14 Tips On How To Fix Bow Legs Naturally Without Surgery

Bowlegs are the deformity of legs in which the knees separate when the patients stand with ankles and feet together. It is caused by curvature of the shin bones and the thigh bones. Bow legs are also called tibia vara or genu varumas the medical term. If the infants have bow legs, it is normal. However, it is considered abnormal if the children and adults develop this disease. There are many causes of bowleggedness, including toxicity, nutritional deficiency and certain diseases. Depending on the underlying causes and patient’s conditions, there are many treatments for bow legs you can try. In this article, I would like to introduce to you some effective solutions and home remedies on how to fix bow legs naturally without surgery.

How To Fix Bow Legs Naturally Without Surgery – Effective Home Remedies & Natural Solutions

As I mentioned before, bow legs are the condition in which the knee separate widely when the patients stand with feet and ankles together. However, if the infants have bow legs, it seems normal. This disease will become abnormal when children and adults experience bow legs. The infants develop bow legs due to their folded position in the womb. When the children are over 18 months, they begin to walk and the legs will become straight to bear weight. When they are 3 years old, they can stand with knees touching and ankles apart. If it occurs, it means that they develop bow leg disease. Some causes of bow legs include Blount’s disease, abnormal bone development, fractures, fluoride poisoning, and vitamin D deficiency. If the children at the age of 3 years old have the bowing legs on both sides of their body, they are suffering from bow leg disease. In order to diagnose this disease, the doctors will measure the distance between the legs when the patients lie down on the back. Sometimes, blood tests or X-rays are needed if the bow leg condition seems worse. The treatment for bow legs is still remains unknown unless the symptoms of this disease are serious. The infants or children should be checked by health care provider every six months in order to make sure that your children will have normal development. Moreover, special shoes, casts, and braces are recommended to cure bow legs. Sometimes, surgery is carried out by professionals to fix the deformity. In this entire article, we would like to reveal some of the best tips on how to fix bow legs that you can follow at your own home without having to make any surgery. The tips on how to fix bow legs are:

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1. Find The Underlying Cause

how to fix bow legs - find the underlying cause

The answer for ”how to fix bow legs” can be various based on which medical condition that causes the problem. Resolving with the overall disorder is more important than just focusing on fixing the bow legs alone, as some medical conditions can cause damages to other body parts.

Ÿ Blount’s disease: This health condition can cause the bow legs in both teens and toddlers. It occurs due to the abnormal development of the development plate that is located in the upper tibia.

Ÿ Breaks or fractures are also a cause of improperly heal, thus making the bow legs.

Ÿ Rickets: It is caused by the shortage of phosphorus, calcium and vitamin D. This health condition can cause bone deformities.

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Ÿ Physiologic genu verum: This health condition is one of the most common causes of bow legs in children under the age 2. It will normally heal itself when he or she gets matured.

Ÿ Other causes of bow legs are fluoride, tumors, lead poisoning, arthritis, obesity and infection.

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2. Treat Underlying Diseases

how to fix bow legs - treat underlying diseases

When it comes to the question of how to fix bow legs, by treating any underlying diseases, patients who have bow legs can deal with this condition without having to use any other measures.

Ÿ Radiation or chemotherapy can be used to help you get rid of tumors.

Ÿ Using lead-binding injections as well as medications is useful to protect you from lead poisoning.

Ÿ Fluoride-binding chemicals can resolve with fluoride in the stomach, thus treating fluoride poisoning.

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3. Wait Patiently

how to fix bow legs - wait patiently

As you know that so many babies are born with bow legs condition; therefore, do not worry too much when your newborn baby has this condition. This is because the bow legs condition can gradually disappear in its own way. When the child reaches the age 3, the bow legs condition will usually be gone. However, in some cases, this condition does not disappear, you will need to find a medical help. Therefore, during the 3 years of waiting, you should bring your child who has bow legs to a doctor. The doctor will do a test whether or not it is severe and it will disappear. If the bow legs will not disappear on its way, you can choose a medical method to fix it as soon as possible before this condition is too late to correct.

Continue reading this entire article in order to discover other methods on how to fix bow legs.

4. Do Exercises With Hip Adductor Muscles

how to fix bow legs - do exercises with hip adductor muscles

The adductor muscles are known as a group of muscles in your inner thigh. They take responsibility for balancing your pelvis, and you are able to do exercises with adductor muscles in order to increase these muscles’ strength and fix bow legs.

There are some reports that the adductor muscles’ weakness in the hips can be a cause of deformities like bow legs. You need to determine whether your adductor muscles are weak by following these steps. Sit down in a chair and then look at your feet. If you have difficulty in bringing your knees together, there will be because your adductor muscles are weak. You can get started strengthening your muscles by bringing your ankles, knees, and toes together. Try sitting in this position at any time you sit down as this action will increase your adductor muscle’s strength.

Lesson 1:

Ÿ Firstly, lay down on your side, and then put one hand in front of the body in order to keep your balance, while the other hand will support your head.

Ÿ Place one leg over the other one because you balance yourself. And then raise your leg close to the arm that supports your head, while exhaling because you move this leg upwards. Remember not to do it too fast, be patient, and make the move gradual and slow.

Ÿ Repeat this exercise with both of your legs a couple of times.

Lesson 2:

Ÿ Do the same position as lesson 1.

Ÿ After that, you move one leg upright because you place the leg on the floor and then circle it from the ankle for 3 seconds.

Ÿ Repeat the steps in both lessons about 5-10 minutes. Remember to keep your posture and hip upright during the exercise. More importantly, remember to consult your physician before doing any exercises to make sure that it is safe for your health condition.

5. Use Medical Braces

how to fix bow legs - use medical braces

Using special leg braces, casts or shoes can help fix bow legs at the right age. They are used if the child’s condition is severe or the child gets an added disease in conjunction with bow legs. The medical braces will be worn by the child until his or her bones have been straightened. Braces are not recommended for adults with bow legs as they are already done developing.

At the same time, there are some kinds of braces that can help adults with bow legs and they are known as Unloader Brace. They are made from a variety of manufacturers and can be effective in reducing pain as well as other uneasy symptoms related to genu varum. Nonetheless, these medical braces will do little to help in fixing bow legs in adults.

6. Physiotherapy Sessions

how to fix bow legs - physiotherapy sessions

The choice of the physical therapist is very vital to fix bow legs. One needs to ask a therapist with many years of experience to massage patients with bow legs. When the patient is lying down, the therapist will repeat to move his or her legs back and forth. This is actually an effective way on how to fix bow legs in children. This method will help you walk properly without needing much effort and time. If you decide nonsurgical methods, you will need a period of 3-5 months of physical therapy in order to get the best results.

This style of treatment is just used in severe cases. In some cases where you cannot correct your bow legs by using the braces or casts alone, your doctor may ask you to make an orthopedic surgery.

7. Use Stretches

how to fix bow legs - use stretches

Using stretches is an important way to improve your legs, your posture and the rest of your body. Some exercises will help lengthen your muscles and strengthen the core of your muscles. Stretching will also support to realign your skeletal and muscular systems, thus allowing a better support for your body.

8. Reduce Weight

how to fix bow legs - reduce weight

In case you would like to know how to fix bow legs, it is better for you to reduce your excessive weights if you get them. This is because excessive weights can make your bow leg condition become worse. Your hips and knees will have to work harder to support your whole body, your joint and bones also need to endure more pressure, and for a long time, they will get distorted. In case you are extremely overweight, a weight loss surgery will be your best option. Nonetheless, you can reduce your excessive weights in a healthy and safe way by doing some cardiovascular exercises while having a balanced diet filled with healthy drinks and foods. In the cause of your bow legs is an infection, maybe strong antibiotics will be a great help for you.

9. Pilates

how to fix bow legs-pilates

According to LiveStrong staff, exercise is considered as the effective way on how to fix bow legs because it can strengthen the muscles in your leg. It is said that building the muscles in your knees and upper thighs is very important. Different techniques like Pilates would like to be recommended. Pilates can help you build the vital posture, realigning your body and fix the bow legs. Pilates exercise such as roll up and ballerina arms are effective in toning your legs and building your abdomen’s muscles. In order to do these exercises, you should lie on the back with the raised legs. Keep your legs close together. Move up and down. In order to tighten muscles in your abdomen, you should raise upper torso off the ground. Therefore, Pilates exercises are effective ways to fix bow legs.

10. Yoga

how to fix bow legs-yoga

Like Pilates, yoga is also the effective way on how to fix bow legs naturally. Despite the fact that yoga is not easy to perform, yoga can help you boost alignment and flexibility. Although some people with bow legs find it difficult to do yoga, yoga straps can help them fix the posture. As a result, bow legs will be cured. Therefore, the patients who get diagnosed with bow legs should find the yoga strap to bind the legs together. Some yoga posture such as cow face or forward bends are recommended. This exercise will help you to keep the legs together, correct the posture and strengthen the muscles in your legs.

11. Leg Strengthening Exercises: 

how to fix bow legs-leg strengthening exercises

Leg strengthening exercises will strengthen the muscles in your legs; reduce the pressure on joints & tendons. However, these specific exercises only work well in the slight cases. In the more severe conditions, you should see the doctor immediately. In order to perform the leg strengthening exercises, you should lie flat on the bench.  After that, bend your knee and legs until you touch the butt. This exercise should be repeated several times a week and for a few months in order to achieve the satisfactory result.

12. Message Therapy Exercises:

message therapy exercises

Massage is well-known to treat various diseases including stomach ache, constipation, and arthritis, so on. If you want to know how to fix bow legs for children, you will ignore message therapy. This solution will help you straighten the bow legs naturally. In order to utilize this treatment, it is important to choose the excellent physical therapist, who has experience in massaging for patients with bow legs. In the process, the therapists will move the children’s leg forward and backward for a long time. This massage therapy is effective in treating bow legs for children who are growing up. In order to give a great support, you can ask them to try knee bend when they sleep or lie down. Raise one of their legs, bend their knees and push their leg toward the chest. The process of message therapy should be repeated several times in order to get the noticeable result.

13. Vitamin D

how to fix bow legs-vitamin d

According to Boston Children’s Hospital, vitamin D deficiency will lead to bow leg problem. Therefore, if you want to cure bow legs, you should eat a plenty of foods which are high in vitamin D or take vitamin D supplement. It is recommended children at the age of one-year old should take 400 to 1000 IU daily. The adults should take 1500 to 2000 IU daily.

14. Detox Your Body: 

how to fix bow legs-detox your body

It is important to detox your body as the way on how to treat blow legs because some specific chemicals and compounds may affect the bone growth during children development period. For example, fluoride and lead can be stored in the body over time and lead to weak bones. In order to treat fluoride poisoning, you can use magnesium or calcium carbonate hydroxide. In the house, you should replace the lead water pipes with copper or PVC because it is safe for your health. Before drinking the water, you should use filtration system to get rid of fluoride and heavy mental from the water.

These are 6 tips on how to fix bow legs naturally without surgery I would like to introduce to you. I hope that you will find these tips helpful and effective. If you have any questions to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comment bellow. I will answer as soon as I can.

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