List of bad habits and addictions: how to break them

Updates: 07/18/2014

When people are young, they tend to take their body for granted. No matter how hard you party or how many meals you skip, there seems to be enough energy left to be up. However, over time, you will go downhill as you grow older. The habits of the past will catch you up with the alarming speed and before you know it, ailments and diseases will rule your life. Read on the full list of bad habits and addictions: how to break them to find out the extent to which you are ruining your body.

List Of Bad Habits And Addictions: How To Break Them – Top 21 Tips Revealed 

1. Nose Or Mouth Picking

This is the first one in the list of bad habits you need to know. Nose or mouth picking sounds silly and annoying that goes unquestioned. Nose picking is not only bad for your health but it also against common social etiquette. Moreover, picking your nose will spread different infections like cold and flu because cold virus passes into the body through the mucus. If you touch things and take the same finger into the nose, you might land at the doctor’s clinic. Thus, it is necessary for you to stop this bad habit of pulling sticky substance from the nose, or fetching leftover food strands from the mouth.

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2. Caffeine Addiction

Drinking coffee might be a common habit after waking up of many of you. This might give you a head start to the long day ahead of you, and also turn into a permanently addiction which will cost you much if you are not careful. In case that you require more than two cups of coffee to get through the day, then you may be an addict who needs help. The negative impacts of long-term caffeine addiction are ulcer, insomnia, muscle atrophy, dehydration, lack of energy, and severe headaches. Getting rid of coffee is necessary to quitting caffeine. The trouble is immense at first, yet sticking to it will help you feel better later.

3. Poor Posture

list of bad habits and addictionsBeing in a poor posture will give you crippling headaches. Slouching is one of the most common poor postures. Slouching tires the neck muscles that could not support the head. Consequently, you will suffer from painful headaches. Also, having poor posture is so bad for your spine, and finally results in osteoporosis, a weak back, and a lot of other orthopaedic ailments. So, you need to take a stand literally, against this negative habit. Sit up straighter. By this way, you will look suave, smart, and sophisticated. In other words, you will be able to have a strong supple back to naturally.

In addition to these useful tips, if you are looking for a comprehensive guide that covers step by step instructions to change brain to break bad habits, overcome addictions, and conquer self-destructive behavior, you should read the Richard O’Connor’s Rewire book.

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