How to get healthy nails naturally fast at home – 20 proven ways

Updates: 05/22/2014

You should take a meticulous look at your fingernails. If they are not strong and healthy looking with dents, ridges, or areas of unusual shape or color, you should think about your recent care for them and improve it. In fact, many poor nail conditions can be prevented through good fingernail care. That is the reason why today I am going to introduce 20 explosive tips on how to get healthy nails naturally, fast at home that you should focus on.

20 Simple Ways On How To Get Healthy Nails Naturally, Fast At Home

Like a terrific skin care regimen or a great new haircut, well-manicured, healthy nails are an essential part of a pulled-together, neat appearance – one that can work as an asset in both the business and the social world. Nevertheless, some researchers said that both women and men fall prey to myths about ways to care for nails. Another danger: most of us rely on the spa or nails salons, some of which may not be giving the best treatments or advice. To get on the road to beautiful nails, you should focus on the following 12 tips for achieving healthy, elegant nails, well groomed.

1. Watching Your Nails To Catch The Signs Of Health Problems: how to get healthy nails naturally

The first tip on how to get healthy nails that I want you to focus is that you should watch your nails and catch the sign of health problems. Hence, you can find proper ways to care for your nails. Most of the time, nail problems can show environmental attacks – the exposure to the use of drying nail products, harsh cleaning chemicals, or just normal physical abuse, like excessive use of fingertips or typing. An expert suggested that your nails conditions can sometimes reflect a health issue. Here is some of what they say to look out for:

  • Yellow-tinged nails with a slight blush at the base are associated with diabetes
  • Pale nail beds are related to anemia
  • Thickening and yellowing of the nail, slowed growth rate are the signs of lung disease
  • Half pink or half white nails are the signs of kidney disease
  • White nails will show liver condition

A group of doctors in Ireland found in 2005 that the very first signs of the bone-thinning disease – the osteoporosis – may be detected in your nails. A recent study that is conducted by a group of professional researchers discovered something called “disulphide bond”. This symptom is presented in both bones and nails and was lower in people who are living with osteoporosis. Of course, if you have some doubt about any health problem, you should discuss any concerns or findings with your doctor. Besides, people should drink a lot of juice because juice provides a lot of healthy vitamins and minerals that are good for the building of nails. Thus, I recommend you learning super healthy juice recipes and health boosting juice recipes. how to get healthy nails guide2. Remember Toenails Count:

Everything that you choose to apply to your fingernails can also be applied to your toenails. Toenails are said to be even more prone to some health problems due to the careless pedicures. It is because your feet are often put inside shoes, which is a moist, dark environment as can be an ideal place for fungus to grow and nourish more easily. If you get frequent pedicures, you should take your own instruments and do not let the tech dig around the cuticle or under the nail. In addition, instead of straight across, you should cut toenails at an angle to reduce the risk of ingrown toenails, which can be painful and sometimes lead to an infection. Besides, you should learn useful ways to boost energy with foods because if your body does not get enough energy and nutrients to go, your nails will be also weakened.

3. Choosing Nail Tips Over Full Extensions:

Many experts indicate that, in general, nail extensions are very bad for nails as they can lead to bacterial or fungal infections frequently, and sometimes they can cause long lasting damage. If you have to wear nail extensions, you should opt for just tips. While nail extensions can still lead to problems, the potential damage will be less because of the smaller covered surface area.

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