110 Ways to enjoy life to the fullest before you die

Updates: 05/17/2014

As you know, with modern life, it is so easy to get stressed. There are so many things you have to deal with such as bills, overload work, family responsibilities, and so on. Yet, how can you reduce, even abolish all the stress all negative emotions and depression and really begin enjoying life with happiness and peaceful mind?  Well, if you want to make your life more comfortable and enjoyable, there are some simple rules that you need to follow. In this article, I am happy to give you the list of a large number of tips for a happy life and peaceful mind. Check the following 110 ways to enjoy life to the fullest before you die.

Top 110 Easy Ways To Enjoy Life To The Fullest Before You Die

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I. 40 Simple Tips For A Happy & Healthy Life

1. Spend about 10-30 minutes of your time each day to take a walk. Especially, it is great if you walk and smile concurrently.

2. Spend at least 10 minutes every day to sit in silence without being disturbed.

3. Just live with the conception Energy, Enthusiasm, and Empathy.

4. Play sport games or any kind of games you love.

5. Sleep enough 8 hours per day.

6. Do not think that peace of mind means that you do nothing to relax your mind. In contrast, you should read books more and more over the time to understand more about life

books more

7. Take time to meditate, and practice yoga and prayer.

8. No matter who you are, what your age is, it is good if you can spend time with old people over the age of 70 and children under the age of 6.

9. Dream more when not sleeping. This will make you have the life intention

10. Eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less meat and processed foods. Instead, you should learn some simple restaurant recipes to variate your daily meal.

11. Drink enough water

12. If you can make someone smile, you also feel happy. Thus, try to make many people smile everyday.

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