28 Tips On How To Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones Without Gagging

tonsil stones

20. Drink Water Regularly

This is actually a simple way on how to get rid of tonsil stones naturally at home. Drinking water regularly can keep your body hydrated and simultaneously create an environment where bacteria cannot continue surviving. Moreover, drinking plenty of water will be able to clean up the debris and other materials and prevent these substances from accumulating at your tonsils that contribute to the formation of tonsil stones. Besides, drinking water regularly can help you improve your overall health, so you should not look down it.

21. Be Patient And Cough

If you are looking for ways on how to get rid of tonsil stones, all you need to do is to be patient and then cough, especially when your tonsil stones are not symptomatic. If you cough up tonsil stones, spit them out and then gargle your mouth. Also, if you have a tonsil stone, coughing can aid to loosen up this stone. So, if you want to remove tonsil stones from your mouth, you should be patient and wait until you can cough up these stones.

22. Use Cotton Swabs

Among effective tips on how to get rid of tonsil stones naturally at home, using cotton swabs is a good option for you. This can help a lot in pushing off your tonsil from the tonsils’ walls. Nonetheless, before using cotton swabs, wet both ends to make it gentle and smooth on tonsils. By applying this method, you can loosen your stones and gently remove them from the tonsil’s walls. When you have done, gargle your mouth with a mouthwash or salt water to clean the remaining particles and other debris.

Do you want to know other tips on how to get rid of tonsil stones naturally at home? Keep reading this entire article and then try making use of these natural treatments for good.

23. Floss On A Daily Basis

It is also one of the best ways on how to get rid of tonsil stones naturally that you should know and then apply for good, especially if you are suffering for tonsil stones and want to find a natural way to treat these stones at home. By flossing on a daily basis, you will be able to remove excess harmful bacteria that may lead to the formation of tonsil stones. After flossing, using gargles or mouth rinses can help you clear any bacteria and food particles that can be dislodged by the flossing.

24. Use A Toothbrush

Using a normal toothbrush with soft bristle can help you get rid of tonsil stones naturally at home. For the better results, you should use a flashlight to locate your tonsil stones. Next, you use a toothbrush to put the pressure on your tonsils until they become loose. Then, you push them off before you use a mouthwash to rinse your mouth to clean off the remaining small stones. If you use an electric toothbrush, switch it on and then put the pressure on your tonsil stones in your mouth. After that, you use the backside of your electric toothbrush to gently break the tonsil stones up. When you have done, rinse your mouth using your favorite mouthwash in order to clean the remaining particles.

Actually, using a toothbrush may be an effective way on how to get rid of tonsil stones naturally at home that you should not look down, yet try to apply this natural method as soon as possible to treat your tonsil stones effectively.

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25. Eat A Well-Balanced Diet

Having a well-balanced diet is a great way on how to get rid of tonsil stones naturally at home. The diets contain probiotics and vitamins will help you deal with this problem naturally by fighting against harmful bacteria that cause the buildup of tonsil stones. Moreover, you can change to vegetarian diets that contain spinach, celery, cucumber, carrots, and tomatoes. More importantly, you should decrease the dairy product consumption as it might promote the calcium and mucus, which are known as two main components causing the buildup of tonsil stones.

26. Lime Juice

how to get rid of tonsil stones - lime juice

Lime juice is well-known for its medical effects. It can be used to treat the tonsil stones naturally at home. Simply, blend some fresh lime juice with a cup of water. You can add flavor to it and then drink it gradually so that it can get in contact with the tonsil stones. This method can help clean the microorganisms and prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

In fact, it is also a great one on how to get rid of tonsil stones naturally that patients with tonsil stones should not look down, but remember and then try to make use of for good.

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27. Maintain Good Oral-Care Habits

If you do not have a proper oral hygiene, it is sure that your risks of developing tonsil stones will increase. The bacteria that are present in your mouth can cause the buildup of tonsil stones. By brushing the teeth regularly with recommended toothpaste, gargling the mouth with your favorite wash mouth twice a day, and scraping the tongue, you could maintain a healthy oral health.

It is actually also one of the best ways on how to get rid of tonsil stones naturally that a lot of people in the world have been following to remove their tonsil stones effectively and naturally.

28. Fizzy Drinks

Some fizzy drinks are an effective option for how to get rid of tonsil stones naturally at home. This is because these fizzy drinks have the ability to break down the tonsil stones into smaller particles.

To conclude, when you want to know ways on how to get rid of tonsil stones, remember that a simple home remedy is often the best. So, you should apply the simple methods first to see whether or not they work for you, and then move on to other complicated ones. All of the natural treatments mentioned in this article today are effective and safe, yet you should consult a doctor before applying any of them at home.

VI. How To Get Rid Of Tonsil Stones – Medical Treatments

Tonsil stones could become worse and cause further discomfort, medical treatments can help you deal with this problem better. The treatment method may depend on the cause of this issue. Doctors will give you a test that helps to determine exactly what causes your tonsil stones. Then, they will prescribe some different medical treatments for you to choose from. Here are some methods on how to get rid of tonsil stones with medical help.

1. Tonsillectomy

This medical treatment should be considered as the last solution to remove the tonsil stones completely when the symptoms become adverse. This medical treatment is recommended when the patients suffer from swollen and enlarged tonsils, frequently bad breath and they find difficult to swallow foods. This option may cause less pain and then the patients could experience a fast recovery, so it can be a good option for you when you want to treat tonsil stones completely and prevent them from reoccurring in the future.

2. Cryptolysis

This medical treatment uses a laser to remove the tonsil stones. This method does not bring patients much pain. Also, its recovery process takes patients less time than that of the tonsillectomy method. After undergoing this method, patients could perform their normal activities and have normal diets within one week. However, your tonsil stones might reoccur as this method would just remove stones from the places where they were created

3. After Surgery Complications

Patients who undergo the surgery can have a few different complications, including headaches, a painful throat, an earache, and fever. Other signs and symptoms may include constipation, bleeding, dehydration, etc. Also, patients might have the bad breath and they need to chew a gum to stop their bad breath. If you experience these symptoms, consult your doctor for proper help.

4. Antibiotics

Amoxicillin [4] may be the most widely used antibiotic that can help you treat tonsil stones effectively. This antibiotic helps to create an environment where bacteria could not thrive. However, this treatment just has short-term effects and the tonsil stones can reoccur in the future. Besides, patients might experience many unwanted side effects, such as fever, diarrhea, and vomiting.

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If you feel that this list of 28 home remedies for tonsil stones may be helpful, share it with others and simultaneously stimulate them to make use of these home remedies for good. One more thing, if you have any idea on this How To post, leave your comments below and we will try to reply you soon.

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