Top 25 Nutritional And Health Benefits Of Corn

nutritional benefits of corn

9. Good For Your Eyes

As you can see, zeaxanthin and lutein in corns will protect protein in eye lens from oxidation, which cause your eyes be cloudy and corn also helps you decrease of macular degeneration. Besides that, vitamin A is produced from beta-carotene in corn will improve your vision significantly. That’s why corn is good for your eyes, for weight loss and health if you eat properly. Corn may be used to cook in different recipes and it is not too expensive to buy. In the summer, you may find out corn in almost of the markets in town. And do you know? In the variety of healthy food for eyes, corn is one of the top foods you should take advantage in the summer days. If you want to prevent eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and take care of your eyes, eating corn will help you change the issue. Do you also know that sweet corn is very popular in many countries including Australia because it very healthy for eyes? This food is also considered as a healthy vegetable in many countries in the world. Thus, this is actually one of the best benefits of corn for health and for weight loss that I would like to encourage and recommend my readers who want to improve eye health and vision to make use for good!

10. Benefits Of Corn – Combat Hair Diseases

Corn oil provides an excellent combination of nutrients such as vitamin E and fatty acids. Therefore, topically applying of this oil can help you to keep the hair follicles well-nourished, hydrated, and slow down the aging process. By trapping the harmful free radicals, the antioxidants can help to prevent cell damage. Thereby, it would be very useful in preventing and fighting against hair loss and hair dryness due to the activities of harmful free radicals. Moreover, corn contains vitamin K which can provide the help in the body’s calcium absorption, thereby preventing hair fall effectively. For all the reasons above, one of the amazing benefits of corn should be that it can help in combating some hair diseases.

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11. Facilitate Weight Gain

Another out of the best benefits of corn for health that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and remember to make use is that corn can support the weight gain process of thin people. That might be very great, right? Corn is an excellent choice for those who are underweight, referred to as “hard weight gainers”. In order to gain weight, these people should increase their caloric consumption. In addition, corn is very high in carbohydrates as well as calories so that you will be able to achieve your weight gain goal with ease and fast if you make use of this food in the right way. Therefore, corn could be a healthy food for you to add your daily diet if you are looking for natural ways to gain weight fast. One cup of corn kernels will give you as much as 130 calories.

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12. Good For Your Bone

You will be surprised about the benefits of corn because it can support the bone building. Now you are wondering to know how it can support your bone building, aren’t you? Beta-cryptoxanthin in corn helps reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, cancers, etc and if you eat corn more frequently this food will decrease bone aging. You ought to consume corn much more to boost your bone healthier as it includes magnesium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus. Eating corn also helps prevent bone-related diseases. Or in other words, it is really good for your bone health.

13. Benefits Of Corn – Increase Energy

Just like what are mentioned above, corn includes carbs but if you eat this food properly it does not make you get overweight. Corn will also provide instant energy. The reason why it is said that increasing the energy is one of the amazing benefits of corn is that corn is high in pantothenic acid, B vitamins, which can transform to glucose & help increase more energy. Besides that, corn also contains beta-carotene that is able to fight fatigue perfectly.

14. Improve Tissue Health

Besides being the good answer for the question “Is corn good for your health”, the ability to improve tissue health is also among the most wonderful benefits of corn for health because it can do amazing things for human tissue system and should be added to your daily diet right way. Additionally, eating corn every day will help you to strengthen the tissue connection including cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Plus, corn also helps you stabilize the blood sugar level, break down fat and carbs and supply energy for you. Do you know that? Corn includes several important minerals such as phosphorus, copper, iron, and magnesium that can support you in bone enhancement.

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15. Prevent Cancer

benefits of corn - prevent cancer

Along with other plentiful benefits of corn, you may find out a value from this food. That is cancer prevention. Thanks to the phenolic compound and ferulic acid in corn, it may fight breast and liver tumors. Besides that, fiber aid in corn also helps you to reduce some digestive problems such as hemorrhoids and constipation, and it also functions in fighting colon cancer. If you want to fight against lung cancer, eating corn is an effective way for you because corn contains vital antioxidants in this task. Do you know that? Cancer is more and more popular today and it brings death to many people all over the world. Along with many effectual solutions to fight cancer, eating foods including corn is one of the simplest and cheapest ways for human being. In brief, the ability to help in preventing cancer in human beings is also among the best benefits of corn for health that people should not look down if they are at high risk of getting this type of killer cancer!

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16. Benefits Of Corn – Good For Pregnant Women

If you are a pregnant woman, corn is one of the most beneficial foods that you should intake every day. Why is it said like that? Folic acid deficiency will cause defects to your baby and it causes miscarriages. So, you should take advantage of this cheap and nutritional food to improve your health and baby’s growth. Furthermore, corn is high in fiber that can fight some common problems during pregnancy like constipation. Plus, folate acid [4] in corn will reduce the risk of suffering from neutral malformations. If pregnant women eat corn every day, they will get higher vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients to improve your baby’s health. The development of baby’s organs will be better as corn has pantothenic acid. Thus, this is one of the best benefits of corn for weight loss and for health, especially of pregnant women that no one should look down if they want to improve health and give birth to healthy babies.

17. Helpful For Your Hair And Skin

Do you want to beautify your hair and your skin without lots of expense? Your answer will be yes, right? Eating corn is a good solution you should learn right now. To soothe skin and make your hair stronger and shinier, corn is the best source because it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene, and some other antioxidants that can protect your skin from UV. Also, corn will produce collagen, which is needed for hair and elasticity maintenance. When we grow older, we will get more free radical damage, which causes wrinkles on our skin. Just like what are mentioned early, it is the nutrition in corn that is able to help you in reducing the aging process and making your skin more beautiful. Furthermore, corn is known as the effective source in preventing dryness and hair loss as it is high in vitamin E, along with vitamin K. It will combat the hair fall and dryness very well if you use corn oil every day in meals. Therefore, this is also one of the best benefits of corn for health, hair and skin of both men and women at all ages.

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18. Useful For Weight Loss

If you discover deeply in corn’s benefits for health and for weight loss, you will recognize that corn contains high nutrients and they will encourage the thyroid gland for triiodothyronine hormone production, which is used to burn fat faster. In addition, eating corns will make your stomach full longer and you will avoid food cravings. Just a cup of corn, you will intake for 124 calories and you will reduce weight very fast if eating this food instead of consuming lots of fatty foods. Frozen, canned, or fresh corn is healthy and you may take this food in different ways such as steamed, grilled, and boiled. It is very delicious if you add in soup or salads to taste. If you want to lose weight, use this food more frequently to get the best benefits from it. This is actually the best answer for the question “is corn good for weight loss diet” and one of the best benefits of corn for weight loss and for health that people should learn and make use if they are among people who want to lose some extra pounds to get in shape naturally and quickly.

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