29 Remedies On How To Treat Stroke Naturally At Home

13. Using Taurine

how to treat stroke - using taurine

A component of many drinks, taurine is a natural organic acid. It has been used to regulate hypoglycemia, hypertension, and diabetes which may be risk factors among patients who are finding ways how to treat stroke. It helps stroke treatment by increasing oxygen uptake to the brain, and by stabilizing the cellular membranes’ health. Besides, it also prevents free-radical damage to the body.

While taurine can be found in many beverages, you can avoid the side effects of the corn syrup and caffeine in these drinks by choosing a packaged taurine supplement in the form of a pill or tablet.

14. Using Chinese Motherwort

Some practitioners in traditional Chinese medicine take the aerial parts in order to treat stroke. This herb works on the liver, heart and kidney meridians, and relieves blood stagnation. A study found that the extract could reduce the area affected by a stroke, improve neurological damage caused by a stroke and have a protective effect on cells of the brain. This study also supports the traditional use of this herb for boosting recovery after a stroke. Never combine this remedy with other blood thinning or stroke medicines.

15. Using Baikal Skullcap

how to treat stroke - using baikal skullcap

It is one of the fundamental herbs in Chinese medicine and it is used to treat stroke. The root has 4 potent flavonoids: norwogonoside, baicalin, oroxyloside as well as wogonoside. Skullcap extract may help stroke recovery by treating paralysis and cerebral thrombosis resulting from stroke.  This study also shows that the skullcap extract in treating stroke-related brain damage and helping stroke recovery. Consult your doctor before taking this herb or combining it with other blood thinners.

16. Using Ginseng

how to treat stroke - ginseng

Ginseng is an herb used to encourage your body’s defenses against stress and disease. A study tested ginseng extract containing ginsenoside Rb1 with induced stroke. This study also found that the extract boosted the recovery of neural behavior and simultaneously stimulated the formation of new brain neurons. Consult your doctor before taking it in case you suffer from heart or blood pressure problems.

17. Drinking Raw Fresh Juices

A patient suffering from a stroke needs to add raw fresh juices to the daily diet as this will help to relieve the severity of the stroke. Besides, taking raw fresh juices will also help to relieve the side effects and then allow this person to get back to normality effectively and slowly.

18. Taking A Bath In Epsom Salt

how to treat stroke - taking a bath in epsom salt

Taking a bath in Epsom salt several times a week has been shown to be a god home remedy how to treat stroke. This aids to relax the muscles and rejuvenate them as well. This method is suggested to help lessen a person who has suffered from a stroke to get back to normality a lot faster.

19. Reducing Stress

Stress contributes to cardiovascular problem and if severe, it can lead to a heart attack or stroke. There are a lot of options that help you reduce stress levels such as adequate sleep, regular exercise, laughing or volunteering. Watching television does not relieve, but may aggravate tress. Besides, try to avoid situations that make you angry or anxious.

20. Herbal Remedies: 

how to treat stroke

Many natural remedies are based on the standard Chinese medication to cure the impairments causing by ischemic stroke. Most of the natural supplements are designed to help to increase the blood flow to the brain regions that were damaged during the cerebral mishap. Some supplements are known for their neuroprotective effects. That means they can protect the brain cells from the further harms.

Usual natural herbal which makes use of in ischemic stroke is danshen, which can help to stimulate and boost the circulation. In the recovery process of stroke, such could assist restore feature. Nevertheless, most researches about this herb are inconclusive. There is another kind of herbal which is utilized – the Siberian ginseng. This natural herbal is used with the aim to shield the brain cells, and it has some activities on improving the blood vessels in not just the brain but in the whole body.

21. Massage: 

how to treat stroke

Massage is a special kind of touch therapy which has been shown and well-known to lesser blood pressure, assistance improve depression, and advertise leisure. Some researchers have actually revealed that it is very useful for stroke survivors since it can help to decrease the quantity of depression and anxiety they feel over the restrictions. Massage can also enhance the blood flow to the muscles that are either spastic or paralyzed.

Nevertheless, specific limitations should be remembered. For this case, when they are rubbed without complete leisure, the muscles will not receive perk. In some cases, stroke patients could not unwind a muscle fully, and this may lead to less than optimal outcomes in this muscle. Moreover, the pressure ought not to be a penetrating and deep touch. The aim of massage is to flood the muscle with blood flow, and if you press it deeply, this just can lead to broken muscles. In addition, it can cause major bruising in some victims who are making use of blood-thinning medicines to prevent stroke. The research related to massage and stroke deficits is still in the first stages. Nevertheless, it can help with the mental aspects of handling consequences from a stroke. That is the reason why it may serve to some stroke patients.

22. Acupuncture: 

how to treat stroke

Acupuncture is an alternative therapy which people have been making use of over centuries. Although it is rarely utilized by stroke patients in the US, it is an accepted practice on stroke sufferers in some countries, including China. This therapy is considered to be able to boost the blood flow to the parts which do not have feature. This is the reason why it is often utilized in cases of paralysis, where the blood flow increases, helping to bring the muscles with function. Acupuncture is widely used in cases of language issues and balance troubles. Although some researchers have actually stated that acupuncture is very useful and effective, often these studies are skewed or small.

23. Drinking Soy Milk: 

how to treat stroke - drinking soy milk

This is actually an interesting tip on how to treat stroke and prevent this disease naturally without meeting any difficulty (excepting the case that you are a soy hater!). Soy milk is an ideal drink for people with high blood pressure as it has effects on preventing atherosclerosis, adjusting blood lipid disorders and lowering the blood pressure. Every day, for good, people should consume about 500ml soy milk mixed with 50g white sugar for times throughout the day.

24. Eating Grape:

how to treat stroke

Grapes, including fresh grapes and raisins, are good for people with high blood pressure, because the composition of grape contains high level of potassium salt which has the antihypertensive, diuretic effects, and it can enrich the amount of potassium lost by the use of Western medicine.

25. Eating Apple: 

how to treat stroke

Apple is always good for health. Some people even believe that if they eat apple every day, they will not have risks of any disease. Apple contains a high level of potassium, combine with and push the extra sodium out of the body. This will help the body manage and maintain the normal level of blood pressure. For good, you should eat 3 apples or drink the apple juice three times (about 50ml/time) per day. This is actually one of the best tips on how to treat stroke naturally people should not miss!

26. Eating Grapefruit: 

how to treat stroke

Grapefruit contains high level of naringenin – an antioxidant that can help the liver to burn excessive fat effectively. Grapefruit also helps to improve the control of blood sugar, lower blood sugar level, and it is very good for people with cardiovascular disease or obesity.

27. Eating Garlic: 

how to treat stroke

Garlic has the effects on lowering hyperlipidemia and hypertensive. Every day, if you eat 2 cloves of raw garlic, pickled garlic, or drink 5ml of vinegar with pickled garlic, it can help to maintain stable blood pressure levels. In addition, the diet with garlic can help to reduce the risk of colon cancer, prevent esophageal cancer, and inhibit breast cancer. Eating one or two cloves of garlic every day will help to reduce 13-25% of the triglycerides level, lower the risk of blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood clotting.

28. Eating Tomato: 

how to treat stroke

This is one of the best tips on how to treat stroke at home that I would like to show my readers in this article. In fact, tomato is very rich in vitamin C and P, and if people eat raw tomato regularly every 1-2 days, they will be able to prevent high blood pressure effectively, especially when there is bleeding complications of the eye. In addition, Vitamin A, C and lycophene contained in tomatoes can help to prevent prostate, lung, and stomach cancer. Tomatoes also have the effects on lowering blood pressure, preventing the atherosclerosis – one of the dangerous factors which lead to coronary artery disease in the heart and stroke.

29. Eating Water Spinach: 

how to treat stroke

Water spinach is very good for health. It contains high level of calcium so that it is very useful for maintaining the osmotic pressure of the circuits and blood pressure at normal levels. Water spinach is a special veggie which is perfect for people with high blood pressure with the sign of headache – a main cause of stroke. This is the last tip on how to treat stroke naturally which people should try!

Another thing I would like all of my readers to do after reading this article is to read another article that introduces home remedies on how to prevent heat stroke- the How To Prevent Heat Stroke Naturally At Home – 15 Tips article. This is a necessary article, especially for those who have experienced this condition ever before. Therefore, you should read and follow these home remedies containing in it.

This is the list of 29 most effective tips on how to treat stroke naturally at home that readers of VKool.com should know and remember to keep their body healthy after a stroke and say goodbye to this dangerous disease.

If you think that the tips on how to treat stroke at home I mentioned above are very useful not only for you but also for someone with stroke problem you know, feel free to share this list with them and let me see your feedbacks.

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