55 Best Foods for Erection Strength and Harder Erection

21. Okra: 

foods for erection

Okra contains the complex glucide form – polysaccharide – and other nutritional components which can help to enhance the blood flow to the genital area, improving erections for men effectively. Therefore, for good, men should add more okra to their regular diet to be stronger in bed.

22. Dried Fruits: 

foods for erection

Regular addition of dried fruits in daily diet is proved to be an effective method in treating impotence in men. The dry date and raisins contain high fiber contents which can provide men’s body with necessary abundant amount of energy. Besides, dried fruits are a good source of zinc, iron, potassium, and protein, which can act to support sexual function in men.

This is not lying out of the list of the best foods for erection strength that I introduce in the article today and want you and my other readers to learn and make use!

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23. Purified Water: 

purified water

Purified water can help the erectile dysfunction condition effectively. Water carries nutrients to all parts of the body. Water also helps to excrete the waste and toxins from your body. Therefore, men should drink a lot of clean or purified water for better erection.

24. Strawberries:

foods for erection

Like oysters, strawberries are popular for the aphrodisiac effects.

This red food can help the erection by keeping the arteries clean. They help to ensure that your blood vessels are not clogged and the blood flow will be smooth without any obstacles. Thus, this is definitely one of the best foods for erection that are good for every man who really wants to get more power and harder erection to satisfy their women!

25. Egg: 

foods for erection

This is one of the best foods for men because they contain high levels of zinc.

According to the information source from health professionals, male sex hormone – testosterone – cannot be produced without zinc.

And you need the support of testosterone to have “a permanent conquest in bed”.

Types of poultry eggs are rich in vitamin B5 and B6, both of which work to maintain the hormone balance and reduce stress. In addition, eggs contain cholesterol, an important precursor of both important sex hormones – testosterone and estrogen.

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