25 Natural Home Remedies For Leg Cramps You Should Know

natural home remedies for leg cramps

Cramps are the contractions of muscles that you usually get on feet or legs. Leg cramps during pregnancy is very common and it can be caused by many reason including extra weight, carrying heavy things, or some veins, etc. If you work hard, you also can get leg cramps or it can be caused by lack of nutrients, vitamins like vitamin B6. In order to help pregnant women reduce discomfort from leg camps, today VKool.com will show you top 25 natural home remedies for leg cramps with a hope that you will get ease while sleeping, working during pregnancy. Now keep reading the article and enjoy your wonderful time.

Top 25 Natural Home Remedies For Leg Cramps You Should Know

If you get a sudden pain in leg muscles, you can get leg cramps. This problem happens more in pregnant women, especially in last semester of pregnant time. Your muscles might get tight and you will feel painful in toes, feet. Instead of using drugs, which is not recommended for pregnant women, you can try the following 9 natural home remedies for leg cramps and you will feel comfortable during pregnancy. They are:

Now are you ready to discover what the remedies are?

1. Epsom Salt

home remedies for leg cramps - epsom salt

The first of top 25 home remedies for leg cramps is to apply Epsom salt. Thanks to the magnesium content in it, Epsom salt will be capable of promoting muscle relaxation as well as stimulating the healing process.

  • You simply add 2 cups of Epsom salt in the bathtub filled with lukewarm water.
  • You stir them well and then soak yourself in this bathtub for 20 to 25 minutes.
  • You should usually apply this solution 2 or 3 times per week and ease pain caused by this problem. You can apply this on the next day if required.

Note: Epsom salt is not recommended to apply for those who suffer from heart conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

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2. Yellow Mustard

home remedies for leg cramps - yellow mustard

Yellow mustard can provide you with a quick relief from leg cramps within a few minutes. Yellow mustard has acetic acid which is able to promote the acetylcholine production in your body. Acetylcholine is known as a neurotransmitter which will stimulate muscles in your legs to work well. This, in turn, one of the home remedies for leg cramps that helps you to relieve soreness and pain.

  • You simply prepare 1 teaspoon of yellow mustard and then consume it well along with 1 cup of warm milk.
  • Keep consuming this every day until you see an improvement in your legs.

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3. Wintergreen Oil

home remedies for leg cramps - wintergreen oil

Another of top 25 effective home remedies for leg cramps is to use wintergreen oil. In fact, wintergreen oil can be easily found available in the market. This oil has a compound named methyl salicylate that can work as a strong pain reliever and have the ability to stimulate the blood flow.

To get the pain relieving properties content in this oil, you just mix 2 teaspoons of wintergreen oil together with 8 teaspoons of any types of vegetable oil and then use this oil mixture to gently massage your affected area. You should apply this oil mixture a few times daily to get a quick relief.

4. Blackstrap Molasses

home remedies for leg cramps - blackstrap molasses

If you are suffering from leg cramps related to potassium and calcium deficiency, you can use blackstrap molasses as one of the great home remedies for leg cramps. Blackstrap molasses contains a rich source of potassium and calcium, and hence it will assist you a lot in maintaining strong leg muscles and also keeping cramps at bay.

  • At first, you mix a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses together with 1 glass of warm milk or water and stir well.
  • You drink this mixture to get a quick relief from pain caused due to leg cramps within a few minutes.
  • You can also consume much more this mixture if required on a regular basis to avoid the deficiency of calcium and potassium in the body.

5. Ginger

home remedies for leg cramps - ginger

Ginger can not only make biscuits and tea have a greater and delicious taste but also be used as one of home remedies for leg cramps if you apply it regularly for a long time. The magnesium content in garlic can aid you in treating skin and muscle medicines naturally. It owns several essential oils which will help a lot in improving your blood flow.

Whenever you breathe in vapors, let drink a cup of ginger tea or take a bath with the ginger root extracts to assist in improving the blow flow that will create a warming effect. This, in turn, not only soothes your leg muscles but also delivering much more oxygen to your extremities, thus improving the flow of blood and ensuring a better health and performance.

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6. Drumstick Leaves

home remedies for leg cramps - drumstick leaves

The leaves of drumstick plant can significantly relieve pain and cramps thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties contained in it. Besides the ability to improve the blood flow, drumstick also provides you with plenty of health benefits.

  • You just take some drumstick leaves and then wash them thoroughly.
  • Next, you crush these clean drumstick leaves to extract the drumstick juice.
  • Now, you use this juice to massage gently the affected area.
  • Another option for you is to slightly warm some drumstick leaves and wrap them in a muslin cloth.
  • You tie this muslin cloth around your affected leg area to help relieve pain.

7. Castor Oil

home remedies for leg cramps - castor oil

This is another of top 25 home remedies for leg cramps, which you should follow. Castor oil is loaded with healing properties which will aid you in relaxing your swollen joints as well as curing painful cramps.

  • First of all, you put a bit of castor oil in 1 bowl and then warm it well.
  • Now, you dip a clean cotton cloth in this warm oil and wrap this around your painful area.
  • You have to use a plastic piece for covering it to help avoid oil stains.
  • You should apply it before going to bed.

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8. Turmeric And Alum 

home remedies for leg cramps - turmeric and alum

If you are finding some natural home remedies for leg cramps, turmeric is considered as one of the best choices for you. This herb has potent antiseptic compounds that are used widely as a pain killer while alum is famous for possessing the powerful blood thinning and soothing properties. When you combine turmeric with alum, you will have an effective solution for fighting against leg cramps.

  • At first, you combine the turmeric powder a pinch) with some drops of water.
  • You mix them well and then rub a piece of alum which is found available in the supermarket to this turmeric mixture. You mix them well to have a fine paste. Remember that this mixture has to own the lighter color, compared with the original turmeric powder color.
  • You rub this paste directly over your affected leg area. Avoid using this paste to massage your affected area.
  • You leave it for a while until the paste becomes dry.
  • You should do this process 2 times per day or more within 2 days to eliminate swelling and pain related to muscle cramps.

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9. Drink More Fluids

home remedies for leg cramps - drink more fluids

In fact, dehydration is known as one of the main reasons which contribute to causing leg cramps in both non-athletic and athletic people. Hence, you can rehydrate your body to help in quickly solving this problem. You should immediately drink 1 to 2 glasses of water once you suffer from cramps. Besides, you have to be sure that you drink an adequate of water during your day to keep cramps at bay.

If you have a tendency to have muscle cramps during you do exercise, you should consume water 2 hours before you have exercise session or at regular breaks while you do exercise.

Apart from drinking water, you have to consume more fruits and vegetables containing water to decrease the risk of dehydration as well as prevent leg cramps.

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10. Rosemary

home remedies for leg cramps - rosemary

Rosemary, in fact, is comprised of anti-inflammatory properties which can aid in calming the inflamed muscle tissue as well as reducing soreness and pain. Besides, this herb also owns a warming effect promoting relaxation. In addition, rosemary is beneficial in speeding up the healing time as rosemary can easily be absorbed through your skin. Here are two simple ways with rosemary in the list of top 25 home remedies for leg cramps, which you can follow:

  • At first, you put the rosemary leaves to fill half a one-pint jar.
  • Then you fill this jar with hot water and steep this for 30 minutes.
  • After that, you dip a washcloth into this warm water and directly put it on your affected leg area for 12 to 15 minutes.
  • When your pain leg has an improvement, you remove this washcloth and apply a cold compress in this.
  • Or you can add 1 or 2 teaspoons of rosemary (dried) to a cup of boiled water.
  • You let this steep for about 8 to 10 minutes and strain the water.
  • You drink this rosemary tea 2 or 3 times on a daily basis.

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11. Cayenne Pepper

home remedies for leg cramps - cayenne pepper

You can also use cayenne pepper as one of the natural home remedies for leg cramps. Cayenne pepper is loaded with natural powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. These compounds, in fact, are very useful for easing the pain and inflammation caused due to cramps in your legs.

To apply this, you just mix some teaspoons of cayenne pepper powder with plain water and then consume this mixture to remove this problem completely.

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12. Aloe Vera Juice

home remedies for leg cramps - aloe vera juice

Aloe Vera juice can help you a lot in getting rid of leg cramps naturally and effectively. The juice of aloe Vera is very beneficial for the muscle health and considering as one of home remedies for leg cramps. In fact, aloe Vera possesses anti-inflammatory properties which are capable of providing you with a relief from the leg cramp symptoms.

Therefore, experts recommend that people suffering from leg cramps should prepare the aloe Vera juice by mixing the aloe Vera gel with water and consume it every day to aid in treating this problem quickly.

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13. Clove Oil

home remedies for leg cramps - clove oil

Another of top 25 natural home remedies for leg cramps is to apply clove oil. Clove oil contains a lot of anti-inflammatory properties which will help you a lot to decrease muscle cramp swelling and inflammation. In addition, this oil has an anesthetic property that has the ability to alleviate pain.

  • First of all, you slightly heat a bit of clove oil until it becomes warm.
  • Then you rub this warm oil on your affected leg area.
  • You should use firm strokes to gently massage your painful area for 5 minutes.
  • You can reapply this process whenever you need.

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14. Apple Cider Vinegar

home remedies for leg cramps - apple cider vinegar

Thanks to having a high source of potassium, unfiltered and raw apple cider vinegar will help you to reduce muscle cramps on legs because one of the common reasons causing frequent leg cramps is the deficiency of potassium. In addition, apple cider vinegar possesses several nutrients helping to control the balance of fluid in your body, thus keeping dehydration at bay.

  • You simply dilute a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar in 1 cup of warm water and consume this tonic once per day to protect your body from muscle cramps.
  • Besides, in order to keep nocturnal leg cramps at bay, you may mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of calcium lactate.
  • You put the ingredient mixture in half a glass of warm water and stir them well.
  • Now, you drink this every day 30 minutes before you go to sleep.

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15. Turmeric

home remedies for leg cramps - turmeric

Turmeric is very famous for owning many therapeutic properties, which is the reason why this herb is helpful for keeping leg cramps at bay. Besides, turmeric is also very beneficial in curing the frequent appearance of leg cramps. It is comprised of an anti-inflammatory effect that will decrease the pain and inflammation in your legs.

  • You firstly mix some drops of virgin coconut oil with 2 tablespoons of turmeric powder in a bowl until you get a thick paste.
  • You rub this turmeric paste on your painful leg to quickly relieve pain.
  • Or you can have an intake of turmeric capsules to stimulate the healing process.
  • Besides, experts advise people suffering from leg cramps to consume the mixture of warm milk and turmeric powder every day to eliminate the problems related to leg cramps.

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16. Vitamin E

home remedies for leg cramps - vitamin e

Vitamin E has been known as a reason causing muscle and leg cramps. That is why many sports enthusiasts and athletes always have to ensure a diet of enough vitamin E. Recent reports concluded that people having an intake of enough vitamin E had a decrease of frequent appearance of leg cramps, compared to others not taking enough this vitamin.

Hence, you should consume much more foods containing vitamin E, including spinach, nuts, tofu, shellfish, sunflower seeds, fish, avocados, squash, plant oils, broccoli, and pumpkins to ensure an adequate of vitamin E for your body.

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17. Stretch Your Legs 

home remedies for leg cramps

Leg cramp is so bad and it can make you feel stressed all the time. If you want to tighten your muscles when getting leg cramps, you can try to get up, move around and stretch your legs gently. Simply, you sit on the ground, reach your toes, and flex them as much as you can. Stretching will loosen and lengthen your muscles, which will prevent leg cramps effectively. This exercise is also useful before you going to sleep. Try it and you will have a better sleep at night.

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18. Avoid Standing So Long 

home remedies for leg cramps

If possible, you should sit down for a while when standing for so long. Standing in a place for long period of time can put pressure on foot and it will affect your blood flow. As the result, try to reduce circulation in legs by sitting down for some times as one of home remedies for leg cramps. If you work at the office, you should move around for some times and take some healthy drinks for a short break.

19. Massage Your Legs 

home remedies for leg cramps

Try to massage your legs whenever you feel painful. When relaxing your legs, you can use some essential oils such as lavender oil, grape seed oil. Using this solution, you will have chance to reduce inflammation, spasms, and discomfort from cramps. If you are busy in day time, you can try to massage your legs with oil before going to bed. By the way, you will feel comfortable while sleeping during pregnancy.

20. Relax 

Do not feel tired all the time! Relaxation is one of the simplest home remedies for leg cramps you have to do every day. Actually, overworking will increase the leg problem and your legs do not have time to sleep or relax. Particularly, you should limit working when you have to stand for a long time. At home, you should try to relax by reading some books, listening to music, or bathing warm water before going to bed. Massage your legs before bedtime is also a great idea.

21. Walk Every Day 

home remedies for leg cramps

If you get pregnant and you cannot do heavy exercises, walking around you house will be a good idea for you and your baby. Especially, walking every day will reduce risk of getting leg cramps. However, you should not do it over because walking too much will cause your leg cramps worse. Take some short walking after meal or in the afternoon is so useful for your health.

22. Acupressure 

home remedies for leg cramps

Acupressure is a useful therapy to relieve leg cramps and many athletes use this treatment and it is great like other home remedies for leg cramps they experience. This remedy can help you relax well after work. You pinch the bottom of lip between forefinger and thumb, squeeze it for 30 seconds, this point will reduce leg cramp severity and its duration effectively that you have not expected before.

23. Heat And Cold Compress 

home remedies for leg cramps

Heat and cold compress are excellent home remedies for leg cramps. It is a helpful way of healing leg cramps that many pregnant women can do easily at home. This way will reduce pain from cramps and relax your muscles. Specifically, you wrap a cloth or a soft towel around the ice cubes, apply the ices to the affected area and relax. You also can soak the towel into warm water and apply it into the affected region to reduce pain.

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24. Increase Magnesium Intake 

home remedies for leg cramps

Magnesium is very important vitamin as it has many benefits including improving bone, preventing diabetes, and reducing risk of heart disease. Vitamin deficiency will make your body weak and your baby also not strong as you want. Magnesium can regulate function soft muscles and nerve, levels of blood sugar, blood pressure. As the result, you should increase magnesium intake through daily meals. Magnesium rich foods are almonds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, spinach, cashews, soymilk, black beans, oatmeal, broccoli, peanut butter, shrimp, kidney beans, banana, bread, etc.

25. Add Potassium

home remedies for leg cramps

While magnesium is necessary for your bone growth, potassium is also vital for reduction of leg cramps. This vitamin will help you improve muscles and it is found in many foods and you can take them every day. Some of the useful ingredients you can eat are potato, avocado, cantaloupe, mushrooms, tomatoes, banana, spinach, yogurt, pear, mango, orange, pistachios, raisins, and so on.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips that you can follow to help in treating leg cramps more quickly:

  • Have a rest after and before you do exercise, which will aid your muscles in recovering and preventing cramping.
  • If you often suffer from leg cramps at night, you should wear thin socks when going to bed to stimulate the smooth blood flow. Besides, you should prop the knees up with the help of a pillow while you lie in bed.
  • You may also consume 1 glass of warm milk every day before the bedtime.
  • To keep leg cramping at bay during the winter, you have to wear enough clothes to keep the muscles warm.

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After reading the writing about 25 natural home remedies for leg cramps, I hope that you have found some useful information to relieve pain or discomfort from the problem and you will enjoy special time with future baby during pregnancy. This article is for informational purpose only, so you should go to see the doctor immediately if you cannot get better effect from those home remedies. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon. Also, if you have any others home remedies for leg cramps, let share your experience with us.

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