How to stop hand tremors naturally – 8 useful tips

Hand tremors or called trembling hands, involuntary shaking of hands is known as a difficult conditions that can make our easy activities become more difficult such as holding objects, writing, or other daily activities. It often happens in people at the age of 40 years old or more. The common causes of hand tremors are smoking, fear, anger, and fatigue. Seriously, it can come from stroke, brain tumors, hyperthyroidism, dystonia, hypoglycemia, parkison’s, mental health disorders, alcoholism, addiction of drugs, or even from side effects of certain medications. It includes 3 popular types: postural tremor, static tremor, kinetic tremor. Vision problems, perspiration, unexplained weight loss, weakness, shuffling gait, numbness or tingling, frequent urination, stooped posture are some common symptoms of hand tremors. If you discover the signs of hand tremors, you had better have a healthy test to find out the cause, since then, find out the solution.

8 Tips On How To Stop Hand Tremors Naturally That You Should Know

There are many reasons that cause hand tremors. So if you want to treat hand tremors, you need to know the underlying causes. However, you also use simple home tricks to alleviate the symptoms or control your hand tremors. The following include some home remedies on how to stop hand tremors naturally that you can refer:

1. Yoga:

how to stop hand tremors-yoga

One of the good ways on how to stop hand tremors naturally is to practice yoga or exercises. Depending on your main cause of hand tremors, you can have the different ways to treat. If your hand tremors come from stress, practising yoga is the good way for you that can help you treat hand tremors. Or you can do other exercises like jogging, deep breathing, swimming, walking. All of them can help to lessen your stress levels remarkably, since then, stop hand tremors well.

2. Avoid Alcohol:

how to stop hand tremors-avoid alcohol

There are some foods and beverages that can increase the risk of hand tremors. Alcohol is one of the beverages you need to avoid. Some researches show that excessive alcohol intake can affect on the central nervous system and find that if you drink 3 units of alcohol a day, you can make the risk of developing essential tremor double. And hand tremors in the mornings can be a sign of alcoholism.

3. Stop Caffein Intake: 

how to stop hand tremors-stop caffein intake

All things like coffee, tea and soft drink that contain caffein also should be limited because caffein can help stimulate muscle movements and nerve functions in the body. Besides that, it also contributes to stimulate the brain and release adrenaline. Hence, if you want to minimize hand tremors, you need to avoid all the beverages that contain caffein.

4. Avoid Sugar:

how to stop hand tremors-avoid sugar

Refined sugars can lead to the increase of the blood sugar, since then, cause the insulin imbalance. Refined sugar often appears in cakes, desserts, ice-creams. So if you want to control your hand tremors, you need to avoid these foods that contain refined sugar.

5. Valerian: 

how to stop hand tremors-valerian

Valerian is one of the good herbs that can make your nerves calm, relax, and have good sleeps. The ways to use is very easy. You need to take the root of valerian to grind well and after that, mix it with some water. Leave it on for about 5 minutes before you consume it. This herb is very effective in controlling hand tremors. Some other herbs are also good for hand tremors like lavender, chamomile, teas…

6. Herbs Mixture: 

how to stop hand tremors-herbs mixture

All things you need including 1 part of dandelion root, 1 part of Cayenne pepper, 3 parts of lavender flowers, 2 parts of rosemary leaves, 2 parts of sage leaf. All of these ingredients are grinded to get a mixed powder. You should use ½ teaspoon of this powder for each time and three times a day to control hand tremors. Each of this herb is very good for your hand tremors. Dandelion root can help control muscles and detoxify the body. Sage leaf is a tradition herb for tremors in Europe. Rosemary leaves is also very useful for hand tremors in Europe that can support liver, brain, spleen. So do lavender and cayenne pepper.

7. Supplement Magnesium And Vitamin B1 In Your Diet: 

how to stop hand tremors-supplement magnesium and vitamin b1 in your diet

One of the common causes of hand tremors is low level deficiency of magnesium and vitamin B1. In fact, lack of magnesium can lead to muscle tremors and twitching. More seriously, it also causes some severe diseases like insomnia, severely shaking hands, leg and foot cramps. In addition, vitamin B1 is known to be very essential for metabolism of carbonhydrates and nerve stimulation. Lack of vitamin B1 also leads to hand tremors. So, how to stop hand tremors also include supplementing magnesium and vitamin B1 in your diet in order to make sure that your body is always enough magnesium and vitamin B1. Your hand tremors can be reduced considerably. You can add magnesium and vitamin B1 in your diet by eating the foods that are high in magnesium like dark leafy greens, pumpkins seeds and most nuts….

8. Lemon Balm:

how to stop hand tremors-lemon balm

Lemon balm is one of the useful herbs for treating hand tremors. It can help calm the brain cell activities and useful for nervous tension and anxiety as well as lessen depression and headache. That is why lemon balm is considered as a good herb for treating hand tremors. Especially, it is more effective if you combine with other herbs like valerian.

Here are 8 ways on how to stop hand tremors naturally that we want to share with you. Most of them are very good for you to apply. However, if you use these home remedies and have no benefit, you need to visit your doctor to have health test. In this case, it can be a sign of other severe disease that need treating carefully. If you have any question or idea for this topic, you can write your comment in the following form of this post. We are always glad to see your comment and reply as soon as possible.

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