21 Ways On How To Treat A Hematoma Naturally At Home

A hematoma or haematoma is known as a localized collection of blood outside the blood vessels underneath the skin. It is often caused by traumatisms and no danger but take a lot of time to disappear. Some other reasons are purpura, other physical diseases, menopause, lack of vitamins. However, it can make you feel uncomfortable and influence on your appearance. If a hematoma is too large, it can be dangerous for you because it can obstruct blood flow. There are some types of hematoma you need to know, including subcutaneous hematomas, intramuscular hematomas, bone bruise.  The most obvious symptom of hematomas is the change of coloration in the affected skin.

Top 21 Ways On How To Treat A Hematoma Naturally At Home

Most of hematomas are not dangerous. However, they have bad effect on the appearance, especially in the easily-seen parts of the body. So treatment is necessary for you. There are many ways on how to treat a hematoma naturally at home. The following include some homemade remedies on how to treat a hematoma that are very safe and effective for your skin. They are:

1. Pineapple

how to treat a hematoma - pineapple

Pineapple contains an enzyme named bromelain. When you consume this enzyme, it may be capable of reaching the damaged blood vessels and then digesting the protein causing skin inflammation and hematoma.

  • You simply cut a pineapple slice and then rub it gently on your affected skin
  • Let the pineapple slice stay on there for 3 to 5 minutes and remove it from your skin. Avoid letting it on there for over 5 minutes because it can make your skin burn.
  • Besides, you should also drink pineapple juice as regularly as possible to add an extra result.
  • Or you can have an intake of at least 500 mg of bromelain every day to help you remove hematoma faster.

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2. Arnica

how to treat a hematoma - arnica

Arnica is another way on how to treat a hematoma. This herb is able to reduce inflammation and pain as well as boost circulation to the hematoma area.

Way 1: Arnica gel

  • You just gently rub a bit of arnica gel on your affected skin or apply a tincture by mixing arnica gel with a bit of water for several times daily.

Way 2: Arnica, St. John's wort, lavender oil, chamomile flowers, and witch hazel bark

  • You mix the arnica tincture, witch hazel bark, St. John’s wort, and chamomile flowers together at an equal ratio.
  • Then you add 2 tablespoons of cold water and 4 drops of lavender oil in this mixture.
  • Now, you soak a clean washcloth in this solution and then put it directly on your affected skin.
  • Allow it to stay on there for about 12 to 15 minutes and remove it from your skin.
  • Keep doing this process once or twice daily within 3 days.

3. Chocolate

how to treat a hematoma - chocolate

If you are finding some natural ways on how to treat a hematoma, chocolate is one of the best answers for you. Applying warm chocolate pack method will aid in compressing your damaged blood vessels, thus controlling the blood flow. This, in turn, helps your a lot to reduce bruises instantly.

How to use:

  • You firstly melt a chocolate piece and then apply this warm melted chocolate directly on your hematoma area.
  • Now, you use a bandage to cover it so that the chocolate cannot dry over your affected area.

Note: When you apply warm chocolate pack, avoid applying too hot chocolate directly on your skin because it can hurt you more.

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4. Sugar Syrup

how to treat a hematoma - sugar syrup

Here is a natural way on how to treat a hematoma with sugar syrup that you can follow if you are suffering from this condition:

  • You apply the hot sugar syrup directly on your hematoma area and then use a bandage to tie it well.
  • If the hot syrup may sound scary to you, you can firstly apply the thick sugar syrup on your affected skin and followed by an ice pack.
  • Now, you allow the sugar to dry naturally. This solution will aid in tightening your skin so that the hematoma area cannot spread all over.

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5. Onion

how to treat a hematoma - onion

Onion may be applied effectively to help you cure hematoma naturally if you suffer from hematoma without any cut. Onion is loaded with a compound called allicin which has a responsibility to make you tear. When you apply onion to your skin, allicin will assist you in stimulating the lymphatic flow to push away the buildup of excess blow below your skin.

How to use:

  • You simply peel and cut enough onion slices, depending on your hematoma size.
  • Then you put these onion pieces directly on your hematoma area and keep it stay on there for 12 to 15 minutes
  • Or you can do another process these onion slices. It is to dip the onion slice into the apple cider vinegar and then rub it gently on your hematoma area.
  • You should apply either of ways on how to treat a hematoma with onion every day until you get rid of this condition completely.

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6. Toothpaste

how to treat a hematoma - toothpaste

Toothpaste another homemade treatment on how to treat a hematoma which can make the swelling disappear and discoloration on your skin disappear faster. In addition, toothpaste also has the ability to calm inflammation.

How to use:

  • You mix a bit of toothpaste with your regular lotion and then apply this to the hematoma skin area before the bedtime.
  • You use a bandage to cover the affected area to help prevent staining bedding.
  • Let it stay overnight and rinse off this paste in the next morning.
  • You should apply every day during 2 or 3 nights for the best results.

7. Cabbage Leaves

how to treat a hematoma - cabbage leaves

You can apply some cabbage leaves as one of the effective ways on how to treat a hematoma. It is comprised of phytonutrients and vitamins that own anti-inflammatory properties. Besides, cabbage leaves also contain a large amount of vitamin C and K that are powerful anti-bruising agents.

How to use:

  • At first, you take some cabbage leaves and then remove their hard stems.
  • Next, you soak these leaves in the boiling water so that they get softer.
  • You use a rolling pin and then knead on them to make a paste.
  • Now, you put the crushed cabbage paste directly on your affected area.
  • You use gauze to keep it in place and remove it after 30 minutes
  • You may do process a few times on a daily basis till the hematoma area disappears completely.

8. Epsom Salt

how to treat a hematoma - epsom salt

Soaking your skin into the Epsom salt water can assist you in reducing the appearance of hematoma. Epsom salt, in fact, is famous for being able to relax muscles, which is believed to have the ability to ease pain and swelling around your affected area.

How to use:

  • You simply mix two cups of Epsom salt with the lukewarm water bath.
  • Then you soak your affected area into this water till the water becomes cool.
  • After that, you rinse off your skin with clean water.

Epsom salt may cause an irritation because it makes your skin dry and leaves crystals on your skin surface. Hence, you should rinse off your skin with clean water to ensure that you remove magnesium crystals from your skin completely.

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9. Lavender Oil

how to treat a hematoma - lavender oil

Applying lavender therapy is highly recommended for your skin. It is very beneficial in cleansing and soothing cuts, hematoma, and other kinds of skin irritation. Lavender is loaded with antiseptic and antibiotic properties which make become an ideal way on how to treat a hematoma by stimulating the healing process as well as reducing scars. Besides, lavender oil also aids you in reducing swelling and relieving pain.

How to use:

  • You put a little cold water in a bowl and then add a few drops of lavender oil in it.
  • You stir well and soak a clean cloth in this mixture.
  • Now, you apply it directly on your hematoma area.

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10. Cayenne Pepper And Vaseline

how to treat a hematoma - cayenne pepper and vaseline

Thanks to the excellent healing properties content in it, cayenne pepper becomes a natural treatment on how to treat a hematoma naturally. You can mix this spice with a bit of Vaseline to add an extra result when applied it directly on your skin.

How to use:

  • You firstly mix the cayenne pepper with melted Vaseline at the ratio of 1:5.
  • You mix well and let this mixture cool naturally and apply to your hematoma skin.
  • Do not forget to do this process every day until the hematoma disappears completely.
  • You should have a test on your skin to know whether you are allergic to cayenne or not.

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11. Witch Hazel

how to treat a hematoma - witch hazel

Native Americans have used witch hazel as an alternative cure for many skin problems. Because of having natural astringent properties, witch hazel becomes an excellent treatment on how to treat a hematoma on the skin. In addition, applying witch hazel can be also beneficial in fading discoloration as well as speeding up the treatment process.

How to use:

  • At first, you soak a cosmetic pad or thin cloth in witch hazel.
  • Then you apply this directly to the hematoma area and keep it in place.
  • You remove it from your skin after a few minutes and repeat this process twice daily until the hematoma is removed completely.

12. Essential Oil Massage

how to treat a hematoma - essential oil massage

Using the essential oil mixture to massage is proven to work well with the problems such as hickeys and hematoma area. Essential oil massaging therapy can provide for you with a twofold benefit. The first is the massage therapy can aid in breaking down blood clots by boosting your blood circulation. Secondly, essential oils are comprised of penetrated active chemical components which can give you soothing and healing properties. Besides, several essential oils may be also able to strengthen your capillary walls while some others can reduce pain and swelling as well as remove discoloration.


  • 30 drops of geranium
  • 15 drops of lavender
  • 10 drops of cypress
  • 10 drops of lemongrass
  • 5 drops each of helichrysum, frankincense, fennel, rosemary, and myrrh

How to use:

  • With this solution, you simply mix all these ingredients together and then put the mixture in an empty bottle or jar.
  • Then you apply this regularly to enjoy the expected results.

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13. Blueberries

how to treat a hematoma - blueberries

Another natural way on how to treat a hematoma is to use blueberries. This fruit is comprised of Vitamin C and flavonoids, which, in turn, is capable of forming collagen and also improving the blood circulation. Hence, blueberries will quickly heal the hematoma without causing any side effect. Plus, it can also help to strengthen your capillary walls as well as improve your skin rejuvenation.

You simply try to include blueberries in your morning diet and follow any of natural ways on how to treat a hematoma introduced in this writing on a regular basis to get your expected result.

14. Take A Rest And Immobile The Injured Part: 

how to treat a hematoma-take a rest and immobile the injured part

This method can help treat hematoma more effectively. If you have a hematoma, you should take a rest for about 48 hours. Your movement or muscle activity after having a hematoma can increase the pressure on the soft tissue, since then, an inflammatory response can happen. In addition, immobilization can be useful for treating and healing process and prevent it from becoming worse.

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15. Use A Cold Compress: 

use a cold compress

You should use a cold compress to apply on the injury within 24 to 48 hours after injury. Firstly, you need some ice and cover it in a cloth or towel. Use this ice pack to apply on the affected area immediately. You need to keep it on your affected skin at least 15 to 20 minutes to make sure of limiting tissue damage. Low temperature from ice pack can help reduce blood flow, since then, decrease bleeding, swelling and accumulation of blood underneath the affected skin. You can repeat this action more times and the gap for two times is about 1 hour.

16. Use A Warm Compress: 

how to treat a hematoma-use a warm compress

Another way to treat a hematoma is using a warm compress. The suitable temperature is about 37 to 40°C. Warm compress is rather good for recover process of the injury. Warm compress can help dilate the blood vessels as well as improve the circulation and useful nutrients for recover. In addition, it will contribute to ease the pain. However, you should pay attention that warm compress should not be used for a hematoma in the early onset of the injury because it can lead to vasodilation that is very harmful for the hematoma.

17. Give A Massage:

how to treat a hematoma-give a massage

How to treat a hematoma at home also includes massaging. This action should be used after 24 to 48 hours of injury. It can help heal the hematoma. Massaging in circular motion or long strokes will contribute to boost circulation as well as venous return. In addition, it also helps break down superficial clot directly. However, you should refrain if this action makes you pain.

18. Turmeric Powder:

how to treat a hematoma-turmeric powder

Turmeric is a great item for beauty as well as health. And it is not amazing when turmeric powder is one of the great ways to reduce the hematoma. It has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can help to prevent secondary infection or inflammation of the hematoma. Moreover, essential oils in turmeric can make the blood flow increase. The ways to use it is very simple. You only need to take a pinch of turmeric powder to dissolve in a glass of warm milk. Drink this mixture one time a day. Follow this method until your hematoma dissolves completely.

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19. Healthy Diet:

how to treat a hematoma-healthy diet

A healthy diet for people with a hematoma should be rich in protein, vitamin B12, K, C. Protein can help for tissue repair. It is found much more in animal meats like tuna, salmon, turkey breast, sardines…. Lack of vitamin B12 can cause bruising, poor blood clotting, pernicious anemia. So, supplementing vitamin B12 is a good way to prevent and treat a hematoma. You can find it in animal foods like meat, organ meats, poultry, eggs…. Vitamin C has benefit of forming new connective tissues maintenance and repair for the walls of blood vessels in case of injury.

20. Aloe Vera And Parsley: 

how to treat a hematoma-aloe vera and parsley

Aloe vera and parsley have antibiotic properties that are very useful for hematoma. It can help to heal the injury quickly and reduce the inflammation. How to treat a hematoma naturally using aloe vera and parsley is very easy. You need to puree aloe vera and parsley and mix them together. Use it to apply over the affected skin three times a day if you want to ease the pain and dissolve a hematoma quickly.

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21. Rice Wine With Garlic: 

how to treat a hematoma-rice wine with garlic

All of us know about the benefits of garlic in health and beauty. Hence, this way on how to treat a hematoma at home using rice wine with garlic is not amazing and seems very effective. In order to use this action, you should prepare before. This ways is rather simple. You only need to soak garlic in rice wine. Longer and longer the time for soaking is, the more and more rapid its effectiveness is. So, if you often have muscle activity and movement, you should keep a bottle of rice wine with garlic so that you can use anytime you have any hematoma. If it is not available, you also make it by crushing fresh garlic and soak in rice wine. When a hematoma appears, you only need to use this mixture to massage daily until hematoma dissolves.

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Here are 21 effective ways on how to treat a hematoma naturally at home that we want to share with you. Most of them are used popularly and seem very effective in reality. If you have a hematoma unfortunately, you can try these ways and tell us about the result by commenting in the following part of this website. And if you have any question, do the same action. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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