45 Tips How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor Fast And Naturally

11. Neem Leaves 

get rid of vaginal odor

Neem is also called Indian lilac, which is full of antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It is one of the greatest home remedies to cancel vaginal odor. You can boil neem leaves with water, strain, and cool it, then rinse into the affected area several times per week.

12. Have Safe Sex

get rid of vaginal odor

Having safe sex performance will protect your vaginal and avoid vaginal odor. Before and after having sex, you should wash and keep clean the vaginal and this is a simple way and natural way you should do if you do not want to get more vaginal odor.

13. Fenugreek Seeds

get rid of vaginal odor

Fenugreek seeds are beneficial for women’s health and can help you balance and manage the menstrual cycles and hormones. You can get amount of fenugreek seeds (for 2 teaspoons) and add into water to drink in the morning when your stomach is empty. Besides, you can boil fenugreek seeds in a cup of water and boil to make a herbal tea to drink every day. However, if you have some skin irritation, diarrhea from this treatment, you should stop it. In fact, this is actually one of the best and most effective tips on how to stop vaginal odor fast at home that people who are struggling with this health issue and looking for a useful natural remedy should learn and try once!

14. Lavender Oil 

get rid of vaginal odor

To remove and stay far away from vaginal odor, you should try to use lavender oil. This natural oil can reduce irritation and itching in vagina. You can mix water, witch hazel, and lavender oil to cleanse vagina after bath.  Keep reading this writing to discover other tips to get rid of vaginal odor fast.

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15. Eat Citrus Fruits 

how to get rid of vaginal odor - eat citrus fruits 

Another out of the best tips on how to stop vaginal odor that I would like to introduce in the full writing today and want you and my readers to learn and make use for good is that people should consume more citrus fruits. Citrus fruits such as grapes, oranges support you balance pH level and remove toxins from your body. Those fruits are full in vitamin C and can improve immune system and fight vaginal infections, which cause terrible vaginal odor.

16. Try Some Perfume

get rid of vaginal odor

If are getting vaginal odor, you can spray some light perfume from the knees to inner thighs. It can make some good smell around vaginal region. But you should choose the light perfume and avoid heavy scent.

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17. Cranberry Juice 


Another kind of fruit juice you should drink every day is cranberry juice. This is very effective drink that can improve your health and reduce symptoms of vaginal odor. This remedy is also good for urinary tract infections and flush toxins from the body.

18. Guava Leaves 

get rid of vaginal odor

Guava leaves contain anti-provocative property, antibacterial, antioxidants, and tannins that can reduce the menstrual problems in women. You can boil guava, cool, and cleanse the affected area.

19. Turmeric Milk 

get rid of vaginal odor

One of the natural and cheap herbs that can get rid of vaginal odor is turmeric milk. It can help you fight bacteria and can improve your vagina’s health and reduce risk of viral infections. Simply, you should prepare 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder and 1 glass of warm milk. Mix them well and drink every day.

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20. Stop Using Soaps And Wearing Fragrances


Do you know that some skin care products or beauty products which include certain chemicals contribute the different causes of your vaginal odor? They affect your pH balance and make your vagina have more discharge, including foul smell or fishy odor. If you use fragrances, soap or perfume, make sure that do not put these chemicals close to your vaginal area. In addition, do not use douches to wash your vaginal because douching can reduce good bacteria in the vaginal area. This is a reason cause fishy odor. You can ask gynecologist or doctor before using douches.

21. Eat Yogurt

Eat Yogurt

Most of people know that yogurt is good for health. Actually, yogurt contains good bacteria that called probiotics and they are good for human digestion as well as immunity. Besides, yogurt can reverse yeast infection and help you get rid of vaginal odor. Just eat a cup of yogurt per day for improving this situation. Therefore, this is one of the simplest, cheapest, yet healthiest and most effectively tips on how to eliminate vaginal odor fast and naturally at home that people should consider making use right away to improve the situation of the vaginal odor problem.

22. Don’t Take Hot Showers Or Hot Baths

get rid of vaginal odor

Actually, taking hot showers or hot baths is the way you kill the natural bacteria in the body. In another way, you can use warm or cold water to cleanse your vagina. If you keep taking hot baths in a long time, you should pay attention to your vaginal conditions to prevent fishy odor.

23. Avoid Foods Which Are High In Yeast And Sugar

Avoid Foods Which Are High In Yeast And Sugar

Beer, bread, mushrooms are foods that contain a lot of yeast while a variety of cakes are high in sugar. Do not eat these foods too much because they can cause more vaginal odor far from the normal level. If you get sugar cravings, please check out ways to overcome sugar cravings to get rid of this habit soon.

24. Make Your Own Vaginal Cleanser

how to get rid of vaginal odor - make your own vaginal cleanser

Instead of buying commercial vaginal cleansing products, why don’t you try making your own natural vaginal cleanser to get rid of vaginal odor and feel safe and free? You can use tea leaves, boil it with water and use it as a remedy to eliminate vaginal odor effectively. In fact, benefits of tea are found. Green tea leaves contain anti-fungal and anti-bacterial materials that are good for relieving strong vaginal smell.

25. Use Vinegar

Use Vinegar

Besides, you can use vinegar as a natural anti-bacteria source. The formula to make this natural vaginal cleanser is so simple. You just need to add about 250 ml of vinegar (rice vinegar or apple vinegar) to bath water, then soak your body for 15 to 20 minutes. The vinegar will help you beat your body bacteria, toxins, includes those around your vagina. As a result, vinegar helps you kill bacteria near vaginal area and help you get rid of vaginal odor naturally.

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