How to prevent chickenpox from spreading naturally – 10 tips

The virus called varicella-zoster causes chickenpox. This disease is highly contagious; therefore, it spreads from one person to other people through skin-to-skin contact or touching infected items. Moreover, it also can spread thorough mucus, saliva, fluids. This takes about 21 days to appear the symptoms after you are exposed to the virus causing chickenpox. The symptoms of chickenpox can reduce after a few days. However, in the worse cases, chickenpox may be treated completely for about two weeks. Fortunately, there are many effective home remedies and effective techniques on how to prevent chickenpox from spreading naturally that help you to alleviate the red spots and blisters while keeping this disease from spreading to other people.

How To Prevent Chickenpox From Spreading Naturally –Effective Home Remedy And Natural Techniques

Chickenpox is one of viral infections. This disease can easily spread to other people. In some cases, it will lead to some serious complications. It is said that chickenpox is mild and can be prevented by getting vaccinated in the childhood. The doctors always suggest that everyone should take chickenpox vaccine as the way on how to prevent chickenpox and its potential complications. The symptoms of chickenpox include fever, loss of appetite, headache, tiredness and feeling of being unwell. In the first days, the pink or red pumps appear and break out after a few days. After that, fluid-filled blisters are formed on your affected skin. In the final stage, the scabs and crusts will cover the blisters after they are broken. After the final stage, it will take a few days to heal completely. The healthy children who have the good immune system may suffer from mild chickenpox. It can be healed after a few days without causing any serious problems. The more severe chickenpox will spread to other parts of your body. If the symptoms of chickenpox are serious and are not treated, it can lead to some life-threatening complications such as bacterial infections in bones, soft tissues, skin, joints, or bloodstream, pneumonia, brain inflammation, toxic shock syndrome, and Reye’s syndrome. The infants or newborns who never receive chickenpox vaccine, adults with weak immune system, pregnant women have the more risks of developing this disease than anyone else. It is important to see the doctor if you notice some serious symptoms. The mild chickenpox can be treated and avoided with some effective home remedies and natural techniques on how to prevent chickenpox from spreading naturally I would like to introduce to the reader of

1. Honey:

how to prevent chickenpox - honey

Honey is the versatile remedy for many different conditions and diseases.

For example, adding two teaspoons of honey into a glass of warm water and drinking this solution slowly will help you to cure the sore throat naturally and effectively. Interestingly, honey is also considered as the home remedy on how to prevent chickenpox from spreading. You should buy a pure, quality honey and cover the affected skin areas with honey. Leave it for a few minutes after rinsing it off with warm water. If you want to achieve the better result, the process should be repeated several times until the spots, blister and red, itchy pumps disappear completely.

Home remedies for sore throat

2. Baking Soda:

how to prevent chickenpox - baking soda

As the effective home remedy on how to prevent chickenpox from spreading, baking soda will help you to control the irritation and itchiness caused by chickenpox. In order to utilize baking soda, you should stir one tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of clear, filtered water. Soak the soft washcloth into the solution and dab it gently onto the affected areas of your body and wait for a few minutes until the solution becomes dry. Finally, you can rinse it off with lukewarm water. Alternatively, you can add one cup of baking soda in the bath water. After that, soak in and try to relax. You should repeat the treatment several times in order to get more satisfactory result.

3. Indian Lilac:

how to prevent chickenpox - indian lilac

Indian Lilac called neem or margosa is also effective in treating chickenpox because it contains antiviral properties. Moreover, Indian Lilac will help you to dry out the fluid covering blisters and alleviate the itching, irritation. In order to utilize this remedy, you should crush a handful of neem leaves and then apply the solution on the affected parts of your body. Alternatively, taking a warm bath with neem leaves also has the same benefits. This treatment is worthy trying because many patients with chickenpox find the significant relief after trying several times.

4. Oatmeal:

how to prevent chickenpox - oatmeal

If you want to look for the effective home remedy on how to prevent chickenpox from spreading, you should not ignore oatmeal. The oatmeal is effective in treating itchiness and inflammation caused by chickenpox. You should grind one or two cups of oatmeal and mix with two liters of water. Try to relax in the bathwater for 15 to 20 minutes. This treatment will help you find the relief. However, if you want to get more satisfactory result, you should repeat the process several times.

5. Carrots And Coriander:

how to prevent chickenpox - carrots and coriander

The soup of carrots and coriander is effective in treating symptoms caused by chickenpox. The possible reason may be that this soup contains antioxidants which have the healing effects. In order to make this soup, you should chop 100 grams of carrots into a cup and chop 60 grams of coriander leaves. After that, boil them in two cups of clean filtered water until the water evaporates. It is recommended consuming this soup daily for a month. Moreover, you can also eat boiled coriander leaves and carrots directly for better result.

6. Brown Vinegar:

how to prevent chickenpox - brown vinegar

One of effective home remedies on how to prevent chickenpox from spreading you should not ignore is brown vinegar. This home remedy will help you to soothe the lesions and alleviate skin irritation. You simply add a cup of brown vinegar into warm bath water. Soak in and try to relax comfortably for about 15 to 20 minutes.

7. Lavender Oil:

how to prevent chickenpox - lavender oil

Lavender oil is effective in treating itching and skin irritation caused by chickenpox. In order to try this treatment, you should mix the lavender oil with coconut oil and almond oil. After that, apply the solution on the affected skin areas and let it sit for a while until the solution is dry. It is recommended repeating the process twice a day for a week in order to get satisfactory results. Alternatively, you can drop sufficient lavender oil and chamomile oils in the warm bath water. Soak in and try to relax for about 15 to 20 minutes. This treatment is worthy trying because some patients with chickenpox find the relief after trying for a few weeks.

8. Herbal Tea:

how to prevent chickenpox - herbal tea

Herbal tea is also the beneficial home remedy on how to prevent chickenpox from spreading. Therefore, you can try a variety of herbal tea made from holy basil, chamomile, holy basil, lemon balm and marigold or other herbs. You should add one tablespoon of these herbs in boiling water. Wait for a few minutes and sip it slowly. To get more satisfactory result, you can add a little of lemon juice, honey and cinnamon in the herbal tea. Drink it daily for a few days to get relief.

9. Sandalwood Oil:

how to prevent chickenpox - sandalwood oil

Sandalwood oil is effective in treating chickenpox sore because it contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Furthermore, it also helps you to remove chickenpox scars. You should make the mixture of sandalwood oil and almond oil. After that, apply the solution on the skin. This treatment should be done regularly until the spots, blisters, scars, red pumps disappear completely.

10. Calendula Flowers:

how to prevent chickenpox - calendula flowers

Calendula flowers are well-known remedy which is used to treat itching and irritation caused by chickenpox. In order to utilize calendula flowers, you should mix two tablespoons of calendula flower with one teaspoon of witch hazel leave. Put the mixture in a cup of water and leave it overnight. In the morning after you wake up, grind the solution thoroughly. After that, you spread the paste over your affected areas. Wait until the paste dries. Finally, rinse it off with warm water.

Beside these home remedies on how to prevent chickenpox from spreading naturally, you also should drink vegetable juice and fresh fruit in order to boost your immune system. It is recommended consuming more vitamin C rich-foods. Moreover, prevention is the best cure; therefore, you should let your child take chickenpox vaccine in order to keep this disease at bay.

These are 10 effective home remedies and techniques on how to prevent chickenpox from spreading naturally. I hope that you will find these tips helpful and effective. If you have any questions to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comments bellow. I will answer as soon as I can. I am glad to hear your opinion. Thank you for reading.

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