, mouth breathing can also affect your teeth. With all of the bad effects as I mentioned above, it is very important for you to stop mouth breathing as soon as possible.

Understanding how severe your mouth breathing is really important to help you stop it as soon as possible!

2. Use A Tape During Night Sleep

how to stop mouth breathing - use a tape during night sleep

In case you suffer from mouth breathing at night, apply the medical technique “How to tape the Mouth” to stop oral breathing at night. The idea of this treatment is to tape over your mouth with some sticky papers. Ensure that your mouth is closed completely before using the tape. In case your mouth is partially open, you will have the ability to breathe through the tape during the night sleep. The most suitable tape is only one-inch paper. Horizontally apply it to cover your mouth. In case you cannot put it in a horizontal position, you can place it vertically. Before placing, remember to remove the glue on it by sticking it to your hand and peeling this tape off a couple of times.  Repeat it until there is only enough glue to keep this tape in place. Before placing it over your mouth, create 2 tabs by placing a small fold at 2 of the corners. This will make the task easier and you can remove the tap in the next morning. The tape should not be done on a child under 5 years old. Also, any child uses this treatment have to be able to remove this tape at night easily if they want. This treatment should not be used in case you feel nauseous or you have been consumed alcohol.

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In case you have difficulty in breathing at night while using the tape, try not to remove this tape as if you do that, you will begin to mouth breathe and this will make your condition worse.

In case you are nervous to use a tape during night sleep, you should tape just one half of the mouth. Another thing on how to help you overcome your feeling of panic is that you can place the tape for half an hour before sleeping. This may be enough time to get used to it. For the first nights, wearing the tape will be strange. It may come off during the sleep, but at least you will have to spend a few hours on breathing through the nose. Continue to wear this tape until you have really managed to stop mouth breathing. Alternatively, you can use two clean cotton socks and then sew them together in order to make a help for your jaw. Sleeping in the sitting position is another great way to help you feel better in the next morning and get a higher body-oxygen test result. In fact, this is one of the most effective tips and techniques that are useful for people who want to learn how to stop mouth breathing that everyone should not miss!

3. Remind Yourself Of The Importance Of Nasal Breathing

how to stop mouth breathing - remind yourself of the importance of nasal breathing

In case you get memory problems, and your mouth always opens automatically as a habit, remind yourself of the importance of breathing through your nose. Use stickers on your desks, PC screen, and other places reminding you “Close the mouth” or “Nose breathing”. Place a large mirror on the desk so that you can see the way you breathe.

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4. Have A Guardian Angel

Another tip on how to stop mouth breathing which is suitable for children is to have a guard angel watch over you until you are used to breathing through the nose during night sleep. This person needs to close your mouth gently whenever you start to mouth breathe. Otherwise, he or she wakes you in case your breathing seems too deep. In case you have children, try promising them a treat in case they notice that you are mouth breathing. Good luck with your guardian angel!

5. The Hat Or Scarf

how to stop mouth breathing - the hat or scarf

In case your children get a hat with a strap coming under the chin, cut almost all of the material from that hat so that there is only enough to keep this hat’s structure intact. Cutting as much material as you can help to prevent your children from feeling too warm at night as this can add to over-breathing. Allow your children to wear that hat to bed and place the strap under the chin in order to stop the lower jaw from dropping down. You can wrap a scarf around your children’s head under the chin. Tie it to make sure that the lower jaw cannot drop down at night. This suggestion allows your night-time breathing through the nose with minimum discomfort.

6. Sleep On The Back

This is a good position that will help you promote nasal breathing. It opens the airways and simultaneously allows your breathing to occur more naturally. Moreover, it allows proper nasal drainage in order to reduce your risk of getting blocked nose. An open airway is a very important thing on how to stop mouth breathing. However, in case sleeping on the back makes your tongue fall back and then block the airway, this position of sleeping may not be suggested to stop mouth breathing.

7. Clear Your Blocked Nose

how to stop mouth breathing - clear your blocked nose

Some people avoid breathing through their noses as their nasal passages cannot provide enough space for the supply of air.  In order to avoid this condition, you need to treat any signs of common cold or sinus problems at once.  In case your nose is blocked before going to sleep, at first, you need to clear it by doing the nose unblocking exercise earlier. While you wear the tape, your nose will not completely block. In case you breathe deeply while wearing the tape, your nose will block partially. This is the defence mechanism of the body to prevent over-breathing. Nonetheless, when your nose is partially blocked, the level of CO2 in the body will increase and this will be able to unblock the nose. In case you keep over-breathing, your nose will be partially blocked again, which will make the nose unblock and so on. Note that your nose will just completely block if you switch to oral breathing. You can clear your nasal passages by using a neti pot or nasal saline.

8. Try To Force Yourself

how to stop mouth breathing - try to force yourself

Force yourself to breathe through your nose as often as you can. Get a note on your working desk or set a reminder on the mobile phone to keep you doing that. Remember to sit up straight, keep the mouth closed as well as press back the neck a bit because you are breathing deeply through the nose. Most of the mouth breathers always hold the head-forward position, which can cause back pains, poor posture, and poor breathing in the long run.

9. Reduce Stress

This is also one of the best tips on how to stop mouth breathing, that people should know for good, especially those struggling with a lot of stress.

Do you know that stress can lead to dysfunctional breathing? Therefore, in order to stop mouth breathing, you need to do everything to reduce stress in your daily life. Remember that nothing is more important than your health, Finding what factors are stressing you and remove them or resolve them as much as possible.

10. Eat Well

how to stop mouth breathing - eat well

Getting a balanced diet plays a vital role in our health. It is also important in ensuring that you are properly breathing. Getting a balanced diet will reduce your risks of obesity. Excessive weight can make your breathing more difficult as it increases the pressure on your lungs and nasal cavities. Therefore, keeping your weight stable will keep your airways open and you can breathe more easily while you sleep.

These suggestions are only options when trying to find how to stop mouth breathing. It may be difficult to get rid of this habit, especially when you may not know that you are doing it. However, it is important to make an effort to break the cycle. This will help you get a better night sleep and a productive and healthy life.

11. Know The Causes And Reasons Why You Are Mouth Breather:

how to stop mouth breathing-know the causes

This is the very first tip on how to stop mouth breathing while sleeping. As I said before, mouth breathing happens for different reasons in adults and children, so it is needed to find out why mouth breathing occurs before learning how to correct it. For example:

  • If the cause is large tonsils which can obstruct breathing, then removing them might be an option.
  • If you suffer from memory problems and your mouth opens automatically (you are a habitual mouth breather), learn about steps related to constant reminding about importance of nasal breathing.
  • If the problem is structural then the solution may be orthodontic treatment.

Stop-mouth-breathing treatment only works if you know the cause.

12. Remove Allergens:

how to stop mouth breathing-remove allergens

Nasal congestion can be caused by allergens on bed sheets and in the air. That is why removing allergens is also an effective way on how to stop mouth breathing while sleeping.

Keeping your house clean, especially your sleeping area is a way to help reduce and eliminate any pollen or other irritating particulates that might affect your nasal passages. You should wash your sheets often in hot water, remove any rugs or dusty items from the bedroom and not letting your pets sleep in the bedroom.

13. Get Regular Exercise:

how to stop mouth breathing-get regular exercise

You might be surprised that one of the best ways on how to stop mouth breathing at night is doing exercise. Such mind-body exercises as yoga often include breath work, which can help you focus on breathing through your nose. In addition, regular aerobic conditioning can also help train your lungs and heart. Exercise gets your sympathetic nervous system working harder, which will constrict the blood vessels in your nose.

14. Elevate Your Head: 

elevate your head

Sleeping on your back with your head in a certain position increases chances of mouth breathing some 5-10 times because it makes  your mouth open while you sleep. It is even impossible for some to stop mouth breathing if they sleep on their back at night.

Elevate your head's resting position can help alleviate nasal drip and open up nasal passages to eliminate congestion, so you can breathe easier through your nose. For this reason, elevating your head is one of the best ways on how to stop mouth breathing while sleeping. It is advisable that you should use pillows which are designed to elevate your head and neck strain while maintaining comfort to get the best result.

15. Retrain Breathing Pattern: 

how to stop mouth breathing-retrain breathing pattern

All of the muscles of the face and mouth have been programmed to help them breathe in a dysfunctional manner and your body does not know how to breathe normally. Therefore, the effective way on how to stop mouth breathing at night is retrain your breathing pattern.

If you consciously practice breathing in through your nose during the day you may be able to train your subconscious to continue breathing this way while you sleep. Make an effort not to open your mouth unless eating or talking and remind yourself to breathe through your nose as often as you can.  After persisting with this for a few days, it gets easier and easier to breathe through your nose and mouth breathing can actually start to seem strange.

16. See A Myofunctional Therapist:

how to stop mouth breathing-see a myofunctional therapist

Problems with general health, speech, orthodontic treatment, dental health, swallowing and breathing may persist throughout life if the breathing pattern is not re-trained. Hence, a consultation with a myofunctional therapist is recommended as a way on how to stop mouth breathing at night. Myofunctional therapists are skilled at helping children and adults gain control over muscle patterning habits and learn how to breathe in a healthy way.

17. Use A Nasal Spray Or Put On A Chin Strap: 

how to stop mouth breathing-use a nasal spray or put on a chin strap

Dr. Steven Park, a New York-based sleep and breathing expert suggested that using these over-the-counter devices is a good way on how to stop mouth breathing while sleeping. Chin straps forces you to breathe through the nose by securing your mouth shut while you sleep while nasal sprays allow constricted nasal passages to open up so you don't have to use your mouth as your primary airway.

18. Buteyko Breathing Exercises:

how to stop mouth breathing-buteyko breathing exercises

If you are a chronic mouth breather, a simple and effective way on how to stop mouth breathing at night is to apply Buteyko breathing exercises recommended by Dr. Rosalba Courtney, an Australian breathing therapist. This includes some of the best breathing techniques for clearing the nose and teaching people to breathe nasally.

Close your mouth, breathe in through your nose and then back out through your nose, and then pinch your nose closed with your fingers. Hold your breath out. When you need to take another breath, let go and inhale forcefully through your nose. To add challenge to the exercise and further train yourself to breathe through your nose, hold your breath for as long as you can before inhaling through the nose.

All we know that breathing is a part of our everyday life. Consequently, breathing deeply and correctly is vital. And the most effective way to breathe properly suggested by doctors is doing breathing exercises. Apart from this, breathing exercises also help you reduce stress. Read the Benefits Of Breathing Exercises For Stress Relief & Health to take a closer look on the benefits of breathing exercises on stress reduction. In this article, the author will reveal the important of proper breathing for your stress management and health improvement.

This article has shown you 18 tips on how to stop mouth breathing at night that are very effective and proven 100% natural and safe to apply. I hope it is helpful for you – readers of Vkool.com.  If you find this article useful and informative and you do not want to make use of this amazing article alone, you should share it with those are struggling with mouth breathing as well to make use together. These tips and techniques are 100% safe and will not lead to any side effect so people should not concern about this matter!

If you care about the article, we are open to welcome any discussion about the topic. Leave your comments at the end of this post to let us know what you think. We appreciate your contribution and will respond all as soon as possible.

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