21 Essential Oils For Weight Loss Result

11. Myrrh Essential Oil

Do you know that one of the benefits of myrrh oil is to aid in weight loss? That’s why we recommend it in the list of essential oils for weight loss. Actually, myrrh oil is a dried resin extracted from the tree of Commiphora myrrha that is a member of the Commiphora plant genus. Both the plant and its oil have the amazing medicinal effects and they are quite famous for the ability to heal wounds. Besides, they possess the antioxidant, antiviral, antifungal, antiparasitic, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Especially, the use of myrrh oil for weight loss is outstandingly noticed by most of the women. It is due to the detoxifying property, which helps to aid in digestion and treat many stomach and digestive problems. As a result, it supports the weight loss process.


  • Add some drops of myrrh essential oil to other types of carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil and then massage it on the area where fat accumulates for about 30 minutes. Finally, wash off this oil with clean water.
  • Alternatively, you can pour a few drops of this essential oil to your bathtub filled with warm water and take a bath.

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12. Orange Essential Oil

One more name appearing in the list of essential oils for weight loss is orange oil. Like lemon oil, orange oil also helps to reduce the overall depression and support your emotional level. Additionally, it contributes to curbing your appetite by relaxing, rejuvenating, and providing a full feeling of satisfaction, thus, you will not be craving for carbs and sugar, leading to reduce the amount intake. Like other essential oils for weight loss, it is also simple to use orange oil. Here is the suggestion that you can rely on.


  • Dip a cotton ball into orange oil and slowly inhale its vapors before the meal
  • Or else, add a couple of drops to a glass of fresh water and have it before the meal
  • Do this on a regular basis to recognize weight loss result

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13. Jasmine Essential Oil

As you know, Jasmine is a famous flower that brings us a variety of health benefits. It is considered as a traditional herb for health, generally. Particularly, Jasmine oil is realized to be beneficial for weight loss process with its supportive function. In details, as a type of essential oils for weight loss, Jasmine provides the feeling of fullness and calm. Therefore, you will not desire for foods as much as usual. Of course, that helps you to lose weight partially. No need snacks anymore. No weight gain anymore.


  • You can inhale with a few drops of Jasmine oil like other essential oils for weight loss recommended previously.
  • Another way is to add Jasmine oil to your bathtub and take a bath with warm water.
  • Maintain these habits in a long run.

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14. Rosemary Essential Oil

Regarding rosemary oil, people often think of an outstanding and indispensable ingredient in beauty care with a lot of beauty benefits. As expected, rosemary oil also works well to help us lose weight. If you are still expecting for other effective essential oils for weight loss, rosemary will not disappoint you.

In fact, extracted from Rosemary tree, this natural oil aids in reducing your weight by breaking down the fat cells and convert them into energy sources. Furthermore, the oil is responsible for producing a certain quality stillness and calmness as well. It is not difficult to make use of this remedy. Follow our recipe to have a good result.


  • Combine rosemary oil with other carrier oils like olive oil or coconut oil
  • Gently massage it on the skin area where fat often accumulates for half an hour
  • Then wash off with clean water
  • Do this on a regular basis

15. Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Likewise, you also can take the benefits of eucalyptus oil as another of essential oils for weight loss.


  • Diffuse it and dilute it in a diffuser to inhale the vapors
  • Or else, apply the oil to your stomach or your feet and massage it
  • Also, you can take a bath with a few drops of eucalyptus oil

By these actions, you can curb your appetite and feel like you are charged by a big source of energy. Plus, stress is also relieved with these methods.

16. Frankincense Essential Oil

essential oils for weight loss - frankincense essential oil

Let’s spend a little time to talk about the weight loss effects of frankincense essential oil. Thanks to the calming effect, frankincense oil contributes to reducing the depression and anxiety, which in turn can lead to overeating and continual snacking. Moreover, the natural oil also works as a tonic that is beneficial for your body functions such as respiration, digestion, nervous system, and so on. In general, it enhances the ability to absorb nutrients and boost the immune system. More importantly, as another of essential oils for weight loss, frankincense is able to stimulate the peristaltic motion in order to support the movement of food inside the intestines. That helps to reduce fat stored and bacterial toxins as much as possible.

Just apply the recipe of other essential oils for weight loss to make use of this one. The effects will be unchanged.

17. Tangerine Oil

Have you ever heard the name of tangerine oil? Some people know but some do not. Actually, tangerine oil is known as another citrus-based oil. In addition to the skin toning benefit, people also use this oil as a weight loss supporter because it can help regulate metabolism, reduce anxiety, and create the feeling of happiness as well.

Simply, you can combine this oil with bergamot or lavender oil and follow the same directions with other essential oils for weight loss.

Note: You should avoid sun exposure after applying tangerine essential oil.

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18. Rose Geranium Oil

You have another choice with rose geranium oil, one of the best essential oils for weight loss. The oil contains mood-lifting properties, which may work to reduce cellulite as well as the effect of fluid retention or edema. At the same time, it contributes to keeping hormones balanced. Other benefits of rose geranium essential oil also make it a good supporter for weight loss process, thereby following our method to have a positive result.


  • You can use the natural oil to inhale the vapors like other essential oils for weight loss.
  • Also, applying it on your stomach and feet is okay.
  • Taking a bath with a few drops also aids in weight loss.

19. Ningxia Nitro

It sounds strange but actually, Ningxia Nitro is considered as an amazing alternative to the energy drinks filled with sugar [5]. Made with various types of energizing essential oils and green tea extract along with Korean ginseng, Ningxia nitro possesses a strong antioxidant property that is equivalent to four cups of green tea. It is proved to have different health benefits for humans. In particular, the weight loss benefit is also significant.

You are supposed to take two tubes of Ningxia Nitro every day, once in the early morning and the other in the mid-afternoon. Don’t worry, it is available in the tube form in health food stores. Therefore, you can find it easily. Nevertheless, due to some complex reasons, you are recommended avoiding absorb it too close to the daily bedtime.

20. Bergamot Oil

As mentioned in the previous piece of information, bergamot oil is also among the recommended essential oils for weight loss. It is proved to benefit the spirit relaxation. In fact, this oil helps to prevent overeating as you got an untruly craving. Besides, the oil works effectively to support the fat burning and sugar converting process, which directly helps to lose weight. As a result, bergamot oil is a worthy natural solution for weight loss.

Not until you try it, will you know the true effects of this oil. Here is the method.

Direction 1: Inhalation

  • You add some drops of bergamot essential oil onto a cloth
  • Then you breathe slowly in the vapors in order to relax and calm body & mind before a meal to reduce appetite and avoid overeating.

Direction 2: Bath

  • In the morning, you can dilute some drops of bergamot essential oil into your warm bath to help you get rid of stress, and start a refreshing day for weight loss.

Direction 3: Internally

  • You can add a drop of this oil into a tsp of honey, or you can drink it in a 4oz of the coconut milk

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21. Sandalwood Essential Oil

Last but not least, you are suggested use sandalwood as another of essential oils for weight loss result. Regardless other health benefits, the ability to relieve stress for eating is significant. Therefore, the weight loss process will be supported to be better. That’s why we cannot get it out of the recommended list. Recipes as followed.


  • You can diffuse & inhale the vapors just by diluting the sandalwood essential oil in a mixture of one drop of carrier oil such as coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil with one drop of sandalwood essential oil.
  • You add some drops of sandalwood essential oil in one tsp of honey or in a 4oz. coconut milk.

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