55 Best Foods For Erection Strength And Harder Erection

44. Coffee


Coffee is never a great drink because of the disadvantages it brings to human health. However, the caffeine kick from a cup of Java will help to boost your metabolism, get your blood pumping, and also improve your endurance effectively by releasing fat stores, improving your energy level to last longer in bed, making your woman satisfied and beg you for more at all nights. In fact, this is actually one of the best natural foods for erection you should try to consume more before having sex.

45. Spinach

Spinach is incredibly rich in natural nitrates.
Those natural nitrates will be converted into artery widening nitric oxide by the gut bacteria and actions of your tongue (that is the reasons why you should not use mouthwashes because they will flush away the bacteria which need this process to take place).

Spinach is very high in vitamins and minerals, which are much needed for your testosterone and nitric oxide production. Spinach and other green vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, kale, bok choy, and Swiss chard are also good sources of folate – one of essential sex nutrients. In addition to the insurance for reproductive health, folate can lower the blood levels of a harmful substance named homocysteine. This abrasive amino acid encourages plaque to adhere to it and irritates the lining of arteries.  According to Japanese researchers, spinach is also an excellent of magnesium, which helps to dilate the blood vessels. Better blood flow to the genitals, when you have learned, will create the greater arousal for both women and men.

46. Pomegranates


Pomegranate is also one the those best foods for erection strength you should never look down. It might just be the best erection boosting food ever for men!
Experts in every part of the world are astonished by the overall healing properties in the body of this fruit. Nevertheless, the reason for the fact how amazing this fruit really is lying on your testosterone production and cardiovascular system. In addition to the ability to boost your nitric oxide production dramatically, it can also simultaneously protect your penis from oxidization and free radicals.
Besides, pomegranate is known to enhance the testosterone levels, and in one study this fruit can increase the activity of NOS (Nitric Oxide Synthase).

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47. Garlic


Despite the fact that it makes your breath stink, garlic is still an incredible one of the natural foods for erection that every man should consume a lot.

  • It is a potent testosterone booster which is actually the root of your erections
  • In an animal study, garlic was discovered to increase blood flow by 15% on calfs. Experts state that the mechanism of action in human beings is the same, and that the effects could be even more noticeable in human beings.


48. Raw Cacao Products

Raw cacao products

Raw cacao is one of the best natural foods for erection. As the “milk chocolate” powders are overly processed pieces of junk, raw cacao is heated up to the level where all the nitric oxide boosting compounds and antioxidants are already gone.

Raw chocolate is also very nutritious – it is among the best foods in this planet and it has been used for thousands of years among humans. It is sad to see that our modern civilization do not know much about the healing power of this superfood, and just process it to create bitter taste, not for longer life.

49. Animal’s Liver

animal’s liver

Another out of the best foods for erection strength that I would like to reveal in the article today and want you not to forget is animal’s liver. In fact, this food is not enjoyable for many people as it is not a popular food material in cooking. However, in fact, if animal’s liver is marinated and processed well, it would be an extremely delicious food that many people will love! In addition to being the great source of calcium, animal’s liver is also extremely high in glutamine – the substance which helps to increase men’s immune system and evoke their desire for making love. This great food will also help to improve your erection, giving you a great chance to last longer in bed right tonight!

50. Meat


Meat is the food which is considered a rich source of testosterone. Meat contains high amounts of protein. When you combine this substance with minerals, such as zinc, you will be able to strengthen your body and make it produce more testosterone. White meats, like chicken, are one of the greatest and healthiest foods which are best in helping to increase testosterone levels in the body.

However, you should keep in mind to control the amount of meat you consume every day, because if you eat too much meat, it will increase the level of fat and carbohydrate inside your body, tending to cause serious disease.

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51. Citrus Fruits

citrus fruits

This is also not an exception when it comes to the best foods for erection strength for men, thus people should make use of them. Citrus fruits are super rich in vitamin C. Researchers at the University of Texas, US said that men who consume at least 200 mg of vitamin C per day will have greater ability to produce sperm than those who do not eat or eat less of this fruit. In fact, to improve your sex life, you should consume a lot of citrus fruits as they are the best natural foods for erection you will ever find!

52. Blueberries


Blueberries are regarded as a natural viagra for men without causing side effects. It was found that blueberry is very rich in soluble fibers, so it can help to remove excess cholesterol from the blood before it is absorbed and stored in the blood vessels. That is great for your body because it can help the blood vessel walls avoid being sticked by bad cholesterols, which cause heart blood vessel narrowing. In contrast, your heart blood vessel will be expanded so that the blood will accrue more to penis, helping to improve erection. To achieve the maximum effects of blueberries, you should consume them 3 to 4 times per week on a regular basis.

53. Celery


Celery is also one of the best foods for erection and greatest sexual stimulants. The reason for this is because celery contains a high level of androsterone – an odorless hormone that is released from males through sweat glands, helping to make women excited and attracted by men. Therefore, you should consume more celery by adding this healthy fresh veggie into your daily diet. You will never regret about this!

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54. Cinnamon


Cinnamon is my favorite specie which brings about a wonderful taste and smell. The aroma of cinnamon not only helps men become more attractive to women but also help them improve the excitement in lovemaking. According to a recent research by scientists, men who smelled of cinnamon regularly have better erection of penis than those who do not smell or smell less. Therefore, you should make use of cinnamon to evoke your own woman right tonight!

55. Chocolate


Chocolate is one of the best natural foods for erection that many people in this planet love. It is also the kind that ladies often refer to as the food of love because of it contains sex stimulants which help to increase the sensitivity of the skin. However, chocolate also contains the compounds similar to the sex hormone produced by a man’s body when making love. Therefore, to improve your sex life effectively and noticeably, you should eat more chocolate. Remember that you should opt for the ones with high content of cacao and eat chocolate in proper moderation for achieving the best results!

Another thing that people should do after reading this article and learn how to make use of the best foods for erection strength is that you should read another article which also helps to cure the impotence disease – the Home Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction – the entire collection of other home remedies that are proven effective for men with erectile dysfunction problem. These remedies have already cured many situations successfully without leaving any side effect so that readers should read that article and also make use of the treatments it reveals.

This is the list of 55 best foods for erection that all men should consume more to improve their duration and stamina right at home without needing to use harmful and costly drugs, pills, or medications. These foods’ effectiveness is proven by science and taste really delicious so men should not hesitate.

If you think that my list of 55 natural foods for erection strength I mentioned above is exactly what you are looking for, you should leave your comments and feedback below! This list will help my readers who are visiting VKool.com improve their sex life noticeably and naturally.

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