17 Ways on how to get rid of termites naturally in house

Termites are pests that often live in colonies and also feed on cellulose, which is found in wood and plants. With many feeding on the same source of “food”, they may surely destroy anything.

In fact, we all want to get rid of them out of our houses as quickly as possible. However, before taking ways to destroy them, it is important to understand a few basic facts.

Generally, there will be five types of termites: dampwood, drywood, formosan, subterranean, and conehead termites. Irrespective of the location, all or any of these can be found in your house.

However, the most common type is the drywood termite feeding on wooden objects. Although subterranean termites often make their mounds outside, they may still enter into your house through an extensive tunnel from underneath.

There are a few warning signs that termites can have entered your house.

  • If you find bubbled and cracked paint on the wall, termites can be eating the interior of your structure and have reached surface or coating of the paint.
  • Whenever solid wood sounds hollow (you can tap on it and it will create a slight echo), termites can be feeding upon the cellulose inside it.

As you know, termites are not a seasonal pest. They may invade at any period of the year. Therefore, you should be ready to have a pest-control plan in order to address an infestation.

In this writing, VKool.com will show to you top 17 ways on how to get rid of termites naturally in the house without any side effect. This article listed the best methods to remove termites from reliable sources. It will be better if you have professional help to deal with this problem. In the meantime, however, you may try some ways at your house to help control this infestation. Continue reading this article to understand more!

Top 17 Ways On How To Get Rid Of Termites Naturally In Your House

1. Eliminate Moisture Problems

how to get rid of termites - eliminate moisture problems

  • Grade or pull the ground near to the foundation so that surface water can drain out from the building.
  • Avoid moisture accumulation near to the foundation. Divert water with properly clean downspouts, splash blocks, and gutters.
  • Promptly repair leaking faucets, air conditioning units, and water pipes.
  • Seal the entry points around water and utility pipes or lines.
  • Provide proper ventilation in basement and crawl space to remove moisture (e.g., remove any vegetation covering the ventilation and enhance cross ventilation, etc.)

2. Freeze!

how to get rid of termites - freeze

If you want to learn how to get rid of termites naturally in house, you should not skip the way below. If the pieces of furniture are quite small and you may have a large enough refrigerator to accommodate it. Therefore, you should consider to getting rid of the termite infestation by placing the items in the freezer.

You put the furniture in a sealable garbage bag. Then, you leave it in your freezer for about 2 weeks. When you take the item out from the freezer, you allow it to sit in the bag for another 2 days to prevent moisture from developing onto the wood because it will return to room temperature.

However, if the item is too large to place into the freezer, you can remove the infested pieces, like chair legs or drawers, and give them the cold way separately.

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3. Termite Bombs

how to get rid of termites - termite bombs

In fact, pesticide fogger is often called as termite bombs. This is a pressurized can, which has liquid pesticide and can release it in the form of fog that can settle down upon the exposed surfaces. Whenever the termites contact with this liquid, then they die immediately. Nevertheless, these termite bombs do not have the capacity to penetrate into the wood or some other cellulose surfaces. It may be used in this problem as a termite control method.

Note: Inhaling and ingesting these insecticides are harmful to both animals and humans. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to keep off the children and pets from these products; and during using them you have to wear gloves and mask.

4. Wet Cardboard Trap

how to get rid of termites - wet cardboard trap

Another non-toxic way on how to get rid of termites naturally in house is to use a wet cardboard trap. Cardboard contains cellulose that the termites feed on. It is proven that these pests are irresistible the smell of wood of wet cardboard.


  • Firstly, you wet down a few corrugated cardboard boxes.
  • Then, you place them near to the areas where you have a suspicion a termite infestation.
  • Whenever you find termites that colonize and feed on the boxes, you remove the boxes and burn them.

5. Boric Acid Powder And Water

how to get rid of termites - boric acid powder and water

Being a kind of insecticide, boric acid can damage the nervous system of these pests and kill them certainly. Therefore, you should not pass this way if you want to learn how to get rid of termites naturally in house.


  • Boric acid powder – 1 part
  • Water – 2 parts
  • A paint brush


  • At first, you mix water with boric acid powder together.
  • Then, you apply it onto the wooden surface by using the paint brush.
  • Or, you can also use this solution for your garden and rooms.

Note: You should wear masks and gloves when handling boric acid because inhale or intake of boric acid is very dangerous for human beings.

6. Neem Oil

how to get rid of termites - neem oil

Although using neem oil does not work quickly, it is a non-toxic and safe way on how to get rid of termites naturally in house. It can act as a growth regulator of the insects and prevent them from molting that will result in their death. In addition, it can even cause termites to stop eating as well as laying eggs.

Neem oil may kill termites effectively, but only when they contact directly with this oil.


  • Neem oil – a few drops
  • A cotton ball


  • Firstly, you put neem oil onto the cotton ball.
  • Then, you apply it generously onto the infested furniture and some other areas. These termites will ingest the oil and ultimately die.
  • You may reapply the oil for several times until they are eliminated completely.

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7. Diatomaceous Earth

how to get rid of termites - diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth may solve various pest problems, including the termite infestation. In addition, it will also prevent drywood and subterranean termites from infesting your house.

Diatomaceous earth will abrade the termites’ outer shells, which cause them to dry and die.


  • Diatomaceous earth


  • Simply, you sprinkle the diatomaceous earth onto the infested areas with a thin layer.
  • You may repeat this way for once daily till the termites are gone.
  • In addition, you should also spread the garden-grade diatomaceous earth around your house’s foundation wall and some other areas where there is an ability of infestation.

Note: You have to wear a mask while handling diatomaceous earth.

8. White Vinegar

how to get rid of termites - white vinegar

Another effective way in the list of top 17 ways on how to get rid of termites naturally in small areas is to white vinegar. The mixture of white vinegar and lemon juice will seep in the holes and cracks and kill the termites.


  • White vinegar – ½ cup
  • Lemons – 2
  • A spray bottle


  • Firstly, you extract the juice from two lemons.
  • Then, you mix white vinegar and lemon juice together.
  • Next, you pour the mixture into the spray bottle.
  • Finally, you spray this mixture on any area wherever you see termites.
  • You may repeat this way for twice per day for a few days.

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9. Salt And Warm Water

how to get rid of termites - salt and warm water

To get rid of these tiny creatures, using salt is also a very effective way. Moreover, it can also keep termites at bay, which will prevent further infestation.


  • Salt – 1 part
  • Warm water – 1 part
  • A syringe


  • Firstly, you add warm water with salt in a bowl.
  • Then, you stir them thoroughly until the salt is dissolved.
  • Next, you pour this solution into a syringe.
  • Finally, you inject it into these termite entry points and pour a little solution around entry points.
  • You should repeat this way for one time per day for several days.

If you want to know more ways on how to get rid of termites naturally in house, you should continue reading the next part of this article.

10. Expose Termites To The Sunlight

how to get rid of termites - expose termites to the sunlight

Termites are very susceptible to sunlight and then die off whenever exposed to the harsh ultraviolet rays. Exposing them to the sunlight is a great way for removing termites from your furniture or other items that can be put outside in the sun.


  • Simply, you place your infested furniture under the sunlight directly.
  • You should try to keep your furniture in the sunlight for 3 to 5 days.

11. Orange Oil

how to get rid of termites - orange oil

Orange oil has d-limonene, an active compound killing drywood termites on contact. Therefore, it is another effective way on how to get rid of termites, especially drywood termites that have infested limited regions.


  • Orange oil


  • You just apply orange oil onto the surfaces where you find out the drywood termites.
  • You may reapply the oil for a few days.
  • Or, you may also drill small holes on the infested surface and then inject this oil into these hollow spaces. You should inject the oil again for several days, depending upon the severity of this infestation.

Note: You do not consume this oil because it is so injurious to your health.

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12. Borax (Sodium Borate)

how to get rid of termites - borax (sodium borate)

Borax can help to kill subterranean termites effectively. It may shut down the nervous system of them and dehydrate them.

Way 1:

  • You coat infested areas with borax powder. You should repeat this way every other day for one week to make sure that the entire colony is exterminated.

Way 2: Borax powder and hot water


  • Borax powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Hot water – 8-ounce cup
  • A spray bottle


  • Firstly, you dissolve the borax powder into the cup of hot water.
  • Then, you pour this solution into the spray bottle.
  • Finally, you spray this borax mixture into wood surfaces.
  • You may do this way regularly to deter termites as well as prevent an infestation.

13. Soapy Water

how to get rid of termites - soapy water

A soapy water solution is considered as a helpful way on how to get rid of termites easily in house. It will form an impermeable seal onto the outer shells of termites. This destroys the respiratory system of them and ultimately they die.


  • Liquid dish soap – 2 tablespoons
  • Water – 4 cups
  • A spray bottle


  • Firstly, you mix the liquid dish soap into the cups of water.
  • Then, you put this mixture into the spray bottle.
  • Finally, you spray the mixture on any affected wood as well as other infested areas.
  • You should repeat this way a few times per day until you are completely satisfied with the result.

14. Cayenne Pepper And Vegetable Oil

how to get rid of termites - cayenne pepper and vegetable oil

For small and localized areas where are infested with the woody termites, you may try cayenne pepper because it helps to kill these pests.

Way 1: Cayenne pepper powder


  • Cayenne pepper powder – a big amount


  • You just sprinkle cayenne pepper powder on small infested areas evenly.
  • You can repeat this way for a few days till the termites are gone.

Way 2: Cayenne pepper and vegetable oil


  • Cayenne pepper – 1 part
  • Vegetable oil – enough to make a paste


  • Firstly, you mix cayenne pepper with light vegetable oil to make a paste.
  • Then, you apply this paste onto vertical spots.
  • You may do this way for once daily for several days.

15. Aloe Vera Gel

how to get rid of termites - aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is said that it has the ability to kill the termites when they contact with it directly.

To make this solution, you may follow the directions below.


  • Aloe vera leaf
  • Water
  • A mist sprayer


  • Firstly, you crush the entire aloe vera leaf and store it into a container that is filled with water.
  • Whenever required, you take the crushed aloe and water at the ratio of 1:5.
  • Then, you mix them properly and spritz this mixture on the infested areas by using the mist sprayer.

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Additional Tips

  • You have to remove wood, mulch, lumber, and paper debris near to your house’s foundation because they may be a source of food of termites.
  • You should inspect regularly your fencing, decking, and other wood components for early signs of termites.
  • If you find cracks on the wall or at a few sites where utilities pass the wall, you fill them with cement and caulk to prevent infestation.
  • You can use parasitic nematodes, being worms that feed on all the types of termites and may be very effective in removing these pests.
  • You should remove moisture from your house’s foundation. In addition, you should also keep your downspouts and gutters clean and eliminate standing water on the roof.
  • You have to repair leaking water pipes as well as other plumbing accessories.
  • You may opt for professional help in order to provide a cold or heat treatment to remove these tiny creatures.

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If you want to know more about natural ways for many other diseases and conditions related to your skin and health, go to our main How to page. After reading the article of top 17 ways on how to get rid of termites, hope that you can find out the best solutions to remove termites naturally in house. Nevertheless, the article is only for the informational purpose, thus, you should meet your expert to get advice before applying any natural way. If you have any question, or you know other ways on how to get rid of termites, please leave them below.

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