26 Easy Tips On How To Get Over An Ex Girlfriend Fast

12. Engage In Positive Self Talk

Everybody has an internal voice with which they say to themselves. Get started to take notice of something you are talking to yourself. Make sure that you are using positive and supportive self talk. In order to deal with your life setbacks, you need to start a new habit of saying to yourself positively. Being positive will help you feel better, and this can allow you to get more things in life.

13. Prepare Encounters

how to get over an ex girlfriend - prepare encounters

Seeing your ex girlfriend can be a debilitating and stressful experience. In order to handle with seeing your ex, you have to mentally prepare what you want yourself to do and what you think is right. Do not confuse this encounter with your comfort zone as it is likely to be too small. Pushing it will make you grow.

14. Work Out

Without a girlfriend complaining hours out of every day, you may wonder what to do with yourself. Now you are free, you can consider going to the gym or taking a morning jog. It is actually a healthy way to work out all of the frustration after a breakup. Staying in a good shape is also an effective way to boost your self-esteem. More importantly, the gym is a place for you to meet women and start new relationships.

15. Spend Time On The Internet

how to get over an ex girlfriend - spend time on the internet

Do whatever you like on the internet, watch some movies, read online news, or just watch some webcams with girls who are keen on taking clothes off. No matter what you do, as long as you are not lonely when there is only you at home.

You should know that the thoughts of your ex girlfriend would occur in your mind only when you feel depressed or lonely. As long as you stay away from these lonely times, you will be a happy man who is surrounded by beautiful women wherever you are.

16. Talk To A Confidant

In case you are lucky to have a trusted confidant, he or she can be a great person who can help you unload some of the emotional burdens that you get. In case you are not lucky when you do not have anyone who you can trust and listen to you, you need to consider paying for some talks with a counselor.

Make sure that your confident is a person you can trust. You are easy to be vulnerable right now, and she or he can come back around and hurt you. Make sure to keep it clear to stay strictly between two of you. You also need some minutes to get started. At first, you will be able to feel embarrassed and silly, but after some minutes of talking, in case you see your confidant is not ignoring or judging you, the words will come faster than you are able to keep up.

17. Visit A Therapist

how to get over an ex girlfriend - visit a therapist

Consider using meditation during the personal time in order to help you get everything bad out of your head. There is a variety of meditation methods. One of these methods is to sit and breathe deeply. Focusing on your own body’s physical sensation until all of your thoughts become less overwhelming.

In case nothing works and you are not able to move on, you should take a help from a therapist. Visit a therapist and he or she will properly examine your case. You will be offered advice and tips that will help you feel better and know how to get over an ex girlfriend/ past relationship.

18. Accept And Let Go 

The first and most important tip on how to get over your ex girlfriend is to accept that your relationship is over and let go of your own hopes of reconciliation. It is almost impossible to even start the healing process if you are not ready to acknowledge the ending of your relationship and let go of the idea that both of you might someday reunite together. The relationship is really over and you need to accept that as the fact so that you could get over her.

19. Avoid Both Her And Her Friends

how to get over an ex girlfriendbe - avoid both her and her friends

We all know that you are feeling hurt and for a long time, you have not touched her again, or spent a few moments with her. However, to know how to get over an ex girlfriend, you should stay away from her, if you do not want to lose more of that little bit of respect that your girlfriend might have for you.

For your own good, avoid her territory if you do not want to be shooed away loudly in front of everyone else.

Even if your ex has some good looking friends with whom you are rather friendly, you should also stay from them. Actually, you could meet them later, after many months. Till then, they are still her loyal friends and will be affected by her own side of story.

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20. Remove Her From Your Current Life 

how to get over an ex girlfriend

We all know that what is out of sight usually eventually goes out of mind, too. Take down and either store or trash any photos and mementos from the past relationship. If your ex is connected to you in any way, through Facebook or cell phone or anything else, remove all signals of that girl’s existence. As a man, you should be expected to play nice and avoid confrontation with women, and that could be quite hard as she begins to play her post break up stories and games.

Women often pretend to be overly happy and cheer on their new found single social life by plastering their social network’s wall with skimpy vacation photos or party shorts with other men. Maybe, when you see these photos, your blood might be boiled and you will also lose your control and start an all-out public social network confrontation. So, to get over her, you should avoid seeing these. Let’s be serious to each other. Your relationship is passed over. The two of you broke up. The process of healing depends on you, not her and not the two of you as a unite couple.

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21. Don’t Contact Her 

This might be the most crucial of top tips on getting over an ex. After your break up, do not contact her. Go cold turkey. Seriously. Perhaps, you said some crap about trying to be friends; you might make some idiot vow to “always be there for each other”, but you should forget it. Once you stay in touch with old flames, you just ask for months of on-again-off-again uncertainty. Thus, throw out the phone number of your ex, stop texting messages her, and unfriend her on Facebook. Just imagine how freaked out you will be at the first time you see some strange people in her profile photo, and you will realize why a clean break is necessary.

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22. Go For Your Crushes 

This is absolutely good if you want to get over an ex. Men all love having a great conversation with a crush. Though now the feelings might be mutual and your crush might not fall in love with you just because you are single and ready to mingle.

Nevertheless, when you mention how devastated, vulnerable and broken heart you are, there is a good chance that your crush will soften up and make you feel better. And, there will be a slight hope that the crush might end up liking you when you tries to nurse you back to a good heart. After all, females tend to stop falling for a man who is helpless and vulnerable.

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23. Begin A New Relationship 

how to get over an ex girlfriend - begin a new relationship

This is not the age-old male piece of advice to the brokenhearted. Any men over the age of 19 realizes that getting laid, by itself, could be more depressing than being alone. Nevertheless, there is much to be said for what some men call the “transitional relationship.” In the transitional relationship, you are not over your ex, but at the same time, you might be not ready to totally commit to the new girl you are dating. You have someone to spend time with, who can make you forget your ex. Maybe it will not last more than a few months, yet it could heal you more than solitude could.

Try hooking up some pity dates with your crushes or try to meet someone new for a date. Make that move, learn flirting and make it good!

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24. Sleep With Someone 

This sounds crazy, yet sleeping with another girl is the most foolproof method to get over your ex. If you think you could benefit from a sexual encounter without emotions, it may be work checking out several hookup websites. If you are up for it, it is the quickest and most effective way to get an ex out of your life and your mind. One of the major reasons why we equivocate about breaking and leaving an ex girlfriend behind is because we worry that will not be able find someone better. That is what sends people crawling back to their family, comfy and dysfunctional exes over and over again. That way, you should find a new love interest, even it is a one-night-stand, it is the best way to counter all of the self-defeating thoughts.

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25. Spend Your Time On Other Interests

Idle time is absolutely not on your own side when you are trying to get over an ex-girlfriend. Find new hobbies or interests to pay your attention to. Or, fill your current schedule with enjoyable activities to keep you focused on positive things. Enhance your physical training regimen, play your favorite sport or go out with your friends as often as you could. The more time you spend being actively engaged in the activities that you enjoy, the less likely you will be to pine over your ex.

26. Keep Yourself Busy Don’t Be Alone

keep yourself busy don’t be alone

Always acknowledge that the thoughts of your ex girlfriend would come to your own mind only when you are feeling lonely. Thinking about your ex girlfriend just makes you feel more miserable as well as weak. Even, you call and meet as a result of that thinking. And we know how it will end, it will make you look weak, stupid, and again, like a stray dog down on the street.

As long as you avoid these spare moments, you will be a happy young guy surrounded by beautiful girls, wherever you are. That way, you will find your ego swelling and also your pain disappearing in no time.

Now, you understand how to get over an ex girlfriend and nurse your broken heart concurrently, right? The tips above hopefully help you find some useful methods to stop your hurt in the post break-up period. So, give all of them a try and you will feel better in no time.

If you have any idea about this article of how to get over an ex girlfriend, share your thoughts with us by dropping your words below the post. We will feedback soon.

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