57 First Date Ideas for Teenagers & College Students

52. A Day At The Zoo

A day at the zoo

Do you often go to the zoo? I love animals and I often go to the zoo with my friends. It leaves me a feeling that is so great and fun. I believe that the zoo is one of unexpected date ideas that will allow you to flow with the conversation without effortless. In addition, you will not be stuck on either side of a table as you are in a café store. It means that you have ability to be close to your first date, and flirt your girl with ease. In a zoo, you can easily find out a coffee and then you and she sit on a patch of grass to talk one-on-one. Moreover, with so many animals around you and her, you will have a number of topics to make a conversation with her, and make you look interesting without having periods of fishing for conversation starters or uncomfortable silence.

53. Take Her To Brunch

Take her to brunch download

This dating idea is so simple but effectively. You will have a chance to show that you care about her health. In addition, the brunch date is cheaper than a traditional dinner date. The time you can begin a date is 11 a.m. on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday). In addition, you should give your woman plenty of time in order that she can make herself become beautiful for you. You can ask her for suggesting a top brunch spot for both of you and her to meet. This is a lovely way to begin a new relationship, and in case you decide that you want your first date to continue, you can suggest a stroll afterward. In addition, you can invite her to take a coffee or a glass of wine with you in the early afternoon.

54. Comedy Club

comedy club

Comedy club will be a perfect idea for you and her at night. Your local comedy clubs will make for an amazing night out. To have a comedy ticket, you need to call ahead and then find a night when there are several different comedians to make sure that a few of these comedians at least will make you and her laugh and you are not stuck with a terrible comedian. In addition, tickets and drinks at local comedy clubs are very cheap, and you do not have to worry about costs of your first date. Furthermore, when you do not get too much time to chat with her, you can invite her going to a coffee store afterward. You should remember that you do not to sit near the stage where it can pick on you.

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