26 Benefits of Corn for Health and for Weight Loss

benefits of corn

Are you interested in corn – a food with color yellow and grows in summer? Actually, corn has lots of colors such as blue, purple, black, pink, red, and yellow. It is available in all the markets and you may easily find out this beneficial food in summer. In order to help you understand more about the advantages of corn, VKool.com decided to introduce a writing of top 20 benefits of corn for health and for weight loss with a hope that you will learn the most helpful information and do not confuse about its benefit. Keep reading this article thoroughly and find out what are the aids of corn for your health improvement and fat loss purpose.

I. Benefits Of Corn For Weight Loss And For Health – Is Corn Good For Weight Loss Diet:

Weight loss methods with corn is a new way that is not strange but few people know about, because everyone have always been considering that they will get fat if they eat corn because it is too good for health. The information we give you will be an useful knowledge that will support your weight loss process extremely effectively.

This weight loss method will be effective as well for those who have the ability to reduce fat fast. On the other hand, for those have the atopic that is difficult for losing fat, it will be very difficult. Moreover, this method with corn cannot makeup a full menu for weight loss in one week or even one month by itself, meaning that people cannot eat just one type of food like that. If losing weight like that, it will be very difficult for the body and will not bring good results. Here are some of the best dishes made from corn that are good for weight loss people should try!

1. Boiled Corn:

boiled corn

Boiled corn is not strange to the people in both rural and urban areas. This could be the breakfast or even snack in bedtime of many people but not many of them know that eating boiled corn is a great weight loss method, making this one of the best benefits of corn for weight loss and health for human beings. It is very simple to make boiled corn, place corn in a pot with boiling water and heat the pot, and when the corn is nearly cooked, add a little salt to the pot. This method will help limit the amount of sugar excreted from corn, making it better and more effective for the weight loss process.

2. Corn Salad:

benefits of corn-corn salad


  • 4 corns
  • Baby tomato
  • Scallion
  • Olive oil
  • Vinegar
  • Garlic
  • 2 tablespoons of fresh basil
  • Cheese

How To Cook:

  • Split the corn seed from the cob
  • Place corn in a large bowl and add scallion and tomato
  • Mix with eggs, olive oil, vinegar, garlic, cheese, and basil all together

With this simple, not fussy method, you will get the brand new salad with corn which is very nutritious. This dish is not bored or oily, and it is suitable for weight loss of thin people.

3. Corn Fried With Coconut: 

corn fried with coconut


  • 3 sweet corns
  • Julienned coconut
  • Salt

How To Make:

  • Split the corn seed from the cob
  • Pour a little oil to the pan and heat the pan, then place corn into the pan and stir well in 2 minutes
  • Add coconut to the pan and stir it well, let it stay for 1 minute, then turn off the heat

For those who are looking for losing weight fast, this is also an effective method and one of the best benefits of corn for weight loss and for health that people should not look down. The reason is because this dish is not sugary, and the starch in corn was processed into other substances that are difficult for the body to absorb. This dish is very popular because it's easy for obese people to eat.

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