24 Easy Tips On How To Prevent Greasy Hair Naturally

how to prevent greasy hair

7. Eating Good Fats

A high fat intake will increase the oil on your skin and you will get greasy hair accordingly. However, we cannot stop eating fats due to the greasy hair issue. In fact, fats may be good or bad and another tip on how to prevent greasy hair is to eat good fats such as fats in fatty fish, seeds, and nuts. Good fats function importantly in your body and fat deficiency will affect hair and scalp.

8. Increasing Zinc Intake

Increasing Zinc through diets is a good tip on how to prevent greasy hair. According to a study on the connection between zinc intake and sebum production, published in Dermatology Research and Practice in 2020, zinc could suppress the production of sebum [3]. Therefore, people who get oily hair should increase the amount zinc intake. The best sources of zinc and vitamin B6 are poultry, red meat, and oysters. Likewise, you can find zinc in plant sources such as grains, legumes, oats, and nuts. They are easy to find and cook. So, try to take advantage of those foods if you really want to avoid oily hair.

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9. Reducing Dairy Products

You may get greasy hair problem if you consume too many dairy products. Actually, the influence of dairy products on scalp and hair has an origin from the hormones in milk. The milk in pregnant cow actually can break into the androgens, which leads to oily hair. Dairy products will be found in fermented milk, buttermilk, cream, etc.

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10. Eating Barley

Another useful and simple tip on how to prevent greasy hair is to consume more barley for good. People who suffer from oily hair are supposed to reduce the Glycemic Index. Among the variety of foods, barley is the nutrient-rich food, which is difficult to find in normal markets, but you can find in the food stores in a supermarket. Barley is not high in Glycemic Index (GI) and it will help you prevent oily hair effectively so that it is recommended [4]. Nevertheless, the high amount of carbs contained in barley can cause blood glucose levels and increase the levels of insulin. As a result, you also need to consider your health status if you want to add barley to your diet.  

11. Eating Oatmeal

how to prevent greasy hair - eating oatmeal

Eating oatmeal in the morning will be a smart way to prevent oily hair. Oatmeal is high in zinc and B vitamins. Remember to soak oats for hours before eating them. By this method, you will neutralize phytic acid, which is found in oats and grains. Phytic acid may reduce the ability of absorption of nutrients such as iron, zinc, copper, calcium, and magnesium.

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12. Getting Mushroom

Regarding other ways on how to prevent greasy hair, mushrooms, especially cremini mushrooms are also appreciated. It is high in B vitamins, especially vitamin B2, which can help you forbid and regulate sebum production. Besides, cremini mushrooms provide zinc. As explained, zinc is good in keeping oil at bay. Therefore, you should increase the portion of mushrooms in your meals if you want to stop the oily hair issue.

13. Eating Almonds

Eating almonds is one of the best tips on how to prevent greasy hair. Almonds can be used as a delicious snack, and it can be added into biscuits or cakes. Along with other foods, almond is also known as the great source of vitamin B2. Serve half a cup of almonds will help you prevent sebum production. Moreover, almonds contain vitamin B6, which is healthy fat for your body growth.

14. Use Paprika Powder

This food is rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B2, and B6. Researchers show that by consuming enough vitamin B6 and vitamin B2, your body could fight the sebum production [5]. Greasy hair is becoming the popular hair problem and you will get a thin hair, more scalps, and hair weakness if you, unfortunately, get this issue. Therefore, you are supposed to know how to prevent greasy hair with other remedies.

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15. Choosing Proper Shampoo & Conditioner

Having a proper shampoo for your own hair’s features is important because it has direct effects on your hair. For instance, people who have oily hair should not use heavy conditioners because they can irritate your scalp to produce more oils. Plus, dry shampoo is highly recommended. You may try some cornstarch or baby powder to take care your hair. If your hair is moisturized enough, try to use fewer hair products for greasy hair prevention. Go far away from the hair products that include the moisturizing items. This is, in brief, a very simple yet necessary to know and apply tip on how to prevent greasy hair that you should learn and make use.

All in all, we have shown you various tips on how to prevent greasy hair naturally and effectively. We hope that you can apply them to keep oils at bay and say goodbye to the oily hair. Please let us know if you follow our advice by leaving your feedbacks about the topic. Share with your friends to let them perceive how to prevent greasy hair well. For more information, you are invited to visit our main page Beauty, there are always a variety of topics for you to read.

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