32 Ways On How To Read Female Body Language Of Attraction & Facial Expressions

22. Excitement 


Excitement and passion show happiness and even arousal, for example:

  • When meeting you, she sits up and then tries to become more attentive. It means good to continue communicating.
  • A woman speaks with a passion when talking with you. If you see that her speed of conversation and volume increase slowly, it is a good sign
  • A girl’s facial expressions are animated when she speak – her raised eyebrows and her widened eyes. This is a good facial expression.
  • A girl uses her hand gestures to show points or convey a story. It means a good signal for you.
  • A girl responds with a word or some short answers. It means very bad, so you need to change your dating strategy.

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23. Physical Cues

physical cues

When a girl is attracted by a guy, there are a lot of common physical cues that she will express. These physical cues can be unconscious or conscious. These are positive signs unless she is not making any her eye contact.

Physical cues of women that are good for men to continue flirting women include:

  • A girl gently strokes or twirls her fingers throughout her hair.
  • A woman plays with her jewelry, for example, she touches her necklace or twists her ring.
  • A woman moves her hair back to make an exposition of her neck.
  • A woman runs hands over erogenous zones including collarbone, neck, thighs or wrist.
  • Some women rub their fingers along objects involving the rim or stem of a glass.

Physical cues of women that are bad for men include:

  • Some women continually tap their fingers or usually check their phone. This physical cue can be a signal of nervousness but it is commonly disinterest.

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24.  Attractive And Likeable Behaviors 

attractive and likeable behaviors download

What do men think about “likeable” body language? I will introduce to you some of women’s behaviors, which are likeable and attractive in business, social, and romantic situations. If your girl who you want to date has following behaviors, become self-confident to continue making an approach with her.

  • Smiling
  • Subtle mirroring
  • Having an expressive face
  • Minimal arm crossing
  • Keeping your hands below chin level (if above may be seen as an aggressive or over-animated)
  • Triple head nods to display interest
  • Keeping her hands outside of pockets
  • Leaning towards the other people
  • Intimate eye gazing

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25. Women And Lying 

women and lying

Do you know how to read female body language through the way a woman lies to you? Women and men lie differently, so their motivations for cheating are different.

  • Almost girls often lie less about themselves, however, they lie more to make other people will feel better about themselves. If you know that she is lying to you, it means that she wants you to feel better about herself. This is a good sign for you.
  • Almost men lie to show more interesting, powerful, and successful. In addition, according to some studies on men’s behaviors, reports show that men can lie about themselves 8 times more than they can lie about other people.

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26. Submissiveness And Assertiveness Cues 

submissiveness and assertiveness cues download

  • Some girls use cues of the “submissiveness” to display vulnerability; however, they can employ certain moves for an assertiveness to indicate that they are not pushovers.
  • When a woman plucks her eyebrows higher up her forehead, this will make her look more helpless. Besides, it will cause a hormone release in men’s brain that is connected with defending and protecting the female.
  • Extraordinarily, a limp wrist is a sign of submission that both homosexual men and women tend to do subconsciously when they are in a room with someone they want to seduce. This explains why while women smoke, they hold the cigarette with a wrist exposed and turned out.
  • If a woman wants to be assertive, she can stand with the feet spread further apart. It means that this is a “claiming of territory” or a subconscious cue to the man that she is feeling confident.

You can find out other tips on how to read female body language in the next part of this writing.

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27. Women’s Flirting Behaviors

women’s flirting behaviors

Women and men have totally different courtship behaviors. To learn how to read female body language, you can learn from women’s flirting behaviors to know exactly how and when she is attracting you.  Here are some common behaviors that almost women do (subconsciously and consciously) while trying to charm a man:

  • A woman who is trying to attract a man tends to raise her eyebrows and lower her lids because she is experiencing pleasure.
  • A sideways glance with a raised shoulder can highlight curves as well as roundness of a woman’s female face. This signifies that a woman unconsciously does this when she is trying to flirt the man they want.
  • A woman tosses her hair or touches her neck when flirting – this exposes her armpit that releases her sex hormones, displays the curvature of her neck and highlights her shiny healthy hair.

Thus, this is one of the best tips on how to read female body language and facial expressions that are very useful for those who are trying to approach their own favorite woman and want to learn how to understand the behaviors and expressions of the woman to determine whether or not they will have chance.

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28. Watch Her Facial Expressions

watch her facial expressions download

One of other ways to learn how to read female body language is to watch women’s facial expressions. For most women, their faces become more animated when they are interested in a man. You need to pay attention to women’s eyebrows, their lips, and their eyes to see how they react to the things you are saying. Here are a few things you should keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Fidgety lips: if women chew on their lips when they are thinking or listening, they are drawing attention to their lips, and so it is probably interested.
  • Flared nostrils: when a woman is aroused or interested, her nostrils flares. It is an involuntary response to an excitement, so, you can rather sure that she is genuinely interested if you see her nostrils are flared.
  • Raised eyebrows: when paired with a nod and a smile, women’s raised eyebrows show that they agree with what you are saying. Almost women will raise their eyebrows when making an eye contact to indicate that they really like what they see.
  • Overactive eyelids: If women are batting their eyelashes, they are definitely flirting. If she is interested in you, probably she will blink slightly fast.
  • Dilated pupils: Both females and males’ pupils dilate when they feel interested in a person they are talking to.

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29. Knee Pointing 

knee pointing

This signal is about focus and interest. Just by turning their legs and knees towards a man, women are using their female body language to show a man in which she is actually interested. Women’s outer legs can present a barrier to other people who may intrude.

When women turn their legs and knees towards a person, this signal means that I am focusing on this person. When you see her knees and legs point away, this is a bad sign for you, particularly if her knees and legs are aiming at the door. In a sense, her knees and legs become a barrier to an invitation to others and to the nearby person. The more her legs exposes the more sexual the signal is. If you want to discover other ways on how to read female body language, continue reading this writing.

30. Pay Attention To The Way She Touches Her Hair

pay attention to the way she touches her hair

Another wonderful tip on the list of best tips on how to read female body language of attraction I would like to reveal in this entire article is that you should pay attention to the way the woman in front of you touches her hair. In fact, this is among the best tips for those who really want to learn how to read female body language of attraction.

When woman make gentle movements such as running her fingers through a strand slowly or mindlessly twirling this strand around her fingers are signs that show that she is very interested. If you see her making quick and jerky movements, it means that she is impatient or embarrassed, especially when paired with the wandering eyes. However, quick and jerky movements do not mean that this situation is hopeless.

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31. Learn Female Body Language Signals Through Her Head 

learn female body language signals through her head download

Other way to learn how to read female body language is through the signs of head. For example:

  • Women’s head look around means they are bored with situation/conversation, they think about something else, or they want to get away.
  • If she strokes chin, it means that she are evaluating you.
  • If she yawns, it means she feels bored and tired, or has nothing to do with your situation/conversation
  • Preening: this sign displays someone knows she is attractive. For example, she flicks or strokes her hair or adjusts a collar or/and a tie.
  • Ear tugging: this sign means indecision or possible deception
  • Flushed cheeks means embarrassment: This sign indicates interest in the other people
  • Too much nodding: this sign shows she has lost interest and she may be bored.
  • Nodding: if she has the occasional nod, it is a positive message. It is an indication she is listening and is interested.
  • Dilated pupils: this sign means interested in someone, focused or high on drugs
  • Chewing fingernails: it means nervous or she is not feeling secure.
  • A woman looks you in your eyes without staring – it means she feel confident, and self-assured. If she does not look you in the eyes – it means she is lack of confidence or is being deceptive.
  • Low voice: When she is interested in a man, she will speak in a low voice. This is a sign of aggression, defiance or staring.
  • Gazing: a girl can gaze long enough for a man to notice then she will look away fast. Her mouth can open and her lips slightly wet.
  • High blink rate: this sign means that if she has an interest in a man, she will have an increased blink rate such as nervousness, assessing or has an eye disorder.

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32. Other Body Language Signals You May Be Interesting With 

other body language signals you may be interesting with download

Actually, this is the last but very important out of the most interesting and useful tips on how to read female body language of attraction and facial expressions that I want to reveal in this article. In fact, this is not one but a group of several signs of a woman you should not skip but remember to compare with the real case you are about to experience with one or more women in life.

  • A woman clears throat- it means anxiety
  • A woman makes a backwards move – it means that she wants to escape or reject
  • Women who have a slumped posture – it means they feel bored or low self-esteem/confidence
  • When she directly faces you with open stance – she is interested and you have her attention.
  • When she has open arms – this is a good way to indicate you are approachable
  • Open palms on chest – when a woman uses open palms, which occasionally touch her chest, she is signaling honesty.
  • She takes outward and upward hand movements – this sign conveys a positive and open message.
  • Running hands along legs: this sign means that she really sexually is interested in you or she gets ready to leave

Now, after introducing several simple yet effective tips on how to read female body language of attraction and facial expressions – the fullest list you will ever find, I would like to suggest you and my other readers to do one more thing if possible – reading another article that aims to reveal an entire gathering of tips on how to approach and attract a woman successfully and easily – one of the most common desires among men in the world – the 13 Tips On How To Approach A Woman article. This is actually a wonderful article as it provides males with a lot of tips and techniques that they can make use to approach any woman they want without having to spend too much time, money, and effort or making any terrible mistake after all. These methods and advice are actually very useful and simple to apply so even those men without experiences can make use of them with ease. Therefore, if any man sees the woman he wants to approach, then they just need to read the recommended article above and make use of the tips it revealed to develop a perfect plan to approach the woman and get a date with her with ease. After applying these tips, you just need to apply the tips on how to read female body language and facial expressions to determine the success rate of getting a date with her.

This is the list of the tips on how to read female body language attraction and facial expressions that are proven useful and 100% simple to use to check out the real case so that readers of VKool.com and anyone who also desires to learn about what women think though their behaviors and expressions. You actually do not need to worry if you do not have any experience because you just need to compare these tips to the signs of the girl you are trying to approach in a conversation, and thereby determining the success rate of your own case.

To see all of our writings about topics on women’s dating and men’s dating, go to our main Relationship page. After reading my writing of a collection of 32 tips on how to read female body language attraction and facial expressions, I hope that it helps you understand more about women and find the best dating strategy to attract the woman you want. I also show examples, and pictures that help you understand exactly what female body language is. This post is a part of a series about dating tips and advice. Got a question? Need answers? Leave a comment below. Now are you ready to try planning for your next dates with these 32 ways on how to read female body language?

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