45 Best Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday Alone and with Friends

Looking for some best ways to celebrate your birthday with friends? Lots of birthdays are coming up in the next time and you want to make sure you will do not end up in the same old routine of having a cake before going out to the dame old bar that you often go to. Here are a few ideas to change things up and do something differently. In order to help you visualize your dreaming birthday party, VKool puts together a complete list of 45 unique yet fun ways to celebrate your birthday this year.

I. Best Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday Alone – Fun And Cool Things To Do On Your Birthday Without Anyone Else:

You absolutely know that birthday is the one of the most important days of a person in every year. Or if not, may be you do not focus on the joyfulness of your own life or do not really love yourself. Actually, birthday is the day that a person was born, the day that one family welcomed a little angel into this life. Your birthday is the day that you should celebrate every year without any excuse to deny or forget! However, in fact, sometimes planning a birthday activity or party and spending a ton of money is not really fun but can force you to face terrible stress! By the time you are done with having a good plan and buying things needed for that day, you could be probably exhausted left feeling not so celebrated. In addition, sometimes everything does not go as you want and planned, and you would have no other choice but spending your important day with no one else around. Or if you are away at school and do not afford a ticket back home to enjoy a birthday party with your friends and family, you would have no other choice but just go through your birthday with you alone. Whatever your situations are, remember that being alone does not definitely and always mean lonely. These are fun and cool things to do in your birthday you can try!

1. Thanks Your Parents:

thanks your parents

This is the first out of the list containing the best ways to celebrate your birthday alone for both women and men that I would like to introduce in this entire article.

You are here in this world thanks to your parents. Therefore, your birthday should be the day you will use to send your parents flowers and a card with so many thanks, letting them know how much you love them and appreciate them because they are the ones who gave you this life. You are actually the biggest achievement in their life, so this small action every year will give your parents happiness and make them proud on how wonderful you have become.

2. Give To Charity: 

give to charity

I learned this from a teenage girl, who did not choose to go down the drink – eat out – party – clubbing route on her first birthday at college. In contrast, she spent her birthday being around all the homeless and poor people she could find near her home and college, and gave them a square meal in a decent restaurant. This action was really heartening and touching, so if you are going to celebrate your birthday alone, you should try sharing your fortune and happiness with other people. You do not need to feed the poors, you can take part in any charitable group to do volunteering stuff or give money to a cause. The meaning of this gesture is the thanks you gave for everything good you have been receiving in your life, and this is also a great way to enjoy life you should try regularly, not just in your birthday.

Do charity even makes you live better with more positive thinking, so even do this even your birthday gone!

3. Connect With People:

connect with people

This will make your birthday even much more memorable for people you care much about. With social media currently so extravagantly interfered into the nowadays lives, I'm sure that your twitter feed and  facebook wall will be jam-packed with wonderful wishes for your birthday, some from family and close friends who just remember you once time every year in this day. Use your birthday like a good chance to get back to the old connections. Start with giving many thanks from your heart to everyone who took the time off to give you personal wishes. You should start a friendly conversation. ask them about themselves, their life, their health condition, and ask about their future plans. Hunt down the friends who were used to an extremely important part of your life and contact them. Write letters to family members and  friends, send them postcards to show these people that you still miss them. Nothing will feel better than touching lives and showing people you care about how special they are in your mind. This is also one of the best ways to celebrate your birthday alone that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want you and my other readers to learn and make use for good!

4. Take Care Of Yourself: 

take care of yourself

On your birthday, you should show your body that even though it is getting older, you still be loving your body more and more. Most of the time, people try to forget about how old they are and deny this fact at all costs. However, there is one thing we can never deny that is we are getting older day by day, minute by minute. And whether your heart is still young, your whole body system is slowly getting with signs of aging, marked by your birthdays every year. Thus, you should use your new birthday as a good chance to take care of your whole body and improve your health as well. You should accept your muffin tops and curves, try following a new exercise plan or a running route, make healthy changes to your eating plan and lifestyle, schedule health appointments that you have been delayed due to your busy work and life duties, or quit your old job that makes you stressful and painful and look for a new better one. Take care of yourself, mentally and physically on your birthday for good. In brief, this is one out of the most interesting ways to celebrate your birthday alone that everyone can try right on the next birthday because it is very interesting and will not let you down!

5. Try A New Thing: 

try a new thing

One of the greatest fascinating things about living for another year on this planet is to spend more time learning new useful and interesting things. Therefore, it will be good for you to build up a list of all the new things you have learnt in the last year. It could be something motivating such as preventing the failures from bringing you down or something as funky as learning to make ice-cream from fruits. Every birthday, you should make it a milestone that marks the goals of trying something new. It would be never too late for you to learn new things in this life. Thus, every birthday is your good time to go to Disneyland, learn knitting, or play some extreme sports. Do something new, memorable which brings about a lot of fun. This is actually one of the best birthday celebration ideas and among the best fun and cool things to do on your birthday that I really want you to try!

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