Good Sex Tips for Married Couples: 25 Tricks to Have Better Sex

16. Begin Snogging 

begin snogging

Did you remember when the two of you first got together and were kissing like those teenagers for over 30 minutes at one time? Then, now you can reawaken that passion by snogging like it is going out of fashion. If so, the breathlessness you might feel when you eventually pull away will surely make you want to rip the clothes of each other off.

17. Daydream About The Time You Are Together 

daydream about the time you are together download

When it comes to sex tips for married couples, this trick works well. In case you are struggling with how to get in the mood, then try daydreaming about that time when you have the most passionate, explosive, toe-curling orgasms together. Tell that story out loud to your spouse, if possible. If you have not ever been used to talking dirty when making love, begin innocent by saying, “Do you memorize the time when both of us…” and make things more interesting and naughtier when you go along. That way, he will get the message.

18. Naughty Videos 

naughty videos

What about telling your spouse that you actually want to watch naughty videos together, then you can make him surprised by turning off lights and starting turning on a racy film.

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