22 Natural Home Remedies For Leg Cramps You Should Know

13. Wintergreen Oil

home remedies for leg cramps - wintergreen oil

One more name in the list of natural home remedies for leg cramps is wintergreen oil. What makes this oil have the ability to deal with leg cramps is not a hard question to answer. In fact, there is a compound named methyl salicylate in the wintergreen oil. This element can work well to relieve pain and stimulate blood flow. In turn, that helps treat muscle cramps effectively.


  • Wintergreen oil: 2 teaspoons
  • Any type of vegetable oil: 8 teaspoons


  • Mix two types of essential oil together
  • Gently massage the painful muscle with the mixture
  • Repeat the process a few times per day

If you are curious about wintergreen oil, you can read this study [7], which reveals the great use of wintergreen oil for back pain.

14. Vitamin E

There is no lack of home remedies for leg cramps. Vitamin E is also an example. Do you know why? Actually, a vitamin E deficiency is one of the main causes of leg cramps. That’s why you often see many athletes and sportspeople have to supply a sufficient dose of vitamin E via foods and supplements. In fact, many reports also revealed that the frequency of leg cramps happening in those who had an intake of enough vitamin E was lower than that of others who did not. Therefore, a proper supply of vitamin E, from foods such as spinach, nuts, fish, avocado, pumpkin, shellfish, and so on, is highly recommended to reduce the risk of leg cramps.

15. Blackstrap Molasses

Last but not least, we would like to show you the great use of blackstrap molasses to treat leg cramps. If you are still looking for home remedies for leg cramps, you can finish your discovery here.


  • Blackstrap molasses: 1 tablespoon
  • Warm milk or water: 1 glass


  • Mix blackstrap molasses together with warm milk or water and stir well
  • Consume the mixture to relieve pain within a couple of minutes
  • Also, drink this regularly to avoid a deficiency of calcium and potassium in the body

IV. Exercise For Leg Cramps

1. Stretching Your Legs

One of the golden rules to treat leg cramps is stretching them. The reason is simply that because when you get a leg cramp, your muscles are tightened and twitting so that you feel painful and unmovable. To stop getting the muscle back to the original condition, you should sit on the ground, reach your toes, and flex them as much as possible. By that, your muscles will be loosened and lengthened, which in turn, will stop leg cramps immediately.

In addition, you can do this exercise every night before sleeping in order to increase the toughness and endurance of your muscles. As a result, you can lower the frequency of leg cramps happening at night.

2. Avoid Standing Too Long

home remedies for leg cramps - avoid standing too long

If possible, you should sit down for a while when standing for so long. Because if you maintain a position for a long period, pressure can be put on foot and it will affect your blood flow. Therefore, you should reduce circulation in legs by sitting down occasionally.

Especially, officers who spend most of the time on sitting in the office should move around for sometimes and take some healthy drinks as a short break.

3. Regularly Massaging

As you know, a regular massage is highly recommended in order to boost blood circulation as well as reduce pain, inflammation, spasm, and discomfort from cramps. It is so good to massage your legs with some essential oils, including lavender oil or grapeseed oil. Do this before going to bed if you do not have much free time. This is really helpful for pregnant women as well.

4. Walking

Doing exercises is always good for our health. However, nowadays, people seem to be too lazy to do so, thus, their muscles and skeleton system often face troubles. If you want to not only prevent leg cramps but also improve your overall health, you should choose an exercise and practice it frequently. Walking is most highly recommended in this case.

Walking is suggested for those who do not like heavy exercises but still want to practice. This activity is very useful for those who often have leg cramps at night. Furthermore, as you know, walking also reduces other diseases and contributes to building a healthy body. Don’t be lazy, girls. Wear a pair of sports shoes and start the new habit.

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5. Relaxing

Also called as home remedies for leg cramps, relaxation is needed if you want to get rid of this condition. If you have a huge workload every day, you should take a rest to relax your body. By that, you can reduce the occurrence of leg cramps. Listening to music, taking a bath, reading some books are some leisure activities you are suggested to do before bedtime. Good ideas, right?

6. Acupressure

Also known as another of home remedies for leg cramps, acupressure is highly recommended for you. Generally, it is considered as a useful therapy that helps us relax well. Along with massage, acupressure is also a good solution for leg cramps. It is so easy that you can practice by yourself. Let’s check out how it works.


  • Pinch the bottom of lip, between forefinger and thumb
  • Then squeeze it for half a minute
  • This helps reduce leg cramps severity and its duration effectively

Some people may not believe in this therapy but after practicing, they feel so comfortable with their muscles. Why don’t you give it a trial?

7. Increasing Magnesium And Potassium Intake

Diet is also a good solution for leg cramps. That’s why we categorized it as home remedies for leg cramps as well. As mentioned before, a deficiency of magnesium or potassium can result in leg cramps at night so that people should supply a proper amount of these two elements.

On the one hand, magnesium, as explained, plays an important role in boosting bones and muscles, skipping other health benefits of magnesium. In fact, the mineral contributes to regulating functions of soft muscles and nerves as well as managing level of blood sugar and blood pressure. Therefore, it is helpful for treating leg cramps, anyway. Based on those reasons, we highly encourage you to increase the amount of magnesium intake via daily diets. You can find it in various types of food items and vegetables, including almonds, spinach, banana, oatmeal, broccoli, soymilk, sesame seed, shrimp, bread, cashews, and extra. Don’t forget to diversify your diet with different sources of magnesium.

On the other hand, potassium is also essential for bone and muscle. As you know, this element can help you improve muscles, which in turn; reduces the muscle cramps that you often face. Moreover, potassium contributes to the overall health. There will exist some diseases if you are lacking this mineral. As a result, you are advised to supply your body an adequate amount of potassium in order to prevent leg cramps and other related diseases. In reality, potassium is found in many food sources that you can take them day by day. For example, you can eat potato, cantaloupe, tomato, mushroom, banana, mango, orange, spinach, yogurt, pear, pistachios, raisins, avocado, and so on. They are so delicious, aren’t they?

Let’s make your meals full of nutrients, especially magnesium and potassium if you want to overcome leg or muscle cramps.

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V. Quick Tips You Should Remember

We would like to finish the list of effective home remedies for leg cramps by providing you some additional tips that you should remember.

  • Taking a rest after and before doing above exercises will aid in recovering and preventing leg or muscle cramps.
  • In cases of frequent occurrence of leg cramps at night, you are supposed to wear a pair of thin socks to go to bed. By that, you can stimulate the smooth blood flow. At the same time, you should prop the knees up with the help of a pillow while lying in bed.
  • You may also consume 1 glass of warm milk every day before the bedtime.
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  • To keep leg cramping at bay during the winter, you have to wear enough clothes to keep the muscles warm.

After all, we have shown you various tips and home remedies for leg cramps that you should know. We do not expect that you can remember them all the time but you just select some of them that are most suitable for you to remember and apply. However, as usual, all the information we provide in this article is for informative purpose only, thus, you need to take your own responsibility for what you choose to do. Anyway, for a safety purpose, you should ask your doctor for advice before deciding anything.

For more information relating to home remedies for other issues, you can refer to our main page Home Remedies. There are many articles always available for you to read. Hopefully, you find them interesting and useful for you. If you have any question, comment, recommendation, and idea, please share with us by leaving them below the article.

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