26 Benefits Of Corn For Health And For Weight Loss

Are you interested in corn – a food with color yellow and grows in summer? Actually, corn has lots of colors such as blue, purple, black, pink, red, and yellow. It is available in all the markets and you may easily find out this beneficial food in summer. In order to help you understand more about the advantages of corn, VKool.com decided to introduce a writing of top 20 benefits of corn for health and for weight loss with a hope that you will learn the most helpful information and do not confuse about its benefit. Keep reading this article thoroughly and find out what are the aids of corn for your health improvement and fat loss purpose.

I. Benefits Of Corn For Weight Loss And For Health – Is Corn Good For Weight Loss Diet:

Weight loss methods with corn is a new way that is not strange but few people know about, because everyone have always been considering that they will get fat if they eat corn because it is too good for health. The information we give you will be an useful knowledge that will support your weight loss process extremely effectively.

This weight loss method will be effective as well for those who have the ability to reduce fat fast. On the other hand, for those have the atopic that is difficult for losing fat, it will be very difficult. Moreover, this method with corn cannot makeup a full menu for weight loss in one week or even one month by itself, meaning that people cannot eat just one type of food like that. If losing weight like that, it will be very difficult for the body and will not bring good results. Here are some of the best dishes made from corn that are good for weight loss people should try!

1. Boiled Corn:

boiled corn

Boiled corn is not strange to the people in both rural and urban areas. This could be the breakfast or even snack in bedtime of many people but not many of them know that eating boiled corn is a great weight loss method, making this one of the best benefits of corn for weight loss and health for human beings. It is very simple to make boiled corn, place corn in a pot with boiling water and heat the pot, and when the corn is nearly cooked, add a little salt to the pot. This method will help limit the amount of sugar excreted from corn, making it better and more effective for the weight loss process.

2. Corn Salad:

benefits of corn-corn salad


  • 4 corns
  • Baby tomato
  • Scallion
  • Olive oil
  • Vinegar
  • Garlic
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh basil
  • Cheese

How To Cook:

  • Split the corn seed from the cob
  • Place corn in a large bowl and add scallion and tomato
  • Mix with eggs, olive oil, vinegar, garlic, cheese, and basil all together

With this simple, not fussy method, you will get the brand new salad with corn which is very nutritious. This dish is not bored or oily, and it is suitable for weight loss of thin people.

3. Corn Fried With Coconut: 

corn fried with coconut


  • 3 sweet corns
  • Julienned coconut
  • Salt

How To Make:

  • Split the corn seed from the cob
  • Pour a little oil to the pan and heat the pan, then place corn into the pan and stir well in 2 minutes
  • Add coconut to the pan and stir it well, let it stay for 1 minute, then turn off the heat

For those who are looking for losing weight fast, this is also an effective method and one of the best benefits of corn for weight loss and for health that people should not look down. The reason is because this dish is not sugary, and the starch in corn was processed into other substances that are difficult for the body to absorb. This dish is very popular because it's easy for obese people to eat.

II. Benefits Of Corn For Health – Is Corn Good For Overall Health:

Corn is among the few cereals that we can use to make several different dishes. Also popularly called “maize”, corn can be used to cook in many different ways. People can eat sweet corn right out of the cob or use the corn to make gravy or garnish the fried rice, or you can combine corn with chillies and onion to make an amazingly delicious and healthy snack for evening. The best thing about corn is not just about its delicious flavor. The great thing of corn is mainly about the innumerable health benefits of corn.

Baby corn is available in the form of jar or can in any supermarket and this ingredient is widely used to cook several Asian dishes. Corn is generally available in summer and can be used to cook in many different ways. In India, vendors sell corn which is called ‘bhutta’. The best thing about corn is that this natural food material is not only delicious but also very abundant in fiber, minerals, and vitamins.  Therefore, there are a lot of health benefits of corn for weight loss and for health that human beings can make use for good! In addition to having amazingly sweet taste, corn is very low in fat, rich in fiber, and a great source of nutrients essential for human beings.

1. Rich In Carbohydrates:

rich in carbohydrates

This is the very first out of the best benefits of corn for health that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and make use for good! Corn contains a significantly low content of sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat – the bad substances for the body. It has high amounts of carbohydrates as it provides people with nearly 82% of calories in its components. Just 1/2 cup of corn provides about 80 calories out of which 10 calories are from fat whereas a 5-inch corn ear provides 65 calories.

The high carb content in corn is actually wonderful for weight gain if you make use of it the right way!

2. Phytochemicals


Corn has rich content of antioxidant phytochemicals which vary basing upon the separate corn varieties. Purple corn has a special acid called protocatechuic acid which acts as a strong antioxidant whereas blue corn is very high in anthocyanin antioxidants. Yellow corn is very high in carotenoids which have high concentrations of zeaxanthin and lutein. Ferulic acid is a natural antioxidant that is usually contained in plants and can help in neutralizing harmful free radicals. Corn is extremely high in this type of acid which can raise up to 900% while you cook it.

Therefore, corn is very healthy for you to add to your daily diet but certain things you should keep in mind is that corn is very rich in fatty acids as well, so it might be not suitable for those who are getting high risks of cardiovascular disease. The excessive consumption of corn oil or fresh corn can just worsen these diseases as well as causing unintentionally weight gain. Thereby, it is recommended that you should consume and make use of corn just in moderation to utilize and achieve the maximum health benefits of corn for weight loss and for health – an extremely delicious cereal.

3. Improve Hair And Scalp: 

improve hair and scalp

Hot oil cure using corn oil is a great method that can bring about the great power for developing silky and  soft hair. It provides a proper balanced content of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids that helps to control inflammation and inhibits the scalp from getting flaky and dry. These fatty acids are actually the essential constituents of cell structure that creates favorable conditions for the transport of fat, and if you get a deficiency of any fatty acid among these two kinds, it would lead to hair fall or brittle hair. For ultilizing the benefits of corn in this field, you just need to heat corn oil within about one minute and use it to massage onto your scalp using your finger tips. Let it stay in about fifteen minutes and then use your shampoo to rinse your hair off, and you will get lustrous and soft hair. In fact, this is also among the most interesting and good benefits of corn besides the answer for the question Is corn good for weight loss diet that I mentioned in the section above so people should bring corn along to eat and to make use whenever and in anywhere they want

4. Combat Hair Diseases:

combat hair diseases

Corn oil provides an excellent combination of nutrients such as vitamin E and fatty acids. Therefore, topically applying of this oil can help to keep the hair follicles well-nourished, hydrated, and slow down the ageing process. By trapping the harmful free radicals, the antioxidants can help to prevent cell damage. Thereby, it would be very useful in preventing and fighting against hair loss and hair dryness due to the activities of harmful free radicals. Moreover, corn contains vitamin K which can provide help in the body's calcium absorption, thereby preventing hair fall effectively.

5. Inhibit Cardiovascular Diseases And Stroke:

benefits of corn-inhibit cardiovascular diseases and stroke

Corn oil is considered and believed to provide powerful anti-atherogenic effect on cholesterol level, thereby it can help to protect against a lot of heart related issues. Corn oil is especially good for developing and enhancing heart health because this ingredient contains an optimal combination of fatty acids, thereby enabling omega-3 fatty acids to remove and replace the damaging bad cholesterol at the bonding areas. Hence, corn oil can help to prevent the arteries from getting clogged, reduce the levels of blood pressure, and lower the risks of stroke and heart attacks. This is actually also one out of the best benefits of corn for weight loss and for health that a lot of people in the world love and have been making use to prevent the risks of getting cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

6. Facilitates Weight Gain:

benefits of corn-facilitates weight gain

Another out of the best benefits of corn for health that I would like to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and remember to make use is that corn can support the weight gain process of thin people. Corn is an excellent choice for those who are underweight, referred to as ‘'hard weight gainers'’. These people should increase their caloric consumption so as to gain some pounds at their own pace and condition. Corn is very high in carbohydrates as well as calories so that if you make use of this food the right way, you will be able to achieve your weight gain goal with ease and fast. Therefore, corn could be a healthy food for you to add to your daily diet if you are looking for natural ways to gain weight fast. One cup of corn kernels will give you as much as 130 calories.

7. Support Digestive System 

support digestive system

You may get antioxidants in almost of the corns; however, different corn will provide you different antioxidants. Specifically, yellow corn includes zeaxanthin and lutein antioxidants; blue corn contains anthocyanins; and purple corn has hydroxybenzoic acid and protocatechuic acid. Benefits of corn are various including benefit for your digestion. Corn is rich in fiber (insoluble and soluble) that can help you forbid absorption of cholesterol and constipation.

Additionally, corn will reduce the risk of colon cancer, hemorrhoids, and diarrhea. Fiber content in corn will gratify your digestion. Do you usually eat popcorn or boiled corn? How about your digestive system? I think that you feel it works better than usual. Eating corn will grown healthy bacteria, which is very helpful for your digestive system.

8. Good For Your Eyes

good for your eyes

Zeaxanthin and lutein in corns will protect protein in eye lens from the oxidation, which cause your eyes be cloudy and corn also helps you decrease of macular degeneration. Vitamin A is produced from beta-carotene in corn will improve your vision significantly. Corn is good for your eyes, for weight loss, and health if you eat properly. Corn may be used to cook in different recipes and it is not too expensive to buy. In the summer, you may find out corn in almost of the markets in town. In variety of healthy foods for eyes, corn is one of the top foods you should take advantage in the summer days. If you want to prevent eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration and take care of your eyes, eating corn will help you change the issue. Do you know that sweet corn is very popular in many countries including Australia because it is very healthy for eyes? This food is also considered as a healthy vegetable in many countries in the world. Thus, this is actually one of the best benefits of corn for health and for weight loss that I would like to encourage and recommend my readers who want to improve eye health and vision to make use for good!

9. Good For Your Bone 

good for your bone

You will surprise about the benefits of corn because it can support your bone building. Beta-cryptoxanthin in corn will reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases such as cancers, rheumatoid arthritis, etc and especially, corn will reduce bone aging if you eat this food more frequently. To boost your bone healthier, you should consume corn much more as it includes iron, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. Eating corn also helps you avoid bone-related diseases.

10. Prevent Atherosclerosis And Anemia 

benefits of corn

Corn not only helps you strengthen your bones, support digestion, but it also helps you prevent anemia and atherosclerosis very well. Lutein, carotenoid, and some other antioxidants in corn will help you avoid atherosclerosis, which will cause stroke and heart attack. Moreover, corn includes significant nutrients and vitamins such as iron, folic acid, vitamin B12 that can help you reduce risk of anemia. This is also one of the easiest ways to make use yet most efficient benefits of corn for health that is very worth making use, so people can consider consuming more corn if they want to prevent atherosclerosis and anemia or combat these conditions.

11. Increase Energy 

increase energy

Corn contains carbs but it does not make you overweight if you eat this food properly. Corn will provide instant energy if needed. The reason is that corn is high in B vitamins, pantothenic acid that can transform to glucose and help you have more energy. Corn also includes beta-carotene that can fight fatigue very perfectly.

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