How To Make Your Penis Bigger And Stronger Naturally Without Side Effects

4. Ginger


One of the top foods for penis improvement is ginger. If your immune system is weak, ginger is the good choice to improve it. In many manners, this nutrient is very useful, especially, for your current target, increasing your penis health. Ginger can increase blood flow that is good for your penis, it also helps you burn fat very effectively. Moreover, ginger can help you increase blood circulation to your organs. Therefore, you will get a fit body, as well as masculinity.

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5. Cayenne Pepper

how to make your penis bigger - cayenne pepper

Have you ever thought that cayenne pepper is the great source for penis enlargement? While most of the men use this kind of spice for their daily foods, they do not know that cayenne pepper can help them improve penis size. Cayenne pepper increases your metabolism, as well as blood circulation. You can mix the pepper with apple cider vinegar every day; the best time is in the morning. This taste, probably, is not great for you, but you will receive the most benefits from it. If you want to know more about tips and advice from specialists on how to make your penis bigger, continue reading the article.

III. How To Make Your Penis Bigger – Some Tips And Advice From Specialists

If exercise and diet plan do not help you get a penis bigger, you should follow some other ways such as:

1. Turn Up The Heat

Ian Kerner – a sex therapist says that blood flow is crucial if you want to improve your penis size and penis health. When he turned on more and more, he will feel bigger inside.

2. Bring A Toy Into The Bedroom

how to make your penis bigger - bring a toy into the bedroom

Kerner advises that you can try something useful nowadays like We-Vibe to change your penis size. One of the most effective ways is that you can bring the vibrator into your bedroom and certainly, you will feel better. He also says that you can bring any sex toy because they do the same thing for you.

3. Encourage Him To Lay Off The Solo Sex

how to make your penis bigger - encourage him to lay off the solo sex

If a man has not sexed for days, definitely, the blood flow in his penis will be full. When he does it again, he will feel bigger and bigger. Certainly, it is maybe difficult to accept because you cannot require him masturbate if you do not have any explanation. You must explain why he should do that.

Kerner suggests that you can recommend phases like “you are full at the moment –  you should not use computer all days, get it off” or you can turn on the Seinfeld that you can see who you can go with, no need to masturbate. Learn more: Penis Growth Guide

4. Using A Penis Pump

using a penis pump download

According to sexual specialist, in order to enhance your penis size, you can try to use a penis pump when you have sex relation. If you are in a prostate procedure or you have radiation therapy, the penis pump is very useful for you.  This way is very cheap and very effective, for safe, this is one of the best ways for you.

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5. Lose Weight

lose weight download

Do you believe that the fatter you are, the smaller your penis is? If you want to add size for your penis, let lose weight immediately, of course, if you are fat. I can explain simply like this, the pelvic region will be hung over if your body is overweight. Fat in your thighs can make the genitals crowd. If you are obesity, assuredly, you will have a small penis. So you need to burn fat now and add length to your penis because fat is around your penis to limit your penis growing up. If you are overweight for 30 pounds, when you lose weight, you will see the bone through your penis will get smaller and go far away. Dramatically, your penis will be seen bigger and bigger:

  • If you lose weight, you can gather additional inch for your penis (if you are overweight for 30 pounds or over.
  • If you increase your penis appearance, your penis will look bigger and bigger.

6. Trim Extraneous Pubic Hair

how to make your penis bigger - trim extraneous pubic hair

One of the factors that can make your penis shorter is trim extraneous pubic hair. By reducing hair, you can increase the penis sensitivity – according to sexual specialists. If you want to see your penis big, let shave pubic hair. By this way, you can reveal your penis length.

7. Increase Blood Flow To Your Penis (Get An Erection)

how to make your penis bigger - increase blood flow to your penis (get an erection)

Sexual specialists say that the more blood you have that flows to your penis the bigger it will look so exercising regularly will keep your blood flowing. You can do pubococcugeus exercises for your penis to have blood flowing. In addition, by masturbating with or even without ejaculating, you can get sexually stimulated to increase the blood flow to your penis to help make it look bigger.

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After reading my article on how to make your penis bigger & stronger naturally, I hope that it helps you understand more about the basics of your penis, and know how to make it bigger fast without pills or medications. I also show you natural tips and advice from sexual specialists on how to make your penis bigger & stronger naturally without pills. This post is part of a series about sexual health and sexual conditions. Got a question? Need answers? Leave a comment below. Now are you ready to try using these methods to solving your problems?

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