How To Do Jelqing Exercises Step By Step For Beginners

VI. Pros & Cons Of Jelqing Exercises For Men

pros & cons of jelqing exercises for men

Yes! Before learning how to do jelqing, discover more information about pros and cons of these exercises for men.

1. Pros Of Jelqing Exercise For Men

  • Proven effective – men have reported multi-inch growth
  • Natural form of penis exercise
  • No extra equipment needed
  • Very safe
  • Great for beginners
  • A classic, like the pushup that gets the job done

2. Cons Of Jelqing Exercises For Men

  • Can take time to see results
  • After the beginner stage (about 3 months), more intense exercises are needed to continue to see results

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VII. How To Do Jelqing Safely

how to do jelqing safely

If men follow precautions, like doing warm-up exercises before starting jelq, avoid overtraining and listening to the body cues, then jelqing exercises are completely safe.

Nevertheless, because with any exercise, men may experience less than desirable negative effects if they do jelqing incorrectly, do not overtrain or do not warm-up by doing many reps quickly or doing jelqing at high intensity, before their bodies are ready for intensity level.

Some side effects of doing jelqing incorrectly may include:

  • The Donut Effect
  • The Baseball Bat Effect
  • Discoloration and Red Spots

Safe Jelqing Rules

  • Do warm-ups for several minutes to make sure that you are 50 to 70% erect.
  • Remember to use a lubricant.
  • Never do jelqing while having a full erection as this may damage the penis.
  • Don’t ejaculate while you are jelqing, the OK-grip can prevent a semen discharge.

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VIII. How To Do Jelqing – Jelqing Constituents

Jelqing is simple, yet it takes time to master this exercise and have improvements after several months. Initially, the penis needs to be accustomed to the pressure of exercises and men should build the duration and intensity of the exercise through training time. This can allow for their blood supply to their penis for development and their tissues will be used to the jelqing exercises.

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1. Erection Level

how to do jelqing

The erection level is very important. If you do Jelqing with the too low erection level, the pressure in the progression of stroke will greatly vary. The beginning of stroke will have low pressure, the end of stroke will have higher pressure. This can encourage girth development toward glans and result in the baseball-bat-shape development.

The low erection level men should have is about 40% to 50%. Commonly, the better the erection is the better effect on the girth. Similarly, the lower an erection is, the better effect on the length is. Some gain the length easily, but others just find their girth increases. Jelqing with the erections higher than 80% initially should be avoided.

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2. Grip


Men can perform grip in different ways. However, when applied, there are a few important common factors as follows:

  • Strength: Matching diameter and strength of grip to the erection level in order to avoid pressure changes as stroke progress.
  • Consistency: The grip can be consistent through the stroke. It’s easy to increase as well as rotate the grip subconsciously apart the way throughout a stroke.
  • Beginning at the base: The grip can be attached low down

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3. Angle & Position

angle & position

The upward angle will put a stretching gain into tunica that is hard to stretch than ligaments. Thus, it can be tried to minimize the length gains. The upward angle is linked to the OK grip. It’s not easy to grip closer to the base by using this angle.

On the other hand, the downward angle will allow men to place more and more strain on ligaments. It’s linked to the overhand OK-grip. Many men find this angle easier to achieve the grip closer to the base and better pump effects from the stroke.

4. Stroke


The speed of stroke is very important in jelqing effectiveness. Stroke times of that are less than three seconds won’t give the best improvement. Men can start at a great rate, yet they can increase masturbation speeds when the concentration of this exercise is lost. Timing a stroke rate by counting 1to 1000, 2 to 1000 and 3 to 1000 or timing with a metronome or watch is a good ideal to mane sure that the exercise speed is constant.

IX. Jelqing In Hot Or Warm Water When You Take Bath Or Shower

Trainers and even scientists suggest that exercising in a more challenging environment can give your body more efficiency and benefits. When you are in the water, you may suffer from the increased pressure and resistance of water. You may need more energy to move and do exercises. In the hot or warm water, not only the muscles but also the soft tissues get the benefits. This is the reason why professional swimmers always have a well-informed and lean body.

But how does water benefit the penis size enlargement? Theory and logical studies proved the effectiveness of water in strengthening and increasing the penis size. The heat of water not only affects the molecule movement but also increase the blood capacity of the erectile tissues. As a result, jelqing in hot or warm water results in penis size increase. Moreover, a hot bath or shower can stimulate the blood circulation and blood flow to every part of your whole body. It hydrates and nourishes the skin. Hot water can help to make the tissues and bones more flexible.

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X. Tips To Do Jelqing And Other Penis Exercises

how to do jelqing exercises - tips to do jelqing and other penis exercises

To continue on how to do jelqing and enhance the optimum benefits of jelqing and make sure that oxygen-rich blood can deliver essential nutrients to the penis tissue, it is recommended combining jelqing with other real exercises for penis. It is a great idea if you can do these exercises sequentially. Do one particular exercise for 20 minutes and then follow a jelqing session.

You should start small and increase the time, duration and repetitions of jelqing gradually when you are familiar with jelqing. This tip may give you mental strength to maintain the regularity and prevent you from getting bored of jelqing and giving up.

Like other exercises for other parts of your body, jelqing should include warming up and stretching. In order to make sure that the blood circulation and blood flow to your penis reach full capacity, you need to stand up when you do jelqing.

To boost the efficiency of this exercise, you should shave, wax or trim the pubic hair.

Only you know your endurability and your sexual health; therefore, you need to do this exercise with cautiousness. Overdoing the exercises can result in some unwanted problems.

Before doing jelqing, you should wash your hands as well as your private parts first. Make sure that you do not let anything harmful absorbed into the skin and the private parts. Wetting or lubricating the penis is a great idea. Although some people said that using a lubricate is not necessary, most men who build a regular jelqing routine always lubricate the penis as a preparation before jelqing.

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Bottom line:

In this writing, I’ve shown you an overview about jelqing and how to do jelqing exercises step by step for beginners. Hope that you can get clearer about this sexual exercise for men and perform it correctly.

One more thing, share this article widely if you feel that it is really useful for you and those looking for tips on how to do jelqing exercises at home step by step. If you have any questions to ask, do not hesitate to leave your comments or feedbacks below this article and wait for our replication. As an author of, I promise that  I will answer all questions from readers as soon as possible.

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