Take a deep breath to explore a complete list of bad habits that are holding good people back

When people are young, they tend to take their body for granted. No matter how hard you party or how many meals you skip, there seems to be enough energy left to be up. However, over time, you will go downhill as you grow older. The habits of the past will catch you up with the alarming speed and before you know it, ailments and diseases will rule your life. Read on the full list of bad habits to find out the extent to which you are ruining your body.

List Of Bad Habits – Stop Indulging Unhealthy Lifestyle Now

1.      Nose Or Mouth Picking

This is the first one in the list of bad habits you need to know. Nose or mouth picking sounds silly and annoying that goes unquestioned. Nose picking is not only bad for your health but it also against common social etiquette. Moreover, picking your nose will spread different infections like cold and flu because cold virus passes into the body through the mucus. If you touch things and take the same finger into the nose, you might land at the doctor’s clinic. Thus, it is necessary for you to stop this bad habit of pulling sticky substance from the nose, or fetching leftover food strands from the mouth.

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2.      Caffeine Addiction

Drinking coffee might be a common habit after waking up of many of you. This might give you a head start to the long day ahead of you, and also turn into a permanently addiction which will cost you much if you are not careful. In case that you require more than two cups of coffee to get through the day, then you may be an addict who needs help. The negative impacts of long-term caffeine addiction are ulcer, insomnia, muscle atrophy, dehydration, lack of energy, and severe headaches. Getting rid of coffee is necessary to quitting caffeine. The trouble is immense at first, yet sticking to it will help you feel better later.

3.      Poor Posture

list of bad habits and addictionsBeing in a poor posture will give you crippling headaches. Slouching is one of the most common poor postures. Slouching tires the neck muscles that could not support the head. Consequently, you will suffer from painful headaches. Also, having poor posture is so bad for your spine, and finally results in osteoporosis, a weak back, and a lot of other orthopaedic ailments. So, you need to take a stand literally, against this negative habit. Sit up straighter. By this way, you will look suave, smart, and sophisticated. In other words, you will be able to have a strong supple back to naturally.

4.      Easily Get Stress

That means you let stress get the better of you. Did you know that the biggest crime of strong immune system is a fatigue and stressed mind and lifestyle? Due to decreases immunity, you are vulnerable to suffer from diseases which damage your body at the root. Furthermore, getting sad and stressed will lead to depression, low immunity, anxiety, and ulcers. Seriously, you will begin acting out. You might feel like a monster while you even do not realize it. What you need to do now is to recognize how stress impacts your life and mood. Then you will be strong and motivated enough to defeat it. You can practice simple meditation techniques or easy yoga routines to relieve stress. Spending time with family as well as friends is also a good way to reduce stress. In fact, there are a lot of ways to fight off stress. Do not let stress or negative feelings poison you and your life.

5.      Dieting Too Much

In the modern life, getting overweight tend to be popular. And, wanting to lose several excess pounds before the wedding season or other special events is fine, but being insecure of the body or watching what you eat all the time will cause negative effects in life. The most obvious consequence is physical one. Instead of giving your body what it deserves to get, you are continually subjecting it to the latest internet fad. Then, it will lead to blood sugar imbalance, high pressure, weak heart, low levels of hemoglobin, and decreased life span. However, more than that, you also suffer from negative mental effects instead of having a full happy life. When dieting all the time, you will be obsessed by counting calories, feeling miserable all the time and stolen enthusiasm and energy. So, eat healthy to treat your body as it deserves.

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6.      Skip Breakfast

The majority of us often skip breakfast in current days. It might be due to our busy work and life. Between sleeping some extra minutes and breakfast, we tend to let sleep wins. Nevertheless, skipping breakfast is a serious disservice you are doing to your own body. When skipping breakfast, you are slowing down your metabolism drastically. Your body will work hard at storing calories, leading to overweight and even obese. As a consequence, you will feel weak as well as faint all day long. Normally, skipping breakfast will lead to overindulge at lunch, thereby enhancing your weight problem even further. If you constantly miss breakfast, then suffering from gastric ulcer is just a matter of time.

7.      Use “Umm” Or “Like” In Speech Too Frequently

Saying words like “uhh”, “umm”, or “like” while speaking is a popular habit which plagues many of us. Why? It is natural to reach for these words when people are lacking the right idea or phrase. Psychologists call these words “disfluencies”. Next time, if you are at a loss for words, try to take seconds to reclaim your own thoughts before keeping up with the correct words. Do not use “ums” and “uhs” in order to make your sentences fluent.

8.      Playing With Hair

list of bad habits for charactersThis one in the list of bad habits commonly occurs among girls. Either splitting ends or twirling hair is a habit which is so hard to break. For some people, playing with hair is an anxious or nervous habit which provides them with a source of comfort. For other people, it becomes an impulsive behavior. In reality, splitting dead ends is actually unhealthy for hair as it ruins the strands and prohibits hair from growing. The fact is, one of the quickest and best manners to break this habit is to give the hands distractions so that you will not feel the urge to reach for your hair.

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9.      Snack Late At Night

We both know that snack after dinner is not good for the human health. However, it tends to be a trend that many of us fall victim to. Actually, late-night eating will result in weight gain and sleep deprivation. According to studies, the internal clock of the body, the circadian system will enhance hunger and cravings for sweet, salty, and starchy foods in the evenings. Additionally, the desire of snacking something when watching TV shows and the boredom might also provoke this bad habit. As recommendation, eating sufficient and healthy meals is the only manner to satisfy your sugar or food cravings healthily and avoid binge snack on junk foods later in the day. Especially, you can break the association between certain activities such as snacking during TV programs. At first, it might be difficult, yet rather than snacking on unhealthy foods during commercials, you should use those breaks to do some small tasks like ironing or picking out clothes for the next day working.

10. Avoid Eye Contact

Some people tend to feel guilty of shying away from making eye contact while communicating. For some people, avoiding eye contact could become a terrible habit that they might not realize it. Besides, their body language signals bad ways and a disinterest in the conversation. Additionally, breaking eye contact is usually an indicator of anxiety and insecurity. It might seem insignificant when claiming that those people who make eye contact with other people when speaking are perceived to be more likable, personable, skilled, confident, and trustworthy. When you are more conscious of your body language, you will be able to break this bad habit.

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11. Smoking  

list of bad habits to breakIn every health tip, behind every cigarette pack, you read this, “smoking kills”, yet many people still persist with this bad habit. Smoking even just one cigarette per day could lead to blood clots that might prevent swift flow of the blood and develop plague in the arteries and blood vessels. Moreover, you might also ruin the life of the non-smokers who are living with you. Passive smoking is as harmful as smoking itself, leading lung cancer and also dementia and other horrible ailments. Then, you should do the world a favor by giving up smoking for good. Live and let live.

12. Lie Constantly

Surprise with this one? The fact is just several minutes can cause serious damage to the health. When you constantly lie, you will have a continuous fear of being disclosed, this will create an emotion of stress. As mentioned above, stress is the worst thing for the body because it damages the health because of the releases of stress hormones. Stop lying right away to make your life better.

Take one more look at the above list of bad habits? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to say that you do not get involved in any things on that list?

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