The top 18 best and worst foods for sleep revealed!

Sleep is something that we relentlessly crave, yet we never seem to get enough of it. The situation of snoozing or sleeplessness is common to the majority of people in the modern society. Nothing is more unwelcome and annoying than insomnia and the evidence is piling up that sleep is critical for good health. So, in order to get the best health state as well as sleep possible, it is necessary for you do a lot of things starting from your lifestyle, your thought, and your diet. In fact, what you eat affects how you sleep. If you could pick the right foods to consume and easy and tasty dessert recipes to create in order to help you get better sleep, wouldn’t you? In this article, we focus on giving you which foods to eat and which to steer clear off for the best sleep. Hope that these tips can be useful for your need.

I. 8 Worst Foods For Sleep

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1. Protein

It seems so strange when it comes to health that protein is necessary and good for human health. Yet, with sleep, too much of it means that you will get less sleep at the end of the day. That is because the condition of high protein in your diet will provide you with more energy and it will not calm your body down. Thus, you had better consume a high-carb and low-protein snack which is less than 200 calories before going to the bed

2. Alcohol

The chance of getting a restless night of sleep will be higher if you drink alcohol too much, especially before going to bed. One study indicated that a glass of vodka or bourbon mixed with caffeine-free soda at bedtime enhanced the amount of time people spent awake in the night by 15 minutes.  After drinking wine, you usually get drowsy and fall asleep fast; nevertheless, in fact, you do not go through the REM period of sleep. Once you do that, you will not get a deep and uninterrupted sleep. The bags under your two eyes will tell you in the next day.

3. Coffee

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Coffee contains caffeine, that is a central nervous stimulant.  It is recommended that you should not get an espresso in the afternoon. This can affect your sleep for longer that you would expect. In reality, caffeine could remain in your body for hours and make you feel energized even it is night.

In order to get better health, you also need to aware the benefits of each type of foods, so, I recommend you should read the instructions in this high-calories foods guide and the most delicious paleo recipes book to broaden your knowledge about food.

 4. Chocolate

Some of you might aware that consuming coffee and strong tea will not beneficial for your sleep, but you might not know that chocolate also sabotages your sleep. Dark chocolate, in particular, could have as much caffeine as a soda or coffee. Therefore, if you would not drink one cup of coffee close to bed, you also should not indulge in a chocolate bar either.

If you have problems with sleep, you should use doctor recommended sleep support supplements. LUNA Natural Sleep Aid is the best herbal supplement for a good sleep you should use. 

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