32 Ways On How To Read Female Body Language Of Attraction & Facial Expressions

10. Coy Smile And Look Down

how to read female body language-coy smile and look down

Whenever you see a girl giving you a czoy smile and then immediately look down right after you have caught her glancing at you quickly, you can confidently confirm that this girl is attracted to you. This is one of the most important and interesting female body language signs of attraction that is mostly overlooked and makes men confused as they usually do not understand that the way of flirting that women prefer is by communicating their emotions of attraction subtly through some certain signs of body language. The best response for this type of woman with these female body language signs of attraction is that men should try to say something short and playful to the woman, associated with some “naughty” body language manners that is all about turning the whole body away from her for just a second and then turn back to flirt with her.

For instance, you can say something like: ‘You do not need to pretend to be shy when flirting with me as I can realize everything.’ Right away after saying this, you should turn your body away from that woman for just a few seconds and then start to smile and look over your shoulder playfully. By the time you turn back around to face the woman one more time, she will probably start chasing you.

In fact, this is also among the simplest yet most interesting tips on how to read female body language attraction and facial expressions that people should learn as it will be true for every case.

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11. The Hair Toss

In fact, the human body is rather hairless. There are no other mammals that are hairless as human beings, not mention to reptiles, fish, and bird. Flowing, long hair is always a sign of feminine health and sexuality, and child-bearing capability. A woman who tosses her hair is implying, “look at me. I feel confident, happy, and healthy.”

12. The Lip Nibble

how to read female body language

When it comes to learning how to read female body language, this is one of the most concerned. Men love this body language from women. The reasons behind it are still secret. In reality, there is nothing similar to action of nibbling the lower lip to subconsciously give a guy a pure infection of testosterone. Gently gripped by teeth, the human lower lip is sensual allowed to slip away. If a girl does this body language well without her awareness, she could drive a guy down to his knees. Yet, if it is not done well, it will become a parody. And, strangely, this body language sign is considered as a sexual signal between lesbians.

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13. The Hair Flick

how to read female body language

Learning how to read female body language is never easy. With a girl, twirling or flicking her hair is a favorite gesture of flirting. The common explanation for this action is that it is a casual manner to expose her neck – a famous erogenous zone. On the other hand, it is explained that by flicking the hair, that girl is driving attention to her glowing and healthy hair.

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14. The Neck Stroke

how to read female body language

The neck is considered as one of the most sensitive as well as erogenous zones of a woman, touching it will attract the attention of the opposite sex. So, why does it happen? Apparently, guys are naturally attracted to smooth soft skin of a girl and neck is among the most socially acceptable to show off. Soft, smooth skin is a strong indicator of both health and youth – important factors when a guy is hunting an ideal partner. Also, the neck is a super sensitive body part; touching it will stimulate a soothing, loving and gentle sensation. Still doubt? Try it own.

15. Object Touching Or Stroking

how to read female body language

It is believed that people usually transfer their inner feelings and emotions to the external objects. Thus, by stroking a wine glass’ stem, a girl is making use of her body language to imply “Stroke me”. In other cases, by running the pen across the lips, that girl is implying, “kiss me.” Actually, these signals should not be misunderstood with those “agitation” gestures which indicate that the girl would be somewhere else. Maybe, the difference lies in the speed of performing the action. Sensual and slow is good – “jerky” and “fast” is not. Table ornaments, wine glasses, pens, sun glasses, and other common objects are often used for toying.

This is also one of the best and most interesting tips on how to read female body language attraction that people can consider making use if they are looking for having a successful approach to the woman you want.

16. Womb Gesture

womb gesture

The way that a girl wearing an average pair of jeans places the hands is really a turn-on for many guys. Perhaps, the reason is that her hands are creating the symbol image for her Vagina. She might imply that, “I want you to notice. This body part of mine is available for you – my Mr. Right.” However, sometimes, it is mistaken for the male gesture.

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17. Proximity And Positioning

how to read female body language - proximity and positioning

  • If a woman stays or even moves closer when a man is moving closer to her, this is a good sign for this man
  • A woman moves further away when a man moves closer to her. This is a bad signal for this man, and it means that she does not want to make the acquaintance with him.
  • A woman displays an open body language to a man – for example, she turns and faces towards this man with their uncrossed arms. It means good for him.
  • A girl displays a closed body language to a man – for example, she will turn and face away from this man and cross her arms. It means bad for him.
  • A girl leans into a man while listening or talking. It means good for this man to begin planning a date.
  • A girl moves or lets a boy moves into each other’s intimate/personal zones. This means that she likes to be kissed.

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18. Smiling And Laughter

smiling and laughter

The way that women smile also helps you learn how to read female body language. Laughing and smiles are natural indicators of approval and interest. For example:

  • A girl smiles often while she talks to you. This is a good signal for you
  • A girl never or rarely smiles while she talks to you. This is a bad sign for you
  • When talking to you, she has an angry, upset, or cold expression. It means bad
  • A woman laughs when you are saying something humorous or teasing her. It means good
  • A woman laughs even while you are saying something that is not funny. It means good

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19. Eye Contact

eye contact

  • A regular eye contact will demonstrate attention as well as engagement. For example, a woman makes an eye contact and smiles with you from afar. This is a good sign
  • A woman looks away or down anxiously while smiling when a man holds an eye contact with her from afar. It means good.
  • When a girl makes repeated an eye contact and then smiles from afar, this will be a clear “approach me” signal.
  • If you see a woman holds a consistent eye contact when she talks to you, you can make sure that it is a good sign.
  • If a woman breaks her eye contact often, anxiously looks around, or makes a little of eye contact, you should understand that it is a bad sign for you.

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20. Look For Mirrored Movements 

look for mirrored movements download

Almost of women who are interested in a man will mirror your movements subconsciously. This sign will show that you and she are in harmony and can lead to increasing intimacy in your relationship with her. That is the reason why dancing is known as an intimate or sexy form of expression – it will force you to mirror movementseach other.

In other words, mirroring is women’s unconscious response where they mimic the actions of people they like. However, the lack of mirroring cannot indicate the lack of attraction.

  • If you take a sip from your drinking and then she instantly follows. This is a good sign
  • When you lean back again a bar or wall, if you see that she does the same, it means good to get an approach.
  • If you turn your body towards a girl and she faces you, it means good to start a communication.

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21. Physical Contact

physical contact download

If you want to know how to read female body language, you can learn through the meaning of women’s physical contact. Physical contact is the strongest way to join with other people and show intention. Many studies have shown that the physical contact can establish affection, trust, and attraction. For example,

  • A woman allows you to keep your leg or hand on her. It means good
  • A woman touches you on her own (playful shove, light brush, and leg against yours) it means good
  • A woman pushes you off or pulls away as you touch her. It is a bad sign
  • A woman keeps talking, smiling, and her body and mind looks relaxed when you are touching her. This will be a good signal for you to continue chatting
  • A girl frowns or looks pissed off while you are touching her. This is a bad sign for you and you need to stop what you are doing with her.

Keeping reading this writing to know other ways on how to read female body language

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