45 Tips How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor Fast and Naturally

Vaginal odor is a common problem that many women get in their life. There are different causes of vaginal odor. It may happen due to yeast infections or sexual diseases, bacterial growth or poor hygiene. Vaginal odor comes with symptoms like redness and itching around the vaginal area. This situation can make women feel uncomfortable and embarrass or lose self-confidence. In this writing, I would like to show you quick tips to identify main causes of vaginal odor and effective ways to get rid of vaginal odor fast.

Here are the top 45 Tips How to Get Rid of Vaginal Odor Fast and Naturally:

I. How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor Fast And Naturally – Best Drug-Free Tips:

how to get rid of vaginal odor fast and naturally – best drug-free tips

In this part, I would like to give you a more in-depth guide to get rid of vaginal odor. Keep reading to choose a suitable way that works for you.

Vaginal odor is a very common health issue that almost every woman in the world has to deal with at least 1 – 2 times during their whole life.

This problem could be caused by a lot of different reasons, including the overgrowth of bacteria, hormonal changes, poor hygiene, yeast infections, and STDs.

If the vaginal odor is triggered by infections, there might be some signs such as burning, itching, redness, and irritation in the vagina. In particular, a fishy odor down there is triggered by the BV disease.

No matter what the reason, vaginal odor can cause women to suffer from the feeling of embarrassment. There are luckily several home remedies and natural tips on how to get rid of vaginal odor to help women stop this embarrassing issue fast and safely.

Symptoms Of The Condition:

The vaginal odor is often associated with these warning symptoms:

  • Fishy or rusty smell
  • Redness
  • Itchiness in the vagina

Ways To Prevent The Condition:

You can put a stop to this embarrassing problem by following the measures given below:

  • You should wear cotton panties because they can provide your vaginal area with ventilation, hence reducing your vaginal odor faster and more effectively.
  • Avoid taking hot showers because they will kill the important bacteria needed in your vagina
  • Reduce the daily consumption of sugary foods
  • Avoid scented powders, soaps, or pads
  • Change tampons or sanitary napkins frequently
  • Avoid tight fitting clothes and panties
  • Avoid douching

1. Bath With Yogurt:

how to get rid of vaginal odor-bath with yogurt

This is the first out of the natural how to get rid of vaginal odor fast overnight and how to get rid of vaginal odor naturally at home that I want to introduce in this entire article.

This is actually a great ingredient which you can make use to deal with the problem of vaginal odor. Yogurt is actually very abundant in lactobacillus bacteria, which can help to beat one of the major trigger factors of vaginal odor – candida infection, as well as restoring the normal pH level of the vagina. Once the vaginal pH level gets balanced, you will be able to say goodbye to the vaginal odor problem.

Another option you can try is soaking one tampon in plain yogurt and inserting the soaked tampon into your body. Let it stay for about 2 – 3 hours, and after removing the tampon, use clean water to thoroughly rinse that area.

Read more How To Cure Yeast Infection At Home With Yeast Infection No More to learn more about the best ways to beat off yeast infection in women.

2. Skip The Silk And Change Your Panties Regularly:

how to get rid of vaginal odor-skip the silk and change your panties regularly

I know, I know satin and silk make women feel sexier and look nicer. Nevertheless, they can also trap the urine and sweat in the clothing, leading to vaginal odor. Thus, you must give up wearing silk right away if you are facing the vaginal odor problem. Instead, grab some cotton, or even go and pick up commando clothing! On the other hand, you must remember to change the underwear every 12 hours at least. In fact, a lot of women go to the offices wearing just a panty similar to what they went to bed in – actually they are just one, and this can create favorable conditions for bacteria to growth and trigger the serious problem of strong vaginal odor. In fact, this is also one of the best tips on how to stop vaginal odor fast and naturally at home that I would like to reveal in this entire article for good!

Beauty does not mean defying health, get this to say goodbye to vaginal odor fast and forever!

3. Boric Acid:

how to get rid of vaginal odor-boric acid

This is actually one of the best how to treat vaginal itching naturally that people should learn and make use.

Presently you might do not know that the good bacteria named “lactobacillus” have to stay in your vaginal area to keep its acidity under control. In any case, certain substances, such as semen or menstrual blood and so on can influence the acidity of your vagina as well as making it more soluble. You vagina's pH levels get affected contrarily and the increased alkalinity can help the bacteria growth. Boric acid, which is mildly acidic and antiseptic, can help to restore the proper acidic levels of your vagina effectively.

Instructions On How To Get Eliminate Vaginal Odor Due To BV Making Use Of Boric Acid:


  • Size “00” gelatin capsules
  • Boric acid

How To Make And Apply:

  • Prepare and fill the gelatin capsules with boric acid and safely and properly store them.
  • Insert 1 filled-with-boric acid capsule into your vagina and let it stay overnight
  • Apply this tip 2 -3 times every week.

The one out of home remedies for vaginal odor making use of boric acid is actually a great preventive measure which can help to preventing you from getting bacterial vaginosis in the condition that your body is tending to this. In any case, anytime when you feel that you are going to get Bacterial Vaginosis, your need to get increased measurement of boric acid capsule by making use of one filled-with-boric acid capsule for every of three successive nights. After that, start making use of this capsule on more than once per week.

Warning: Making sure that you will not swallow the gelatin filled-with-boric acid capsules. Put a proper name on the jugs in which you store the capsules and keep it far away from the reach of your children. When you are during a pregnancy or expecting for a chance to get pregnant, do not use the boric acid capsules for your vagina.

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