35 Signs Showing That A Guy Actually Likes You

24. After He Says Or Does Some Things That Are Funny, It Means He Looks At You For A Reaction

After He Says Or Does Some Things That Are Funny

When a man tells a joke or does something that is funny in a group, and everyone around him starts laughing. If this man looks at you first to observe your reaction, it is a good sign that indicates that he likes you as he wants to make sure that you noticed and laughed too.

25. His Feet, Toes, Or Legs Are Pointed Towards You

When a boy is interested in you, he can subconsciously point his feet, toes, or legs towards you. Experts say that people tend to point their legs in the direction of who they are interested in or where they want to go.

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26. Fidgeting


If you see a man fidgeting, this is because he is interested in you and he is a bit nervous before starting conversation with you. Fidgeting is all about expectation since you do not know if he is interested in you. When you are around the man you like, you also fidget. You are nervous and this is actually a good nervous.

27. He Raises His Eyebrows

He raises his eyebrows

If a man’s eyes are widened and then his eyebrows stay rising while he is talking, this is a definite sign that shows that he is flirting with you. You should watch for it and you will surely see it.

28. Dilated Pupils

dilated pupils

When you are attracted to someone or something your pupils dilate and they are larger. In contrary, when you do not like someone or something, your pupils contract. If you see that the eyes of a man keep dilating, this is one of the best signs, which show he loves you, and he is highly interested in you. You will discover more about signs a guy likes you in the next part of this article.

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29. Head Tilts

head tilts
The way a guy tilts his head may also suggest that he loves you. When he tilts the head towards you, this means that he is attentively listening to each word that you say. This also indicates that he is really attuned to things you are talking about and he is really interested in your conversation with him. Almost women love that amazing feeling when a man is listening to them. Women always appreciate it, and even if they are not interested in that man. This is actually one of the most obvious signs a guy likes you so that you should be aware of this!
30. He Touches You

he touches you

If you see a guy making some unnecessary physical contacts with you, he may be like you. Some contacts with you that he can make, for example, he may brush against your arm, put his hands on your shoulders, pat you on the back, give you a lot of hugs, or touch his leg to yours. Experts say that the more physical contact a man makes, the clearer it is that he adores you. Nevertheless, when a man touches you unintentionally, this is completely another sign to watch for. It means that this man is trying to get your notice and find any reason to keep on conversation with you. Do you think you can like that guy? If the answer is yes, you should flirt back! Most women ignore this important sign; however, you should not do it. After all, he may be your hubby!

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31. He Stands With His Hands On The Hips

he stands with his hands on the hips

You can observe if a man places his thumbs in the belt loops or stands with his hands on the hips, he may be interested in you. With this sign, this man is trying to let you see that he is a very confident man and a true macho. Some women do not like when men use this way whilst flirting with them, but this way still is one of the major signs that show he is flirting with you.
32. He Mirrors Your Body Language

Sometimes a man mirror a girl’s actions without even letting her know it. Mirroring is one of main signs a guy likes you. This ranges from mirroring rates of blinks to mirroring the manner of speaking. For example, if you are laughing, he is laughing as well. It is natural for everyone to mirror something his or her loves. In addition, there are a lot of singles dating websites that advise men to use mirroring techniques when flirting with the girls they love, maybe you do this, too. If you want to discover other signs a guy likes you, continue reading this article.

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33. He Maintains Eye Contact With you

signs a guy likes you - he maintains eye contact with you

This sign is slightly tricky; however, it certainly worth paying attention to. Relationship experts uncovers that eye contact is one of the most important things during communication, so you need to use this body language form as often as you can. You can find out whether a guy likes you or not depending on how long this guy holds the eye contact with you. If a guy makes an eye contact with you for around one hour (or longer than an average person), this may be a food sign that helps you know he is interested in you. Do you have ever made an eye contact when flirting with someone? If your answer is “yes”, it is the same for guys. However, if a man holds a short eye contact with you, he might also want to flirt with you, he is only a bit shy.

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34. Shy Blush

Shy Blush

Maybe you know how it is difficult to date with shy guys; however, it does not mean that you need to avoid such type of man. When you see that a man blushes around you, you can make sure that this is the most obvious sign he tries to flirt with you. On the other hand, shy guy not only does a shy guy blush, any man can really blush when he meets a beautiful girl. You should know that blushing is a bodily function, which we cannot control and if a man blushes around you, he definitely likes you. Read more to learn more about some of the most obvious and noticeable signs a guy likes you and make use of them if you are among those confusing about love signs from a man.

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35. He Smiles At You

He smiles at you

A lovely smile will be a good sign and, when you see this sign on a man, it is one of the clearest signs he is very likes you. If you spot that he is smiling at you, this is a good chance that shows he is attracted by you, and he wants to approach you. Perhaps, he is shy, so you should courage him by approaching him first, or you need to show him your confidence. Of course, you might like him if you make that way. In my point of view, there is nothing to be ashamed of whether or not you approach a guy first. You just need to smile back, and initiate a conversation with the man you like and you do not try to play hard to get. Pickup artists say that playing hard to get can be a great boost; however, often it is a big turn off for men. To see all of our tips and advice on how to tell if a guy likes you  more than a friend, how to date and seduce women, and more, go to our main Dating & Relationship page.

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After reading my overview of signs a guy likes you, I hope you will get the man of your dreams. I also hope that you are aware of 35 main signs a guy likes you, so what are you waiting for? You should start flirting back and I’m sure that you will get a nice date tonight. This post is part of a series about relationship tips and advice. Got a question? Need answers? Leave a comment below. In addition, if you know any other signs of dating and flirting that I need to add to this list, I’m pleasure if you show me.

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