19 restaurant management tips for success in a down economy

There are various ways for you to boost your restaurant sales. But it is not easy for you to carry out effective business strategies in the current down economy. So, what are the most powerful ways? This writing will help you have an overview of 19 restaurant management tips. Some of the ways are simple and flexible so that you can use for improving your restaurant business immediately.

1. The Food Cost Balance

The average restaurant food cost hovers around 33%. There’re some fine restaurants can creep to 40% while some well-run operations can maintain a 28% food cost. You should remember this is an average. The key to a perfect restaurant menu is the perception, the food cost balance and the value.

If you cannot track it, you won’t know whether you are if you are in line or not. If you track it, you will be on the constant lookout for prices that go up and always ask your vendors for viable alternatives the best possible deals. 

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2. Analyze Profit Margin

If one menu item in your restaurant is priced at 40% food cost, then you should set the price of another food item at 20% to maintain your average. This is the reason why many restaurants mingle priced paste on the menu. You can plan your menu pricing structure at the same time you design your food menu in order to create the balance for the palate and in your margins. 
3. Add Special Items To Your Food Menu 

You can create some special dishes as the features of your restaurant and add them to the top of food menu. This strategy is like a way you enhance your restaurant’s trademark. 

4. Add Simple Recipes To Gain High Profits

Imagine that if you use expensive ingredients you cannot get more profit to your pocket. Why don’t you cook some simple recipes such as soups, salads to reduce ingredient cost. Plus, with simple recipes you don’t need to hire a pastry chef with high salary. 

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5. Remind Your Servers To Work For Sales

Your staff has to work on commission. Depending on the efficiency they do, business profit will increase. Figure out who the best servers are and ask them to mentor the weak performing ones. Anyone who doesn’t get it needs to be fired or replaced as they cost you money. 

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