16 Natural Ways On How To Get Rid Of White Tongue Fast

how to get rid of white tongue

8. Probiotics

As mentioned above, probiotic properties in yogurt are really effective for dealing with a white tongue and using probiotic capsules is also a good way on how to get rid of white tongue indeed. Probiotic capsules can help remove a white tongue caused by the candida fungus growth. More clearly, probiotics have B. lactis and L. acidophilus cultures that help prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in the mouth. The remedy will be shown detailed below.

Ingredients: Powder of one probiotic capsule



  • Mix the powder of a probiotic capsule and some water
  • Brush your teeth as usual
  • Use the solution as your mouthwash, swish it around and spit it out
  • Swallow some solution afterward
  • Drink a glass of water
  • Follow the remedy once per day for a week
  • Instead, take probiotic supplements thrice a day.

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9. Neem

Neem is also a popular way on how to get rid of white tongue and many other ailments as well. Due to powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties, Neem helps remove yeast, fungus, and bacteria effectively from the mouth. In addition, it also aids in removing toxins from the body as an excellent blood purifier. The method should be done as below:


  • 1 tablespoon of dry Neem leaves
  • 1 cup of water


  • Add the Neem leaves to the cup of water then bring it to a boil until the water remains ½ only
  • After the solution cools, gargle with this mixture
  • Rinse your mouth with warm water.
  • Follow this remedy twice per day for a few weeks to get rid of your white tongue.

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10. Colloidal Silver

Using colloidal silver as a way on how to get rid of white tongue is also highly recommended. The reason is that it contains powerful antibiotic, antifungal and antimicrobial properties that help remove all the white stuff coated on the tongue. In addition, colloidal silver also treats bad breath very well. [8] The method will be clearly detailed below:


  • 3 tablespoons of colloidal silver
  • ¼ cup of water


  • Dilute the colloidal silver in the prepared water
  • Put this solution in the mouth, swish it around for a few minutes
  • Spit out and rinse your mouth with warm water
  • Follow this process twice or thrice times per day to deal with your white tongue completely.

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11. Turmeric

how to get rid of white tongue - turmeric

Another natural way on how to get rid of white tongue is turmeric. In fact, turmeric helps prevent the growth of bacteria on the tongue thanks to its powerful antibacterial properties. And there are 2 methods for you to collect:

Process 1: Turmeric Solution


  • ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • 1 glass of water


  • Add ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder to the glass of water and stir well
  • Gargle with this solution once or twice a day
  • Follow the remedy until your white spots on the tongue are completely fade away.

Process 2: Turmeric with Lemon


  • ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder
  • 1 tablespoon of lemon juice


  • Make a paste of the turmeric powder and lemon juice
  • Rub this paste on the white tongue for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Rinse it thoroughly with warm water
  • Follow the process each day until the natural pink color of the tongue comes back.

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12. Vegetable Glycerin

Using vegetable glycerin as a way on how to get rid of white tongue is also highly recommended. Not only does vegetable glycerin remove the white stuff out of your tongue but it also helps remove bad breath, soothes the tongue and whitens the teeth. You should follow the below directions:


  • 1 teaspoon of vegetable glycerin
  • 1 soft bristle toothbrush


  • Spread the teaspoon of vegetable glycerin on your tongue
  • Brush your tongue lightly with the soft-bristle toothbrush
  • Wash your mouth thoroughly with using warm water
  • Follow the process twice a day for the best results.

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13. Baking Soda

Baking soda is an effective way on how to get rid of white tongue you should know. In fact, baking soda helps destroy residue that has been stuck on the tongue thanks to its exfoliating nature.  In addition, with neutralizing acids, it also helps maintain good PH levels in your mouth.[9] There are 2 ways to use baking soda for this purpose as below:

Process 1: Baking Soda Mouth Wash


  • ½ teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 glass of water


  • Mix ½ teaspoon of baking soda in the glass of water
  • Rinse your mouth with this solution
  • Repeat at least twice a day to remove the white tongue.

Process 2: Baking Soda & Lemon Juice


  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 2 tablespoons of lemon juice


  • Mix the baking soda and lemon juice to make a paste
  • Spread this paste on your tongue and brush your tongue with the toothbrush
  • Wash your mouth with cool water
  • Repeat once per day to eliminate white spots on your tongue completely.

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14. Hydrogen Peroxide

Another way on how to get rid of white tongue is hydrogen peroxide. In fact, hydrogen peroxide contains a powerful antibacterial agent that is responsible for destroying bacteria accumulated on the tongue. You can use hydrogen peroxide to deal with your white tongue as below directions:


  • ¼ teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 soft toothbrush
  • 1 glass of water


  • Mix ¼ teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide in the glass of water
  • Dip a soft toothbrush into the mixture and then scrape your tongue gently with this toothbrush
  • Spit out this mixture
  • Wash your mouth properly with water
  • Repeat this method once a day during a few days to get a complete cure for your white tongue problem.

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15. Garlic

how to get rid of white tongue - garlic

With a powerful antifungal activity, garlic is also considered an effective way on how to get rid of white tongue. According to a research before, garlic contains allicin, an active compound that gives anticandidal, which makes it as powerful as fluconazole, a drug used to treat fungal infections and also yeast infections of your mouth. [10]

As an advice, you should take at least one clove of raw garlic or take a garlic capsule per day to remove your white tongue, especially when it is caused by oral thrush or bacterial overgrowth.

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16. Tongue Scraping & Oral Hygiene

To keep your tongue and mouth in common always clean, it is necessary to have proper tongue scraping and oral hygiene. Therefore, you have to brush your teeth and gums at least twice a day or after each meal. [11]

Alternatively, you can try tongue scraping that can help remove bacteria, debris and dead skin cells coated on your tongue, which helps not only remove the white tongue but also improve the smell of your breath. It has been indicated that a tongue scraper can work better than a toothbrush when it reduces the production of volatile sulfur compounds causing bad breath and other oral hygiene problems.

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Treatment For A White Tongue

In fact, it is not really necessary to get rid of a white tongue and the symptom will clear up on its own. Basically, you just have to brush your tongue gently with a soft tooth brush or run a tongue scraper to remove the white coating on your tongue. However, if your condition relates to other serious problems, there need immediate treatments. And the treatments, in fact, depending on the causes of your white tongue:

  • Leukoplakia does not need treatments: If Leukoplakia causes you a white tongue, you may not need any treatments but you should see a dentist for necessary check-ups to make sure your condition will not be worse. All you need is stopping smoking or chewing tobacco and reducing the amount of alcohol.
  • Oral lichen planus does not need treatments.If your white tongue results from oral lichen planus, you will not need any treatments. If the condition is severe, doctors will prescribe a steroid spray or suggest a mouth rinse that is made from steroid pills to deal with it.
  • Oral thrush: If oral thrush causes you a white tongue, you need to take antifungal medicine. The medicine can come in several forms like a gel or liquid so that you can apply to your mouth, a pill, or a lozenge. [12]
  • Syphilis: If your white tongue is caused by syphilis, you will need a single dose of penicillin, an antibiotic can kill the bacteria causing syphilis. However, if you’ve had syphilis for at least a year, you will need to take more than one dose of penicillin indeed.

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Prevention For A White Tongue

Prevention may be better than any later treatments or remedies. If you do not get any diseases whose symptoms include a white tongue, preventing the risk of this condition is absolutely possible. There are some tips for you to prevent a white tongue as below:

Practice good oral hygiene with a soft-bristled brush, fluoride toothpaste, brushing your teeth twice a day, a fluoride mouthwash daily, and floss at least once a day

  • See a dentist every 6 months for cleaning and checkup
  • Avoid tobacco products and restrict alcohol consumption
  • Maintain a diet with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • Avoid sugary foods and dairy products because they can create mucus and coat your tongue
  • Drink enough water to keep as much as food deposits away from your tongue
  • Regularly gargle with warm

All the above-mentioned natural remedies how to get rid of white tongue fast are tested & tried and can treat the white tongue issue completely. If you want to know more treatments and remedies for other diseases, go to our page How To to get more information. In case your condition lasts more than 2 weeks and also is accompanied by inflammation and pain, you should visit a doctor immediately.

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