How to reduce eye puffiness and swelling fast and naturally

There are a lot of factors that cause puffy eyes and also as many remedies that are supposed for curing under-eye puffiness. Eye puffiness can come from a lack of exercise salty food, a sinus infection, the lack of sleep, and even a wrong sleep position can contribute to this undesirable issue. And then, there is a cause that nobody wants to talk about: the natural aging process. Even you do not like it, similar to every other part of your body, your face changes with time. Fat, muscles weaken, and ligaments stretch becomes readily apparent. Your facial skin will become less elastic, especially after the age of 40, and the sags turn to bags.

I. Tips On How To Reduce Eye Puffiness – Natural Ingredients:

There are a lot of causes for puffiness around your eyes, such as heredity, allergies, and, of course, the influences of a late night sleep. Whether it is stress or hereditary, lack of sleep or allergies, unfortunately, we do get puffiness underneath our eyes and there are also a lot of ways to deal with this problem. The eye region is very thin, sensitive, and delicate so you need to be very gentle. Thus, today, I will give you some of the best tips on how to reduce eye puffiness.

1. Salt:

The first tip on how to reduce eye puffiness is that you should be careful when making use of salt and salt-rich foods.

For example, pepperoni pizza, jumbo fries, and other salt-loaded foods can actually lead to puffy eyes. Nevertheless, salt by itself can do your eyes goodness and favor. You will know how to reduce eye puffiness by mixing half a teaspoon of salt into quart warm water. Then, you should dip facial pads and cotton balls into the liquid then lie down and apply the balls to your eyelids. After that, you should rest in this position for at least about 10 minutes while keeping the balls in place. By this way, you will arise with deflated eyes.

2. Drinking Water: how to reduce eye puffiness quickly

Water is actually your life saver when it comes to deflate puffy eyes. You should make sure that you drink enough at least eight-ounce glasses of water a day, and do not substitute coffees, sodas, or sugary drinks. When your body is dehydrated, it will act much as a camel, storing water for the long road across the desert. Instead of a camel’s hump, you will build up water reserves around your eyeballs. Your body is not put into survival mode by keeping yourself adequately hydrated, and will not puff up in all wrong places. Moreover, you should also learn simple tips to get goodnight’s sleep because sleeping is very important for reducing puffy eyes. Once you get good sleep, your eyes will feel healthier, more relaxed; and look better.

3. Rinsing Your Face With Cold Water:

Cold water is also a useful remedy that I want you to make use when you learn how to reduce eye puffiness. Your eyes seem to puff up on working day mornings when you spend 30 minutes getting ready. There is no time to luxuriate with cucumber slices or tea bags. However, you should not despair at all because cold water will work in a pinch. You should rise and shine, and wash your face using several splashes of cold water. This may be a rude awakening. However, the coldness will reduce swelling and constrict blood vessels. In addition, it just takes you about 10 seconds to apply. You should repeat this habit throughout the day if you can and if you feel needed. In fact, this method can also help to relieve eye floaters, so you can apply it if you are suffering from this issue.

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