How to be more sociable and outgoing at work or in college

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Do you wish to become an outgoing and sociable person? Then, follow my journey to discover how to be more sociable and outgoing at work or in college, be more comfortable around people, and become the person you want to be now!

How To Be More Sociable And Outgoing At Work Or In College

1. Provide You With A Good Mood 

Actually, people tend to be much more responsive to those who are happy. Smile is really useful for you in daily life. It is better for you to smile more when meeting other people. It can put them at ease in the conversation, and make the conversation more likely to flow better. A good way to do this is to look at your face in the mirror when you are relaxed. Not frowning, not smiling, just your “normal” face. Then, smile. This can not only change your mouth, but also your whole face. Especially, because of the positive physical changes to the face, smiling naturally will make your mood better; therefore, the energy you give off is different and your body language changes.

how to be more sociable pfogram2. Make It Priority

If your social life is bankrupt, in order to make a change, you had better put it on the top of your priority. This means you really need to invest time meeting people, and spend your time with friends. This may be hard for those who are less likely to be outgoing for some reasons. Here are two of them:

  • First, you might not value your social activities as much. In fact, you do not need to spend much time on going bars to make friends, but if you want to be more sociable, you should spend time on being where people are.
  • Second, the energy you put in to be social is not much. Because you are not an outgoing person, so you live a quite life and your social muscles might be not strong. This will lead to uncomfortable if you are going to social events where people seem so effortlessly dynamic and fun while you feel awkward and drained just trying to keep up.

Thus, the solution here is re-evaluating the priorities. If you feel a strong circle of friends meaningful for you, then your time needs to reflect it. Also, you should not worry about lack of energy condition mentioned above. Go to the gym, you will build social muscles. As a result, what might drain you out initially will be fun and relaxed later.

how to be more sociable and outgoing

3. Be Friendly, Not Cool

You can read so many tips on being cool on the Internet. The majority of them are associated with flirting and picking up women. That content can be useful for someone. Yet, I think those people who try to be cool often are not cool.

In reality, social skills seem to be an unconscious process. The only manner you can get rid of the feelings of awkward is to get used to the social standards of the people who you are meeting. The effort of making fake confidence or projecting a false attitude may be transparent.

The solution of this case is to apply the regulation: treat others like how you want to be treated. If you want others to be friendly and nice to you, just do similarly. Once you get used of this attitude, it does not take much time from you to recognize that the cool ones are not stand-offish or arrogant. It is necessary for you to breed a habit of friendliness. By this way, you can improve your social skills.

In addition to these useful tips, if you are looking for other easy tips for becoming more sociable and outgoing in college or workplace, you should read the How To Become More Sociable book.

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