Get to know natural cure for dry eyes with the most effective tips for battling dry eye naturally

If you are suffering from uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye syndrome, like irritation, itching, burning, and blurred vision, or just simply want to prevent this problem, then you had better change your everyday habits. This article is designed to help people get rid of symptoms of dry eyes as well as prevent dry eyes syndrome effectively. Check out all of natural cure for dry eyes now!

I. Natural Cure For Dry Eyes – Tips To Prevent Dry Eyes

1. Avoid Getting Dry Eyes From The Computer

  • Take a break from your computer: as being in front of computer from day to day can take a serious tool for your own eyes. Therefore, taking a break from your computer screen for just one minute can help people let their eyes restore naturally.
  • 10-10-10: there is a recommendation that every 10 minutes, people should look at object about 10 feet away for 10 seconds so that they can get them adjust to long-distance. By this way, they can get ready when getting off their computer.
  • Adjust screen settings: eye strain usually is resulted from excessively bring light either from outdoor sunlight or from interior lighting. When using computer, people should set the ambient lighting about half as bright as that found in most offices. Also, you should eradicate exterior light by closing drapes, blinds, shades. Then, you can decrease interior lighting by making use of fewer light bulbs as well as fluorescent tubes. If possible, it is good to position your computer screen so that windows are at the side, instead of behind or in front of it.
  • Minimize Glare: actually, glare on walls and finished surfaces, or reflections on the screen of computer may result in computer eye strain, so you can install an anti-glare screen on the monitor. If possible, you could pain bright white walls a darker color with a matte finish. In other words, cover your windows to minimize the amount of light.
  • Change computer screen setting: in fact, adjusting your display settings will reduce eye strain as well as eye fatigue. In general, you can adjust the display’s brightness so it will be similar to the brightness of the surroundings.
  • Text contrast and size: as recommendation, adjust your text size and contrast for comfort, particularly when reading, typing long documents. Also, use black print and white background in order to create good combination, leading the comfort of your eyes.
  • Blink often: did you know that blinking is so important when working at the computer? It is because blinking could moisten the eyes for preventing dryness and irritation. Tears coating your eyes evaporate more quickly during non-blinking phases. This could lead to dry eyes. Moreover, the air in most office environment is so dry, increasing how rapidly the eyes evaporate, placing people at the higher risk of dry eye syndromes.

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2. Use Lubricating Eye Drops

In fact, over-the-counter eye drops are considered as artificial tears which can relieve your dry eye. You had better look for the types of eye drops without preservatives, which can irritate the eyes, and use every several hours.

3. Protect The Eyes From The Wind

In case that you find your eyes dry out due to high winds, go for goggles or glasses with protective side shields. They can be found in a lot of out-door equipment and pharmacies stores.

In simple words, when it the care, you should ensure the flowing air vents are turned away from the face. It is because blasts of air, whether from the air conditioner or heater, could make your dry eyes worse.

And, the same advice is also suitable for the air from the hair dryer. When blow make your own hair drying, you should direct the air away from the face. In case that you still feel your eyes get dry after blow drying, next times, take advantage of artificial tears both before and after drying the hair.

Last, even fans, either oscillating fans or ceiling fans, could also make the condition of dry eyes worse. Consider to use the fans on a lower setting or not using them, if possible.

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4. Alternate Your Contact Lenses With Eyeglasses

If you usually work in the low-humidity environment, then taking advantage of eyeglasses can eases the strain of the dry eyes, which is brought on by extended-wear or daily-wear lenses. When wearing the lenses, make sure that you will use rewetting drops when suffering from dryness.

5. Humidify The House

As the cold air of winter with indoor heat could produce seriously dry environment, especially if the rooms are overheated. By turning down the heat, a home humidifier could decrease the condition of dryness. A humidifier can put more moisture in the air of your home. Obviously, with more moisture in the air, the tears will evaporate more slowly, helping your eyes feel more comfortable. Both air conditioning in the summer and furnaces in the winter can reduce the humidity in the air.

6. Reduce Salt In The Diet

natural cure for dry eyes in dogsThere is another little-known cause of dry eyes which is over consumption of salt. You could test this for yourself, particularly when getting up at night for using your bathroom. If your eyes are dry at that moment, then drinks water or a small coffee size to see if your eyes do not get instant relief. If your eyes do, then you should reduce the salt in the diet as well stay hydrated.

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II. Natural Cure For Dry Eyes – Tips For Healthy Eyes

1. Eat More Eye-Friendly Foods

Though it is rather rare in developed countries, the condition of dry eyes could be caused by a lack of vitamin A. however, maintaining a healthy meal plan which contains an optimal amount of vitamin A could boost the overall eye health. Foods containing high content of vitamin A include sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, cantaloupe, and mango. Or, zeaxanthin and lutein are also considered as other good nutrients for the eyes. Flax seed and oil, or fatty fish and fish oil supplements are so efficient in improving eye health due to their high content of the omega-3 fatty acids which is great for the eyes.

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2. Use Eye Drops On A Regular Basis

 You can use two drops about three of four times every day as a remedy for dry eyes. Some solutions might thicker than others, but all can protect the delicate front surface of the eyes. You should try different solutions and see which one will work best for you. Just beware that the majority of products might lose their effectiveness within an hour after application. However, some individuals might have reactions to the preservatives in these kinds of products. If you are one of them, then you had better go for preservative-free artificial. They are frequently used about four times a day, yet they could be used as often as necessary. Preservative free solutions are recommended in case you want to use tears more than six times a day. But, keep these products refrigerated after opening.

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3. Try Eye Massages

When it comes to natural cure for dry eyes, as recommendation of many eye experts, people should do some simple massage routines:

  • Rub your hands together so they will be warmed up. Then rest the elbows on the table before cupping hands over both eyes, with your heels and palms on cheeks. Then, take some deep breaths before moving the hands higher, and slightly apply light pressure to each of your eyes with heel of palm. You should hold this position for a moment and release.
  • Another routine is to use your thumbs to gently massage the brow, begin with the area between your eyebrows, move toward temples. Doing this action once again, use your fingertips to apply light pressure to the same spots. After finishing the routine, open the eyes wide steadily, and take some relaxing, deep breaths.

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4. Warm Compresses

This method is similar to massage, but warm compresses and eyelid scrubs with the baby shampoo can be helpful for dry eyes because they provide a more stable, thicker lipid layer. This is particularly useful if people have inflammation of their eyelids or problems with the glands in their eyelid which make the lubricant, sebum. This method provides heat for warming up the oil in the glands and boosts its flow more easily. While the massaging action can help the oil out of the glands, the cleansing action reduces the amount of bacteria which break down the oil.

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Dry eye syndromes might be inevitable part of aging, yet, with the array of successful and noninvasive treatments available, yet there is no reason for you as well as others to live with dry eyes. Follow all of the above tips on natural cure for dry eyes so you can minimize the risk of this problem and keep your eyes healthy than ever before.

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    This is a wonderful explication of things to do, and is consistent with my experience and
    all the research I have done, all in one article. I thank you very much for reminding me
    what to do as I am desperate! It is shameful my Dr. has prescribed drops and nothing else…My dry eye is quite severe and is due to meibobian (sp!) gland problems.

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