Top 15 Biological Benefits Of Kiss On The Lips

Kissing is an emotional language that shows the highest stage of emotion and the affection to the partner, your friends, parents, particularly your lover. Kissing not only gives good feelings but it is also beneficial for the overall health.

We can list down some of the biological benefits of the kiss, which includes the relief of stress, the boost in immunity, and the release of epinephrine into the blood to make it pump faster and reduce the LDL cholesterol. It is also good at regulating hormones in the human body, especially testosterone that is essential for the biological health of them. Kiss has functioned in reducing allergic responses throughout people with nasal or skin allergies, relieving headache pain, decreasing blood pressure, stimulating feelings of self-esteem and well-being, and improving the relationships. Those who kiss more often feel the considerable reduction in the level of stress and better relationship satisfaction. Therefore, kissing is really a health remedy for everyone, which will much stimulate their health and mind with a regular level.

It is time now for to introduce you top 15 biological benefits of kiss on the lips. Our article listed the best advantages of kissing that are also found from reliable sources, so you can actually believe in it.  Our article, however, just aims at supplying you with the health information and not at giving you medical methods. Continue reading it to understand more about the emotional action!

Top 15 Biological Benefits Of Kiss On The Lips

1. Improve Cardiovascular Health

benefits of kiss - improve cardiovascular health

The first one of the health benefits of kiss is its ability to improve cardiovascular health. It is because that it can keep the blood pressure and cholesterol at a low level. A study conducted among married couples has indicated that the frequency of kiss could decrease stress, cholesterol levels and increase relationship satisfaction. More clearly, kissing passionately makes the heartbeat revved with a healthy pattern, which then helps in dilating the blood vessels in which the blood flows in a good and solid fashion to all the vital organs. And when kissing, a chemical or hormone called Adrenaline is released from the body, which helps improve heart health by making the heart pump more blood throughout the body. This means the blood pressure will be regulated at lower levels and the blood circulation will be well controlled.

In addition, while stress is known as one of the main reasons of heart disease, a kiss is extremely good at relieving stress, which will be clearly explained later, thereby making it ideal for preventing cardiovascular problems.

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2. Relieve Pains

benefits of kiss - relieve pains

Another of the biological benefits of kiss is relieving the pains, particularly the headaches, back pain, and menstrual cramps.

After a hard- working day, you may do suffer from a little back pain. In this case, you should take 2 kisses in order to skip the pain decreased. The reason is that kissing releases some natural chemicals called endorphins in the body, which is more potent than the narcotic morphine used to relieve pain. But not including the constipation morphine causes.

Besides that, kissing is also beneficial when you have menstrual cramps or a headache. When you are curled into a tender ball, you may tend to wave away advances, but that a deep long smooching session brings on the blood-vessel dilation can actually help relieve your pain. So, if you have a headache, say something like that “Honey, I get a headache. Come to kiss me now!”

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3. Fight Cavities

benefits of kiss - fight cavities

Fighting cavities is one of the most important benefits of kiss. It is because when kissing, the production of saliva increases in the mouth, which helps in washing away plaque on the teeth, known as a cause of cavities, plaque build-up, and tooth decay. Moreover, the bacteria causing cavity is able to be transmitted through a kiss, particularly when the partner has poor oral habits. And it has been proved that bacteria causing cavity can spread from a mother to her baby via a kiss.

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4. Boost Immunity

benefits of kiss - boost immunity

Boosting as well as improving the immune system is one of the biological benefits of kiss.
According to a recent research, kissing may protect women against Cytomegalovirus that could cause infant blindness or other birth defects during pregnancy when contracted from mouth to mouth. Otherwise, the bug is pretty harmless in adults. And kissing has been believed for a long time to be an effective way to pass along bugs thereby strengthening the defenses of the body.

In addition, swapping spit, known to be swapping germs, is a natural vaccination. When exposed to others’ germs, the human body generates antibodies against these germs, which leads to immunity and illness prevention. And a kiss with the exchange of saliva is able to cause the transmission of some conditions such as the flu, cold sores, and mononucleosis if the virus includes in the saliva. Please be mindful because many people nowadays get severe food allergies and the exposure to these allergens like shellfish and peanuts via a kiss may be deadly.

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5. Cure Allergies

benefits of kiss - cure allergies

Not only does kiss improve the immunity but it also aids in curing allergies. It is because that kissing reduces IgE antibodies of the blood that has a role in releasing the histamine. The release of histamine in the blood flows causes allergy symptoms like sneezing or watery eyes. So, more kissing you take, less sneezing and histamine is released.

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6. Aid Digestion Of Baby

The kiss of a mother with her baby is very beneficial for his digestive process. Through a kiss, with the exchange of pre-masticated food between mother’s and baby’s mouth, the baby can receive the nutrients necessary for growing up strong and healthy along with breastfeeding. This jump makes the digestion process start and vitamins such as B-12 easily absorbable and also promotes attachment and bonding.

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7. Tone Facial Muscles

benefits of kiss - tone facial muscles

It is an amazing one of the biological benefits of kiss that it tones the facial muscle. A vigorous kiss can help shape up the neck and jawline by doing a lot of facial muscles. A passionate kiss aids in increasing the blood circulation throughout the face and make it look younger indeed. In other words, kissing and smooching help you keep your cheeks tighter.

Not only facial muscles but kissing also tones muscle of other body parts. A passionate kiss associates with the nearly 112 postural muscles on the whole body besides 34 facial muscles and this helps keep the muscles toned and tight. And cellulite-free thighs or sure tight abs is also included in this toning-up list.

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8. Burn Calories

benefits of kiss - burn calories

Another of the important biological benefits of kiss is burning calories. It is estimated that a vigorous kiss can burn 8 to16 calories which aren’t too shabby in a kiss. Despite not quite a jog on the treadmill, an hour of kissing and smooching can burn off half a glass of wine or half a handful of M&Ms. Kissing or lovemaking is considered as a vigorous exercise when you are fully engaged. It is advised to have a passionate kiss so as to burn such calories, but it has to be less than 10 hours making-out session.

In addition, when you lean in and your lips touch, your heart will skip a beat even definitely faster. And when the heart beats faster like that, it also releases adrenaline that is known as epinephrine with other neurotransmitters into the blood. According to the research, the boost in adrenaline helps in increasing the metabolism and burning calories. Once more time, a passionate kiss can burn off 2 to 3 calories a minute when lasting about 20 seconds.

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9. Release Happy Hormones

benefits of kiss - release happy hormones

Releasing the happy hormones to relax oneself is another of the biological benefits of kiss. Kissing stimulates the brain to generate chemicals of good feelings such as oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. Not only are these chemicals are essential for your happiness but they also help strengthen your relationship. In addition, the lips are thickly packed by sensory neurons that are prompted by the touch with another’s lips. And this stimulates the release of sebum that has a functioning in bonding. So, in an indirect way, a kiss is also beneficial for stabling the bonding.

More clearly, oxytocin is a hormone of love, thus, the higher oxytocin level is, the more feeling of love is. And because of that, people who do not commit to any love relationship have a low level of in oxytocin.

Fascinatingly, kissing makes the same areas in the brain link to addiction and reward. According to the studies, kissing is known as an effective way to prompt brain system linked to romantic love, sex drive, and attachment. Due to this functioning, people are triggered to seek lots of potential mates, then pay attention to one for mating, and lastly tolerate that their mate is long enough to have a child.

10. Relieve Stress

benefits of kiss - relieve stress

Relieving the stress is known as one of the important benefits of kiss. Kiss is an effective stress reliever because your head is filled all with positive feelings just after kissing your partner. It can help lower the level of cortisol, known as a stress hormone, in the body thereby making you feel relaxed. With a passionate kiss, you will gently smile and get out of all the sorrows in your life. So, it is advised to have a kiss with your partner to be happy rather than popping anti-depressant pills.

During a kiss, the brain releases serotonin that stimulates the mood and dopamine that plays a role in regulating the feelings of bonding and desire. When the emotions or feelings stir up because of a kiss, the molecules, as well as chemicals, move throughout the body can heal emotional damage. And during a great kiss, you just have a peaceful mind without any chaos of the world outside. That means your body will relax and release stress away. In other words, kissing prompts the brain and makes a sense of calmness and peace by regulating the oxytocin levels of the body.

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11. Boost The Self- Esteem

benefits of kiss - boost the self- esteem

Self-esteem is an essential factor for everyone and kissing helps them to boost this self-esteem.  A study before showed that men who have a passionate kiss before leaving for work can get more motivation and earn more money. That means the kiss as well as the home-life happiness makes people happier, improves the self-esteem so that they are more productive at work.

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12. Check Out The Partner’s Compatibility

Checking out the partner’s compatibility is also one of the biological benefits of kiss. It is not surprising that kiss is a potent measure of one’s initial attraction to others, and the first kiss is always the most effective one, especially for women. Women may put more importance and belief on kissing because they consider it as a mate assessment device or a means of starting, maintaining, and developing the current relationship with their long-term partners. It may be explained that during a kiss, there is the appearance of hard-wired mechanisms which access general health, reproductive stage, and genetic compatibility. Therefore, anything happening in the first kiss can make or break a passionate relationship.

Kiss is also considered as a mate assessment tool. In fact, much of our cortex is dedicated to picking up sensations from the cheeks, nose, lips, and tongue. And there are 5 of 12 cranial nerves pick up the sensations from around the mouth including the most intricate smells and tastes, touch, and temperature. That means you can see, hear and feel how your partner is through a kiss. To conclude, a kiss is not mere a kiss, but it is a tool of advertisement of yourself that who you are, what you can give and what you want to receive.

13. Stimulate Sexual Compatibility

benefits of kiss - stimulate sexual compatibility

Stimulating the sexual compatibility is also one of the important benefits of kiss. It is not surprising that kiss is a great way to look for a potential partner with sexual compatibility before emotionally involved and getting naked. And when your first kiss with your new partner is awkward, you could recommend to give her or him one more shot.

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14. Keep Teeth White

It is very interesting that taking a kiss is a good way to clean the teeth. It is because that kissing can create saliva that has a role in keeping bacteria away, which aids in breaking down the oral plaque and inhibiting cavities. Saliva is also able to wash out the mouth and eliminate the cavity that causes food particles, thus, it helps prevent tooth decay. Therefore, you should kiss every day as well as spark the love with your partner to get cleaner and whiter teeth.

15.  Increase Longevity

benefits of kiss - increase longevity

Increasing the longevity may be the last biological benefits of kiss. Kissing your partner in the morning may raise HIS life up to 5 years. The studies have also shown that men who get married can live longer by kissing their partners goodbye in the morning. Unfortunately, the role of kiss is not true for the women, but they should also kiss their partners in order to encourage the emotional relationship and make them like to come home.

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Our main Health page also contains many healthy foods and actions with their benefits, so you can drop by if you want to get more. After reading our article of top 15 biological benefits of kiss on the lips, we hope that you can understand more about the best benefits of this emotional action. But in fact, you should consult your doctor to get more advice and other necessary information. It is our priority to respond any of your questions and comments below our article and we promise to do this most quickly as possible.  And remember to let us know if you get other health benefits of kiss please.

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