30 Tips On How To Treat Nasal Polyps Naturally At Home

11. Onion And Garlic

how to treat nasal polyps - onion and garlic

Onion and garlic are always the answer to almost all the nose-related problems. If you don’t know how to treat nasal polyps, you can try these ingredients. Containing potent antifungal as well as antibacterial properties, onion and garlic often appear in many homemade remedies for health problems. While onion is very useful in preventing the fungal and bacterial infections, garlic is believed to provide relief from the sinus congestion caused by the inflamed nasal passages [5].

To apply these two ingredients as one of the ways on how to treat nasal polyps, you can boil the onion and garlic in water and inhale the steam or simply strain the liquid and drink the mixture around 2 or 3 times per day to treat the nasal polyps.

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12. Horseradish And Honey

When talking about ways on how to treat nasal polyps, it will be a mistake if horseradish is not mentioned. With the powerful antibacterial properties, horseradish is one of the most effective remedies that have the ability to get rid of any allergen and infection, the main reason leading to nasal polyps. Only a small amount of horseradish can offer the quick relief from nasal polyps and ensure these polyps will not come back anymore in future. However, due to its strong taste and odor, it will be hard for you to use it alone. Honey is suggested to solve this problem. A mixture of grated horseradish and honey with the same effect will be easier to drink. Using it at least twice times a day will give you the expected result.

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13. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is considered as one of the best remedies on how to treat nasal polyps that you should know about. Appraised as a wonderful detoxifying agent, apple cider vinegar will make the mucus and infections, which result in nasal polyps, disappear in a short time. To take the advantages of this vinegar, you can put it into the hot water under the ratio 1:4 and inhale the steam from the mixture. It will help to reduce the pain from nasal congestion. Or, you can create a mixture of 3 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar and 3 tbsp. of honey with a cup of hot water. Drinking this combination twice a day will give you the expected result.

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14. Saline Rinse

The easiest way on how to treat nasal polyps that will be suggested in this article will be the saline rinse. The combination of salt and water can help reduce the inflammation from the inside and also dry up the mucus blocked inside the nasal passageways. The salt in the mixture is also able to slow down the adiponectin (a chemical that makes the inflammation worse) production happening inside the body. You will need about half a tablespoon of salt to make the salt water. Add the salt to a cup of the boiling water and let it cold down. Pour the mixture into a squeeze bottle and use it to rinse the nasal passages.

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15. Drink Enough Fluids, Especially Water

It will be a big mistake if you underrate the importance of water in the nasal polyp treatment. Water is very useful in moistening the mucous membranes, which are responsible for fighting off the allergens. Moreover, if you do not get enough of fluids every day, dehydration will happen and affect all the body, limit the performance of other organs. Therefore, it is important for everyone, not only those want to learn how to treat nasal polyps, to make sure the sufficient amount of water that their body takes in every day for the better health.

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16. Cayenne Pepper

how to treat nasal polyps - cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper can be a favorite spice in many dishes around the world yet it is also one of the best remedies on how to treat nasal polyps that people, especially those are suffering a lot of pain and discomfort, should be aware of.

Coming from the Central America, cayenne pepper possesses the active component named capsaicin, which acts as a pain inhibitor and also work well to reduce the nasal congestion [6]. A study in 2023 has suggested that capsaicin, when sprayed into the nose, can induce rhinorrhea, burning, and nasal blockage [7]. However, the effectiveness may be lower or irritation can happen if users fail to dilute the capsaicin in a proper way.

Like other herbal remedies mentioned in this list for ways on how to treat nasal treatment, cayenne pepper will offer the anti-inflammatory effects inside your nasal passages, bring the nasal polyps away and give the comfort back. However, it is necessary for you to consult your doctor before applying any herbal remedy. It is because these natural ingredients can create side effect with their strong power if used in the wrong dosage or improper method. Therefore, if you want to take advantages from cayenne pepper as well as other natural remedies, let make sure that you know exactly which one will fit you most and how to use it in a suitable way.

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17. Sweet Potato

It may be a surprise for many people to know that sweet potato is a powerful tip on how to treat nasal polyps. Considered as one of the oldest and most nutritious veggies, sweet potatoes are suggested to be added to the daily meals due to its benefits on health. It hardly relates to any allergic reactions, the common reason for nasal polyps. Moreover, the orange, yellow, and pink types of this potato are the richest sources of beta-carotene, which will provide vitamin A for the body. These carotenoids are very effective in treatment of certain cancers, heart disease, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration(AMD), heart disease,  AIDS,  Alzheimer’s disease,  , infertility, headache, depression,   high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease,  and skin disorders such as psoriasis and vitiligo [8]. If you get troubles and don’t know how to treat nasal polyps, you can just simply eat sweet potatoes daily and wait to see its effectiveness.

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18. A Balanced Diet

For anyone who is looking for ways on how to treat nasal polyps, it is important to remember that a balanced diet will affect significantly in the treatment process. In order to get away from the polyps, you will need a healthy immune system, which requires an abundant amount of nutrient intake every day. A balanced diet varies among people based on their age, weight, and health condition. Therefore, it is better for you to consult your doctor for a well – designed meal plan. Meanwhile, read more documents and article to discover which types of food to add to your diet. There are some food items that are suggested for the daily meal such as the vegetables, fruits, whole wheat carbs, lean protein, nonfat dairy products.

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19. Sleep Enough

In order to get rid of the nasal polyps, you will need a standard health condition. This condition will only be achieved if your body has enough time to rest.  For that reason, sleep becomes one of the tips on how to treat nasal polyps. A tired and exhausted body resulting from the lack of sleep will be easily the victim of illness and infections. It is not worth paying off your health for working and money. Let sleep at least 8 hours every day, as recommended by doctors to recharge enough energy. Your body needs to be ready if you want to fight of all the sickness and infections, including nasal polyps. In case you cannot spend time on sleeping due to the deadline, a quick nap or short break can also help your body relax and allow the immune system work properly.

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20. Selenium

Selenium, a trace mineral often found naturally in the soil, is the next key answer for people who are looking for ways on how to treat nasal polyps. This element is very important for our body performance as it enhances the immunity, join the antioxidant activity (which protects our body against the inflammation and free radical damage), and takes responsibility for maintaining a healthy metabolism [9]. This mineral also appears in some certain food, making it easier for us to increase its intake. Brazil nuts, crimini mushrooms, shrimp, or halibut, can be added to your dietary consumption so that you can achieve the benefits of selenium in a simple way. With just some adjustments on your daily meals, you can strengthen your health as well as your body to fight the nasal polyps and other diseases.

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