27 Quick & Interesting Facts About Stress You May Not Know

facts about stress

Stress impacts both the mind and body of human beings. Also, it affects overall health and well-being. Unmanaged stress could result in an increased risk of both physical and mental problems, like illness, diabetes, obesity and heart disease, and depressive and anxiety disorders.

There are some quick and interesting facts about stress that not every of you acknowledges and understands clearly. Check out the following list to discover top 15 facts about stress and anxiety, created by VKool.com!

27 Facts About Stress – What You Need To Know About Stress

facts about stress

1. Too much stress could result in physical problems, like heart disease, chest pain, high blood pressure, and an irregular heartbeat. Stress is known as “silent killer” because people do not take stress too seriously when it begins to build up. Though a little stress is a good thing, if you do not give yourself a fix or break once in a while, your own body will force itself to take a break.

2. Stress changes the neurochemical makeup of the human body. It is estimated that stress is the cause of approximately 30% of the infertility problems. In females, stress affects the maturation and releasing process of human egg. It could lead to spasms in the fallopian tubs as well as uterus, impacting implantation. In males, too much level of stress could affect sperm count.

3. During highly stress situations, the pupils dilate. Actually, this is similar to how your own pupils dilate when you notice someone you are seduced or attracted to. The dilation is resulted by a natural reaction of the human body trying to take more information about the situation.

4. Males are easily prone to suffer from stress-related disorders. As women are better at dealing with emotional issues, men tend to have a higher risk of developing those disorders as a consequence of stress. Those disorders contain aggressive behavior, hypertension, and abuse of alcohol and drugs.

facts about stress

5. Stress could cause hair drop. Normally, after over stressful situations, the condition of hair loss could start and last for up to 3 months afterwards.

6. Stress impacts the blood. In addition to high blood pressure condition, stressful events could also make your blood “sticky.” This is the preparation of the human body for an injury. It also causes capillaries to close, resisting bleeding in case you have a wound.

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